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Thursday, January 5, 2023

Thor's Well Travel Guide

Thor's Well Travel Guide

If you visit the Oregon Coast, while sitting on the edge, you can get to see a large gaping sinkhole that never gets filled up, although it remains in the sea's middle. Although the natural wonder Thor's Well at Cape Perpetua isn't bottomless, it is dangerous. People call this the drainpipe of the Pacific. However, it is known as "the gate of hell". 

 Thor's Well Travel Guide

The Well which is a hole in the rock can drain water from the ocean. Researchers say that it was earlier a sea cave that the waves have been digging out for a long time. Before the collapse of the roof, it creates openings at the bottom section and at the top through which the ocean mainly sprays. According to the information, the massive hole is deep, about twenty feet. However, it is able to adjust to create some wonderful sights.

It becomes marvellous during storms or at high tide when you can witness the water flow over the rocks & funnels into the hole. Do you know what the best time to visit this place is? You should visit here an hour before the high tide when you can see the site without water. After that, you can notice the formation filling up process. During high tide, the hole remains at its greatest.

People who want to go there can access this through a round trip of .8 miles (1.2 km) which starts at the Cape Perpetua Visitor Center. How deep is Thor's well? It is 20 ft deep.

What Is Thor's Well In Oregon?

It is a big sinkhole which is located off the coast of the Pacific Ocean. According to the theory, it was earlier a cave with a roof that collapsed due to water erosion. As a result, a circular hole appears at the cave's top and bottom portions. This one is a big hole in the rock bed. In Cape Perpetua, it is a perfect stop on an Oregon Coast road trip.

Why is it called Thor's well?

The name comes after the Norse god of thunder, Thor. According to legend, Thor created it after striking the globe to make the 6-metre hole.

How Does Thor's Well In Oregon Work?

After the collapse of the ocean cave, a hole was believed to be left in the rock's top and bottom sections. As a result, the waves can go up through the cave to come to the surface. During high tide, from the bottom, the waves basically come up. As a result, the waves create a violent spray from the well's top. When the waves receded, the water started falling back through the well.

Where is Thor's Well located?

Its location is in the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area, which is only a few miles south of Yachats. You can find this right off Highway 101. People who prefer to take a road journey up the Oregon Coast, should go there. If you are a traveller, you should park at Thor's Well TrailHead.

So, how to get to Thor's well? Although people can see the Well from the parking lot, they go down to the shore to look closely. Taking help from Google maps can help you to go here directly.

Can You See Thor's Well?

It is possible to see the Well from the parking lot off Highway 101.

How Far Is The Hike To Thor's Well In Oregon?

You can find a short way, a paved path along the trail from the parking lot, following which you can get a closer look at the well. There you can find viewpoints for both Cook's Chasm and the Well. Hence, you need to walk about 0.3 miles roundtrip from the parking place to the Well.

When you are at the trail's end, you can enjoy your day by walking along some sand and slippery rocks so that you can reach the spot. Shoes are expected to get wet while walking here. Therefore, you should put on waterproof shoes.

Best Time To See Thor's Well:

Do you need to drive down the coast and don't have time to visit here, then you can stop here to have fun and make your day memorable. Can you have flexibility with schedule? Then, remember that an hour before the high tide is the best time to visit this place. During this time, you get to see the pool filling up more after the rising of the tide. People can visit the location when ocean water becomes rougher or after large winter storms. Generally, people can see most of the water passing via the Well with a tide of 5'-7'.

Warning About Thor's Well:

When you enjoy this location, you may wonder if it is safe enough or not. In that case, you should follow the necessary guidelines for remaining safe at the Well. Firstly, You need to stay on the Well's side adjacent to the coast. But ensure that you must not go between the Well and the ocean. Big waves may come at any time, so you should not turn back to the ocean.

Ensure that you are maintaining distance from the Well. Never look down on this or come close to it. Moreover, you should maintain a distance from this and stay conscious of your surroundings. Ensure that you are aware of this fact, as no guard rails will be available there. You must keep your eyes on your children.

Tips For Photographing Thor's Well:

It is a perfect location for photography on the Oregon Coast in Cape Perpetua. Not only visiting here during high tide is the perfect time, but also you can make a plan to visit here around sunset. You can take an excellent picture of the circumstances here.You should capture the moments when the water is draining into the Well. Then, the water comes from the Well and goes down to the ocean. The water pattern can be visible after viewing the well for about one or two minutes.

Do you know what the safest angle for photography is? It is in the west direction. Do you want to take pictures angling your camera down a little bit more into the Well? Then, stand on the sharp volcanic rock. Visiting here at low tide allows you to see less water passing via the hole but more dramatic splashes.

What's Near Thor's Well In Oregon:

Cape Perpetua is a wonderful place where it is located. This one is a beautiful part of the Oregon Coast. Visiting here, you can enjoy mind-blowing landscapes, including awesome lookouts, several points of interest, hiking trails, tide pools, and beaches.

Spouting Horn At Cook's Chasm:

It is one of the funniest things to see near Thor's Well. There is a common parking lot for both places- Spouting Horn and Thor's Well. So, people can visit both places at a time. This ocean geyser is made by the ocean waves that get funnelled into a cave. Once the waves start coming up from the cave's top, they can make a spouting horn.

People are capable of hiking the Cook's Cook Trail which can take them by Well and Spouting Horn, and other mind grabbing coastal areas. You should know that this hole is about 0.75 miles long.

Devil's Churn: This one is another location for having fun. People who want to visit the Churn should walk to the rocks from the parking lot.

Visitors can get to see two overlooks along the trail. The rocky edges are near to the Churn, and you should walk down to it. Ensure that you are aware of your surroundings. In addition, you should maintain a safe distance.

Cape Perpetua:

Cape Perpetua is one of the most stunning places on the Oregon coast. It is a great option if you are looking for a location to stop, if you are having an Oregon coast road journey. Here, we are going to mention a few things that you can do here:-

  • Cape Perpetua Lookout: Visiting here, you can experience an eye-catching scenic beauty that allows you to enjoy views of the vast ocean, Pacific and Cape Perpetua. 
  • Cape Cove Beach: It is a secluded beach in a cove where many driftwoods exist. 
  • Neptune North: There is a vast beach that you can explore.
  • Hobbit Trail: You can hike to the ocean for a mile.


This one is a small "quaint" coastal city where you can have lots of fun and perform outdoor activities. People can go crabbing, climb to the Heceta head lighthouse. Besides, visiting here, you will be able to explore the sand dunes & Old Town Florence, go tide pooling, and many more things. Do you love camping? Then, you will get to see several RV parks near Florence where scenic beauty can be enjoyed while camping . Have you planned to go down the Oregon Coast? Then, it is advised to make a stop in Gold Beach.

The bottom line:

This article has elaborated on the details of Thor's Well, like where it is located, the parking lot, how far it is from the parking lot, and so on. Moreover, we hope that after going through this article, you have come to learn about the nearest places to Thor's Well. Still if you have doubts, let us know through comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How big is Thor's well?

The hole has a depth of six metres or twenty feet.

Q. How do you find Thor's well?

It is near Spouting Horn at Cook's Chasm in the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area near Yachats.

Q. How much does it cost to go to Thor's well?

You should not get closer to the well because it is dangerous. In addition, you need to stay on the paved path. Remember that you will need a recreation pass or a $5 day use fee.

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