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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Greece in December: Best Things to Do

Greece in December
The trip will remain incomplete if you don't enjoy the postcard-perfect islands, scorching heat of summer, stunning stretches of sandy coastline.

Do you want to be the witness of the glorified historical places of this country? Or willing to swap your sundresses for comfy layers? Then you fall in love with the enchanting beauty of Greece in December month. Create is one of the warmest locations in Greece. The average temperature of this place is 62°F.

During the December month, there are few places in Greece having too much humidity whereas there remains mild weather in some of the sites. You can't get warm weather in any city in entire Greece. But you can enjoy the ruins and beautiful islands and coastline.

Besides, when you make a trip to Greece in December, you will get additional benefits. For example, you can enjoy the full week of the Christmas season and New Year Eve here. 

December Weather in Greece 

The temperature of Greece varies from city to city. The average temperature of Greece in December is 14°C maximum whereas the average minimum temperature is 6°C. Crete and Rhodes are a few examples of the islands. You can do skiing while making a trip to the mountains. December month is also known as a rainy month. And that's why it is not an ideal month to visit the Greek beaches. But compared to other nations in Northern Europe, in Greece, the temperature remains mild and comfortable. 

What to Pack 

Whether thou are planning to make a trip to the mountains, then pack heavy winter gear. Make sure that you are packing long pants, sweaters, and warm jackets. Always remember to carry a woollen scarf and hat to protect yourself from the shivering of cold nights. 

December Events in Greece 

Compared to other European countries, Greece's celebration is more solemn and grandiloquent. In December, Greeks indulge themselves in Christmas Day and New Year's Eve celebration.

Feast of St. Nicholas: On December 6, every year, people used to celebrate the feast of St. Nicholas. This ceremony is celebrated in remembrance of St. Nicholas. People know him as one of the patron saints of sailors.

Kladaries: On December 23 every year, people used to celebrate the festival Kladaries. The shepherds enjoy this festival every year by feasting. In addition, they also dance around bonfires. This festival is celebrated in the village of Siatista, Macedonia.

Christmas Day: Christmas Day festival is the one that ranks second in the Greek Orthodox calendar. Every year on December 25, People used to celebrate the Christmas festival. Each town of this nation rejuvenates with incredible traditional decorations every year on this day.

New Year's Eve: In the New Year's Eve festival, the Greeks rejoice themselves by decorating their homes, and having palatable dishes. In that festive time, here you can see small kids playing on the streets, people amazed in parties, etc. 

What to explore in this nation? 

You can explore Athens and other main historical venues. In addition to this, you can see the Acropolis, museums and archaeological sites. Greece has a wild side also that remains full of lush and green in December. It allows you to explore the gorges and stone villages of Zagori.

When it comes to exploring the islands, you must visit Aegean. Ferry services are available on the island.

Crete island is the bridge of all cultural sites and great culinary adventures. You can experience different winter activities, like hiking and biking. 

What to Do in December 

You can enjoy Athens in December months instead of spending time on beaches on the sunniest day. In Athens, the Christmas week is celebrated fabulously. If you want a hot-air balloon ride, then you only need to warm up yourself with mountain biking at Meteora. Do you love skiing? Then, choose the ski resorts of Mt. Parnassos. These resorts remain open for skiing and soaking in thermal springs. You can get indulgent spa treatments near Pella in Macedonia. 


Island Hopping in Greece 

Greece is adorned with a few amazing Islands like Crete, Corfu and Lesvos. These islands act as bridges between the villages to mountain churches and windswept sea coast. And it is also adorned with small islands like Hydra. 


Ancient Sites 


Winter is the ideal time to visit Greece in December. Here, you will find here the most iconic ancient site and the major foundations of western civilization. You can see here the exoteric sites that have ranges from Athens, Acropolis and Ancient Agora to Delphi. 

Best places to visit in Greece in December: 

1. Zagori- This place is ideal for nature lovers, hikers, etc.

2. Arachova: Nature lovers, skiers, will prefer this place.

3. Kalavryta: It is perfect for skiers, nature lovers, family.

4. Meteora: People who love to explore historical bluffs and religious tourist places, can select it.

5. TZOUMERKA: It is ideal for those who want to showcase their new snow boots.

6. Metsovo: Nature Lovers, food lovers, classy folks love to spend time here.

7. THE MOUNTAINS OF CORINTH: It is a perfect for those who have the hunger to explore new places.

8. LOUTRAKI PELLA: People who love to enjoy hot waters of the natural thermal spring can visit there. Ski resort are there in Kaimaktsalan and Loutraki village.

9. Zagorochoria: People can do hiking, river rafting, skiing, camping, trekking, at Aoös National Park, Vikos Gorge, the Lake Ioannina, Pindus National Park.

10. Thessaloniki: You can walk through at Aristotelous Square, and be able to explore the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, travel to the Arch of Galerius and Rotunda.

11. THE MOUNTAINS OF ARCADIA: If you want to feel the heart-warming stroke of nature, and then you should visit this place. The mountains of Arcadia are named according to a poet's name. The scenic beauty of the location attracts the Greek tourists, and as well as international travellers who come here to enjoy the landscape of the villages around the mountain of Mainalos.

12. Pelion: Here, you can explore the awesome flora in Tsagarada, enjoy the Sun on beaches, and trace the history of Centaurs. The peninsula has a jungle-like mountain slopes. It is a perfect place for spending time with family.

Conclusion: If you want to feel the snowy weather of Greece, then you should plan for a trip in December month.

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