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Friday, March 4, 2022

Curacao Island - Beautiful Caribbean Paradise

Curacao Island - Beautiful Caribbean Paradise

Curacao Island is located in the Caribbean Sea. It is a nation situated within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, 60 km( 37 miles ) north of the coast of Venezuela. Willemstad is the capital of it.

Eugene Rhuggenaath is the head Of the Government, Prime Minister. The population of the island is 152,600, according to the estimate of 2021. King Willem-Alexander is the head of State Dutch Monarch, and it was Governor Lucille George-Wout who represented him.

Dutch, Papiamentu, English are the official languages used on the island, and no official religion is there. In the Dutch language, the official name is Land Curaçao, whereas Pais Kòrsou is in the Papiamentu language.

Aruba and Bonaire are called combining as the ABC islands. The Curaçao, Aruba, and other Dutch islands are known as the Dutch Caribbean.

About the Curacao Island:

This island is located with sister islands Aruba and Bonaire. On October 10, 2010, it became a constituent country, and it can control and manage its internal affairs as an autonomous nation. The kingdom has managed special areas like extradition, defense, and foreign relations. Among the six islands, Curaçao has the largest size. All the islands combined make the Caribbean part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Geography And Climate:

The small hilly area is there in the western part. It has warm tropical temperatures, where the highest temperature is in September. The skies are usually clear, whereas some areas are partly clouded.

You can experience little rainfall that can make you feel like of dry climate. The area sees increased rainfall from September to November. As the area is outside of the hurricane belt, it can avoid the heavier storms of the region.

Twenty-eight degrees C (76F) is the average temperature of the place. However, it can fluctuate during winter and summer, and you generally experience a few degrees deviation from the average temperature. It can offer advantages from the Trade Winds that help to bring cooling in the day and warming at night. As a result, the island can provide a pleasant constant climate throughout the day.

Curacao Island Scuba Diving Spots:

If you are willing to experience some eye-catching dive sites in the world, Curaçao is a great place to enjoy. Beginners can go to these places and take their first dive. If you are an expert, you can enjoy going to the underseas. Are you a beginner? Then, it will be better to start with Booby Trap in the south. While experiencing the sloping reef, you can find a range of corals and almost all different types of sponges.

Booby Trap is outside Fuik Baai, which you can access via boat only. Porto Mari is one of the great sites which can offer easy access through the beach, and it is a perfect place to enjoy for beginners and advanced divers. Divers can see many fishes and turtles at Porto Mari.

Diverse Culture And Heritage of Curacao Island:

This Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao was captured by the Arawaks over 6,000 years ago. In the sixteenth century, the Spanish ruled it first. The Alonso de Ojeda, Spanish Commander, found it first. But in the middle of the century, the Dutch took it over from Spain. The Jewish immigrants came here first in 1651 to live. Britain joined the fight also, but the Dutch got the victory.

Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge:

Floating Bridge

It is a wonderful bridge extended across St. Anna Bay and joined Punda & Otrobanda in Willemstad. You can find this braced by two motors and 16 pontoon boats. If you see three motors used at a time, then the bridge will open its gates so that ships can come through and exit. Water taxis are there which can take you back and forth. If you see this at nighttime, it will look fabulous. Enjoy a drink or two in the city and feel the lights on the water with your friends.

The Colorful Handelskade:


It is a waterfront strip located in Punda. The place has awesome colorful houses and 18th-century style buildings. It is one of the best tourist attractions, famous for its outdoor cafes. You can experience a cool view while ships go through the bridge from the vantage. It is ideal for getting some fresh air and taking selfies on a sunny day. Capturing images against the picturesque Curaçao city backdrop makes it more beautiful. The place looks awesome at night while the lights illuminate the bay.

Ostrich Farm:

Are you willing to have a fun-filled activity on solid ground? An ostrich farm is there, which can be a great change of pace. In the Curaçao Ostrich Farm, over 600 birds are available. You can see the birds at each development stage when you visit the farm, and you can see birds of a day old to adulthood. If you are willing, you can hold the babies in your hand.

Shete Boka National Park:

The term Shete Boka indicates "seven inlets". It is a national park located in northern Curaçao. The park starts from the underground cavern, known as Boka Tabla. You can take a walk along the caves. Enjoy the excellent view of the rocky countryside. Animals can make your journey more exciting.

The Bottom Line:

Do you know how to pronounce Curaçao? The island starts with a hard 'C' where you need to pronounce the 'ç' as an "s." You should pronounce the entire term as 'Cure-ah-souw.' It is a part of the ABC island chain with Aruba to the West and Bonaire to the East. Among thirty beaches, Kenepa Beach, Playa PortoMari, and Mambo Beach are famous. However, you can experience all of these differently.

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