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Monday, October 28, 2019

Antigua and Barbuda: A Beach throughout the Year

Antigua and Barbuda
Antigua and Barbuda are known for their most ravishing beaches in the world. Antigua proudly proclaims it as “a beach throughout the year”. Barbuda, Antigua’s sleepy sister island, is blessed with some pristine stretches of pink-tinged sand sprinkled with chic resorts, picturesque landscapes, and a wide variety of wildlife. Water sports activities are conducted on both islands like diving, swimming, fishing, sailing, and windsurfing. Antigua and Barbuda is a sun-drenched, aquamarine dream of the country. The land is filled with history and culture making the visitors more aware than just a golden tan.

Certainly, Antigua 300+beaches are stunning but there is still much to excite the traveler on this small Caribbean Island.


Mt Obama is the highest point on Antigua. It was known as Boggy peak but now has been renamed as Mount Obama in memory of President Obama. The area of hills that Mount Obama is in is transformed into a national park and nature reserve to protect the city. The climb to its summit is a must if you want to experience breathtaking views across the island. The beginners and the experienced hikers can experience this hike. The time taken to climb this mountain is about three hours.

Take a boat to Barbuda the sister island to Antigua. Most visitors spend their time on Antigua, but it is very easy to take a day trip or spend a couple of nights over in Barbuda for an even more intimate Caribbean island experience.

One of the best things to do in Antigua if you want to see the amazing marine life is to go snorkeling. There are many possibilities to snorkel. You can rent snorkel gears and start exploring the beach. You get a little sea scooter that helps you swim faster through the water. You will spot stingray, turtles, etc. Galleon Beach in English Harbor is known for excellent snorkeling, and there is a big chance of spotting sea turtles.

Stingray City Antigua is a shallow pool with a sandy bottom amid a tropical reef, where hundreds of friendly southern stingrays glide through the crystal clear waters waiting to be fed by visitors. This adventure will highlight your vacation and will be an experience to live with you forever.

Nightlife in Antigua and Barbuda

NIGHTLIFE IN ANTIGUA revolves around open-air beachside bars and quaint restaurants scattered around the island. Entertainment hubs in Antigua are located in St. John’s City along stretches of Dickenson Bay, Jolly harbor and English harbor. Sunset cruise, Fetes during the week, Casinos and cinemas allow the visitors a variety of activities to choose from.

Friday evening is dedicated to seafood Friday in Nelson Dockyard. On Sunday evening visitors to Shirley heights lookout point in English Harbour can enjoy steel pan and live band music at the longest-running Sunday party in the Caribbean. It is known as The Shirley heights Sunset Party and BBQ.

Nightlife in Barbuda is very sparse and casual. There are a few bars where you can get a beverage, mingle, and perhaps listen to music. You will hardly get to find a big party going on.

Shopping in Antigua and Barbuda purchasers need only to show their valid departure details to purchase duty-free items from internationally recognized brands. Vendor mall offers a selection of local art and crafts, straw goods, pottery, and jewelry.

Redcliff Quay is a colorful picturesque shopping district. There are several exclusive shops including jewelers, boutiques and craft shops.

The best time for visitors to go to Antigua and Barbuda is from December to April when the weather is at its best.

The best way to move around Antigua is to rent a car. Most hotels and resorts offer car rental services in Antigua. You can easily do it yourself and much cheaper.

Antigua and Barbuda: A Beach throughout the Year


Antigua Rainforest Canopy Tour: Antigua has plenty of pristine, verdant jungle to explore and one of the most exciting ways to experience the natural beauty is to join a Zipline canopy tour. The zip line tours are fun and safe for visitors of any age. The aerial zips give visitors a bird’s eye view of the stunning flora and fauna in Antigua’s rainforest.

Frigate Bird sanctuary, Barbuda is a haven for birders. It is accessible only by boat. The bird sanctuary lies in Barbuda’s northwest lagoon and is one of the largest nesting colonies of frigate birds in the Caribbean. These large sea birds are known for their bright red gullets and one and a half meter wingspan.

Betty’s Hope is an exciting piece of colonial history to be found on the island. Antigua’s first sugar cane plantation stands on this site. The only reaming structure is the two stone windmills. The site is now a national heritage landmark and many aspects of it have been restored, such as the sugar mill towers and sails.

St. John’s, Antigua is the capital city and cruise ship port of Antigua and Barbuda. It is impossible to avoid a visit to Antigua’s capital of St. John’s and it is well worth it. For an overview of the island’s history, discover the island past at the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda, along with the city’s unique Museum of Marine Art. End your day with dinner in one of St. John’s eclectic mix of quirky restaurants and be sure to spend some time exploring the city’s unique shops.

Go for a romantic picnic to one of the best and most romantic places at Half Moon Bay a natural and curve of coral-colored sand that curves for one mile along the southeast coast of the island. Remember to take your snorkel and mask to explore the coral garden that lies just offshore.

Pink Sands Beach at Barbuda’s is one of the biggest draws on the island. This pink sand was formed by the sea by crushing millions of seashells.

The best cuisine served is at the authentic French restaurant Le Bistro Restaurant, family-friendly The Crow Nest and Millers by the bay which has local seafood and reggae.

Where to stay in Antigua:

Antigua is famous for its tourism. There is a wide range of accommodation available on the island catering to everyone’s needs. There are hotels and resorts situated on the eastern coastline where the beaches are best and the water is calm and clear. Few of them are:

Luxury Hotel: Hermitage Bay

Mid-range Hotel in Antigua: Pineapple Beach Club Antigua

Budget Hotel in Antigua: Paige Pond Country Inn

Hostel in Antigua: Caribbean Holiday Apartments.

The Caribbean is loaded with a variety of destinations for travelers to visit but Antigua and Barbuda stand out for many reasons. No matter what type of travel you’ll be doing the country offers a variety of amazing travel experiences for everyone.

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