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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Most Beautiful Moscow Metro

For most tourists visiting the capital of Russia, the Moscow metro is certainly the most beautiful in the world. Some of its stations are in fact real art galleries, an underground palace.

The Moscow Metro was put into operation in 1935 and today, after Tokyo, the largest in the world for the amount of passengers with its 165 stations and 12 lines borrowing some 293 km of tunnels.

It surpasses them all by the incredible beauty of its stations, a beauty that would rather encourage travelers to miss the first train to continue to admire the scenery.

The first lines are the best because it was during the ancient time architecture that efforts have been made. The famous resort Novoslabodskaya particular, built between 1949 and 1954, features 32 stained glass windows painted from sketches by the painter Korin.

At the resort Kiyevskaya we discover a representation that symbolizes the reunification of Russia with Ukraine, the friendship between the two.

Through the station Belorruskaya it feels like to walk between the columns of a palace. We see the mosaics dedicated to the people of Belarus and Oprishko painted statues supporting the arms of the former Soviet republic. Komsomolskaya station is also very impressive with its finely decorated arches and 72 columns. The scenes represent the Russian people's struggle for freedom. There will also discover 9 huge chandeliers and mosaic panels. Station Park of Culture, near Gorky Square, famous Soviet youth through sports.

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  1. Great Snap.

    The Moscow Metro is offers the best connectivity in the big city. And the stations are Grand, to say the least.

    Significantly, most of these Metro stations served as bunkers during the World War 2


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