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Saturday, October 30, 2010

A forum on best practices and technical support

"The Partnership will provide a lively forum where the countries involved in sustainable tourism can educate themselves from victorious initiatives of other members and to obtain technical assistance. The Partnership will hold up the continuing exchange of ideas, exchange of experiences, and verdict solutions to general problems in the sector of tourism, "said Gina Guillen Grillo, Senior Advisor to the Minister of Tourism of Costa Rica.

The knowledge gained through the Partnership in Africa may be applied in Latin America, Asia, Europe or North America, and vice versa.

The Partnership has identified seven thematic areas:

1. policy frameworks,
2. Climate Change
3. environment and biodiversity,
4. the fight against poverty,
5. cultural heritage and natural
6. sustainable tourism practices in the private sector,
7. finance and investment.

Many partners already involved

The transition towards more sustainable tourism will be even faster than the successful experiences will be duplicated by a large number of partners.

To date, the Global Partnership is composed of 18 national governments, 5 UN agencies, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), 17 international organizations, companies and 16 non-governmental organizations, as many actors who will demonstrate their commitment to integrating sustainable development in the tourism sector.

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