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Monday, October 18, 2010

Enjoy London, whatever the season!

Of all the great capitals, London is one that attracts the largest number of tourists. Given the hundreds of attractions you can visit, it is not always easy to choose a program of visits that is achievable in the allotted time. In preparing for your trip depending on the season, you can make the most of your stay.

In Spring

If you plan to visit London in the spring, Hampton Court Palace is a perfect destination for those sunny days, still a little chilly. The palace built on the banks of the Thames has an impressive pace, was the home of the famous English King Henry VIII. If the life of Marie Antoinette is at the heart of French history, the history books of England reserve a position equivalent to the tribulations of King Henry VIII, famous for his bad temper and his six wives. At Hampton Court, actors in period costume will bring to life their lives every day to the Court, if the sumptuous tapestries and magnificent works of art exhibited at Hampton Court fail to impress you, you could probably resist by 24 acres of gardens surrounding the palace, with their famous labyrinth and a centuries-old vines.

In Summer

Embark on a shuttle boat to sail on the Thames - it's the best way to experience London at any time of year, but in summer you can sit comfortably on the bridge swept away by a breeze and scroll through a different aspect of the city that stretches along the banks, it is truly magical. Steps are being taken to several piers to allow you to sightsee on your own Big Ben, St Paul's Cathedral and Tate Modern.

In autumn

Once they donned their shimmering colors of autumn, the London parks are beautiful and the ideal place for a walk, as in Regent's Park. North of the park, you have the famous London Zoo, who promises a visit full of surprises during which you will not get bored! Autumn is the season for visiting the many exhibitions, either outdoors or indoors, stopping a moment for the meal penguins, exploring the "rainforest" or travel the circuit " nightlife. More than 12,000 animals await you, you can meet, hear and experience - is an ideal excursion for the whole family. If you have a London Pass, the entrance is free (normal price of entry: £ 18).

In Winter

As in any city in Europe, it's not warm in winter in London to visit the various attractions in the program, but once well covered, you will forget the climate. The London Bridge Experience is sure to add a little spice to the visit, with its ghosts of all kinds: it takes you on a historical journey through the interactive capital, where you'll meet in passing various characters of the Middle Ages, without forgetting some Celtic Druids, Romans, inhabitants of the Victorian era and the Vikings. The second part of the attraction - "The London Tombs (tombs of London) - impressed by his remarkable digital special effects, but a question immediately arises: do you have the courage to attempt a visit ?

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