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Sunday, June 18, 2023

Best Things to Do in Curacao

Best Things to Do in Curacao

The Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao should be your dream destination which is popular due to its coral reefs, beautiful beaches, and so on. The location of this island isn't so far from the Venezuelan coast. With Aruba & Bonaire, it makes up part of the ABC Islands. Located in the colony of the Dutch, it still belongs to the Netherlands. Willemstad, which is the capital of Curacao, is full of colorful Dutch townhouses. Additionally, you can get to see several historical places and museums here. Willemstad's waterfront architecture is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Moreover, it is famous for its rocky coastline at Shete Boka National Park and floating Queen Emma Bridge. However, several people believe that beneath the surface of its azure waves, the most eye-catching scenery lives.

There are over 65 individual dive sites which are easily accessible from the shore. Although there are multiple things to do in Curacao, people mostly come here because of its exceptional stretches of sand & sparkling sea. Snorkelling & scuba diving were hugely popular in this island because of the abundance of marine life.

Top things to do in Curacao:

Go Diving:

If you come to Curacao, one thing you must experience is scuba diving. It allows you to discover the fascinating world of underwater where you can see stingrays, playful dolphins, & shoals of tropical fish. While several dive sites can be accessible from the beach, there are endless dive shops you can spot because of the ample marine life. The ‘Blue Edge’ is lined by fishes and marine mammals which inhabit its warm waters. To make your trip memorable, you can make a short boat trip with the magical Mushroom Forest. Want to visit such a place the scenic beauty of which will mesmerize you? Then, the name of this island must come first into your mind. Diving is a famous activity that most people like to do here on their holidays.

Snorkel with Sea Turtles:

It is also one of the must do activities in Curaçao. You can enjoy the half-day guided tour that allows you to swim up in the calm waters of Playa Grandi near the gentle creatures. Besides, you can spend your time relaxing at the pier, and watching them swim. Due to the regular fishing activities of local people, turtles are drawn to the beach. Due to crystal clear water, the place is perfect for snorkelling. Do you have extra time? Then, visit Flamingo Sanctuary located nearby, where you can see pink birds in their natural habitat.

Kura Hulanda Museum:

This museum is home to many engaging exhibits as well as artifacts which are many centuries old. Once, this was the home of a Dutch merchant & slave owner. This museum is located along the western quayside of St Anna Bay. Visitors can get to see here slave shackles, handcrafted statues, Mesopotamian relics & pre-Columbian gold.

Shete Boka National Park:

It is Curacao's only national park, located beside the Christoffel at the island's northern end. The park is especially popular because of its breathtaking blowholes, beaches & bays. Here, you will get to see the biggest waves and blowholes. If you plan to visit the national park, hiking is one of the most popular and unique things to do in Curacao. Your hiking experience will become more interesting when you pass tangled trees & strange rock formations before you emerge at an exceptional viewpoint.

Cas Abao Beach:

Lying along the island's northwestern shore, this beach is very famous among the locals & tourists. There is not too much distance between this beach and Sint Willibrordus. While you will get to see the beautiful sea here, you can spend your time in restaurants, and beachside bars. The bright white sands and turquoise waters make the scenic beauty mesmerizing. To make the trip more interesting and exciting, visitors are capable of gazing out over cliffs, lounging on the beach, renting kayaks, and snorkelling. There are a lot of sun loungers and parasols you can use before taking a meal or having a refreshing drink at a small restaurant.

Go on an Aquafari Adventure:

When you are on an Aquafari tour, you must wear a bell-shaped helmet with oxygen supply, and then sit on a jet-propelled scooter. These make your journey easier by lessening the hassle that you need to face while dealing with the scuba tanks & snorkelling gears, as you can breathe as well as wander underwater easily. You can even get the chance to view the best marine species of this island. What makes the tour special is that you don't need to have any diving or snorkelling experience. Just ride on a cute yellow underwater scooter and have fun with your friends. It is one of the funniest things to do in Curacao.

Dolphin Academy Curacao:

This one is the top tourist attraction of the country. It draws multiple visitors each and every year. Swimming, snorkelling & scuba diving with dolphins are possible outside Willemstad. You also get to learn about these majestic creatures. So, visiting the place is one of the best things to do in Curacao. This academy is the only facility where people work with trained dolphins out in the open sea across the world. These species live in 4 big lagoons that have connections through underwater channels & basins which surround Sea Aquarium Park. You will definitely have a memorable experience when you play with the friendly dolphins, feed them, and many more.

