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Sunday, September 2, 2018

Burkina Faso, Africa

Burkina Faso, Africa
This country is one of the poorest nation in Africa and quite possibly, the world. It lacks in resources and wealth, but makes up for its spirit and natural beauty. The cities in Burkina Faso do not offer many sights or tourist attractions. But anyone interested in music and other forms of performing arts, there are truly some of the greatest on offer in Africa. The main attraction here is the natural landscape which ranges in the rugged outcrops of the sindou peaks to the abundant wildlife found at Lake Tengrele and Burkina Faso’s National parks.

Below is a list of the best places to see in Burkina Faso’s.

Arli National park: the open savannah of Arli National park is traversed by the Tambarga and Gobnangou rivers which provide lifeblood for the lions, hippos, elephants, antelope and gazelle that call it home. Guided safari game drives will get you up close to all the wildlife action, particularly at the famous Tounga watering hole.

Sabou: the town of Koudougou is famed for the sacred crocodiles of Sabou which are highly revered by the local people. It is a great opportunity to get up close to these normally fierce creatures as their constant contact and feeding by humans has left them incredibly tame.

Burkina also boast a number of UNESCO World Heritage listed cultural sites, including ancient fortified settlements and mud built mosque that are a legacy of the rulers, conquerors and traders that once traversed its lands.

Ouagadougou is the capital city of Burkina Faso .The architecture here is very inspiring and the sights will leave you overwhelmed. The city is famous for its arts, dance, live music, awesome festivals and crafts markets. Making a trip to Ouaga is rewarding and worthwhile.

Bobo Dioulasso is a top most attraction in Burkina Faso. Bobo-Dioulasso is a combination of architectural styles. It is a fusion of French and Sudanese designs. The main attraction is the Great Mosque whose design was inspired by the mosque of Djenne. The Grande Marche town is famous for its artwork of tribes from all over West Africa. The city also has an outstanding night scene.

Gorom Gorom Market: Market of different ethnicities comes here every Thursday from all over the country. They are here to sell goods such as jewellery, printed cotton, fabrics, leather and handcrafted items.

Bobo Dioulasso is well known for its attractive streets and the bustling market. The Grand Marché of Bobo Dioulasso is the largest town inhabited by the Bobo people. Musee provisional du Houet with regional relics, arts and crafts and the Grande Mosque in the Kibidwe district is also some of the attractions. An excursion outside the city includes the scenic sacred fish pond of La Mare aux Poisson Sacres de Dafra.

Les Cascades de Banfora: take a dip in the terraced pools of Les Cascades de Banfora, a scenic series of waterfalls along the Komoe River. This place is surrounded by sugarcane fields and mango trees. It is also a popular picnic spot among locals. Admire the pristine nature and watch the water pass through layered sandstone towers. Take your swim gear along.

Mountain biking and hiking are one of the popular adventures around the areas of Bobo Dioulasso and Banfora in Lobi region.

Cuisine in Burkina Faso is similar to the cuisines in other parts of West Africa. Sorghum, millet, rice, fonio, maize, peanuts, potatoes, beans, yam and okra are the basic staple food.

The people here will welcome visitors with warmth and charm and endeavour to make their stay a memorable one.

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