Reef & Wreck Dive in a Submarine:

If you are planning to visit the island, you should know that submersibles like C-Explorer 5 and CuraSub give you the chance to explore underwater beyond scuba dive depth. Thus, you will get to see the best marine inhabitants of the island.

Four dives exist which you need to select and every dive has varying depth & experience:

  • Discovery Dive— a 40-minute, 100-meter reef exploration, 
  • Wreck Dive— a 60-minute, 135-meter reef, and wreck exploration, 
  • Explorers Dive— a 90-minute, 200-meter reef and coral expedition, 
  • Deep Dive— a 120-minute, 300-meter full tour. Take a Half Day ATV East Adventure Tour:

When you make a half-day ATV tour, you get the chance to explore the rugged island terrains & eye-catching landscapes. It is one of the most interesting things to do in Curacao island. A coach will be there to guide the visitors. Tourists get instructions in detail and the guide will teach them how the vehicle should be operated. ATV is simple to navigate. People without any driving experience can also have fun. During the journey, you can expect to see marvelous viewpoints, spectacular views of neighboring Venezuela & Bonaire. Additionally, it will make stops at the Ostrich Farm, Aloe Vera Plantation, Playa Kanoa Beach, and a secret cave.


This standout site of the capital is located in the historic heart of Willemstad. When you come here, you will get to see the charming collection of colorful colonial buildings. The scenic beauty of this place allows you to capture fantastic pictures and viewing. Here, you will get to see 17th century buildings which are painted in vivid yellows, blues, oranges & pinks. Moreover, you will find here several restaurants, cafes, shops and art galleries.

While tourists can enjoy the beauty of architecture and the pleasant ambience, they can see the Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge from the cafe. From here, it is possible to explore 90% of the major museums & tourist attractions. This one is one of the best things to do in curacao willemstad.

Walk on the Seafloor via Sea Trek:

This island can let you experience walking in a marine wonderland where you can see many coral fishes swimming around you. To enjoy this underwater walking tour, you need to wear an oxygenated helmet. During this tour, tourists need to walk 100 meters on the seabed and feed fishes. As a result, coral fishes will start swimming around you. Overall, it can be said that in this underwater walking tour, you will have an unforgettable experience.

Go for a Curacao Full Day Private Tour:

A dedicated guide for a full day private tour allows you to visit almost all popular attractions of the island on an air-conditioned vehicle. While you can get to see the best sights, there are many relaxing stops at several beaches. Names of some tour stops are : Kleine Knip, Playa Grandi, Shete Boka National Park, Flamingo Sanctuary Sint Willibrordus, Curacao Liqueur Distillery, Boka Patrick, Punda, and Den Paradera – Dinah’s Botanical and Historic Garden. Going off-road is also possible to explore attractions which are not so famous.

Christoffel National Park:

This national park is ideal for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Its area is expanded across a big area of isle's northeast part. This park includes something special for tourists like mesmerizing scenerios, amazing views, and breathtaking wildlife.

Apart from the fauna & flora, cultural and historical sights make this park popular also. Its naming is done after the mount which rises 1,239 feet above the coast & Caribbean. The park was set up in 1978. It encompasses old Arawak Indian cave paintings, the ruins of historic old plantations & the Savanet Museum.

Riffort Village:

It is probably the best destination for shopping, and dining in Curacao. This village is located at the mouth of St Anna Bay. While there are several restaurants, you can see a lot of enticing shops. It used to be a vital part of Willemstad’s defenses. Later, the 1828 Rif Fort was used as a brothel, prison and police station. Finally, it became a chic shopping centre. Aside from buying some artisan jewellery, you can go to the fort's top to enjoy mesmerizing views over the city, and sea.

The bottom line:

Curaçao which is a part of Europe, set in a Caribbean paradise.The picturesque views of the island make it vibrant and draw the attention of most of the tourists. Its alluring turquoise waters, white sand beaches as well as the rich colonial history make this place one of the dream destinations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Curaçao best known for?

This place is famous for its orange-flavored liqueur. You may find a lot of orange-flavored liqueurs out of this place. But to make orange-flavored liqueurs in Curacao, the manufacturers use the peels of the Laraha orange.

Q. How many days should you stay in Curaçao?

Mostly it is recommended that you should stay here at least 7 full days. When you stay on the island for a week, you can experience all different sights & highlights and can create unforgettable memories.

Q. Is it expensive in Curaçao?

This island has got a rank as one of the top most affordable islands in the Caribbean. So, people looking for a budget friendly trip to an island can choose this. The price increases during the high season from December to April. But the price decreases during the summer.

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