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Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Best Time to Visit Paris

Best Time to Visit Paris

Paris is located in France, where most people are willing to travel. It is a location filled with something to do throughout the year. Therefore, you can visit here at any time. There are plenty of things to explore like food carnivals, fun activities, wine tasting, street shows, etc. With all the four distinct seasons, the place can always offer something charming to its tourists, making it one of the best places to visit across the world. 

 Best Time to Visit Paris:

Are you going there for the first time? Then, we advise you to visit in springtime while the weather is at its best. The Sun is warm and bright during the season, and the days remain long. You can walk on the Parisian streets and enjoy it as the locals do.

Best Times to travel for Holidays and Festivals to Paris:

If you are willing to plan to travel for a particular celebration or trying to avoid crowds on your specific holiday, you should know about festivals, occasions, etc. April month lets you experience the Paris Marathon, where May allows you to enjoy the French Open sports. You can see the Tour de France happening in July.

Whether you are a stylish traveler, you should know that Fashion Week is available twice a year. People can see Fashion Week in late September, whereas Fashion Week for fall styles takes place in late Winter, February.

When to travel to avoid crowds?

You should visit between October and April if you are willing to avoid crowds mainly. If you want to get the warmest temperature, you should visit between October and April.

When should you visit Paris?


The most pleasant time to visit is the spring (Apr–June). However, December is also a lovely time to go as you can find the city with Christmas lights. Whether you want to enjoy Annual fashion shows and trade fairs, the best time to visit Paris is September and October.

Peak Season (March-August):

Spring and summer seasons are ideal for visiting the beautiful place. During this time, the weather is perfect for sightseeing. Multiple types of festivals happen to add to the cheer. Whether you are willing to enjoy the city as the people do, travel in these months.

Shoulder Season (September - November):

At this time, you can find a slight nip in the air when the clouds remain heavy with rain. During the time, the crowds begin to thin and you can visit at this time.

Low Season (December-February):

The Winter month is cold and wet. But you can find an ethereal beauty in the city when it snows. Don't worry about the frost and snow as the city clears them in a day or two. If you want to enjoy your Christmas holidays, make it happen by planning.

Paris Weather:

The Parisian weather is generally stable, and its surrounding region boasts low annual precipitation rates of 640mm/25 inches. The spring (Apr-June) or the fall (Sept-Oct) are the best times to visit if you consider the weather.

The place has experienced extreme temperatures recently in both Summer and Winter. The temperature in summer is around 90°F/30°C whereas the temperature in winter is around 30°F/below 0°C.

Paris Public Holidays:

We know holidays in France as jours fériés. At this time, you can find shops and banks closed along with restaurants and museums. If any jour férié falls on a Thursday, people of the place take off their work on Friday.

Spring (March-May):

Temperature: The average temperature is 19° high to 04° low.

Weather: During the season, the weather frequently changes throughout the day. The temperature remains warm in the entire daylight hour, whereas it gets cooler as the evening progresses. The temperature becomes warmer in May. Although it is a rainy place, the streets get dry up very quickly. As the days are long, you can spend more time outdoors. It is the best time to visit Paris.

Significant Events: The season is the time for outdoor sports. People can witness the French Open around the third week of May. If you are willing to have outdoor picnics, it is a great place to enjoy. Foire du Trône is the highlight of this season.

Why you need to travel now: The weather, the festivities, etc., can make your holiday special.

Know before you visit: You should expect high rates while visiting.

Summer (June - August)

Temperature: The average temperature is 24° high to 13° low.

Weather: The weather in Summer is warm and inviting. During the season, the days are long and sunny. You can walk about the city. However, Summer can let you experience thunderstorms. We advise you to pack your clothes as per the weather in the Summer season.

Significant Events in Paris: 

The season is welcoming with its Tropical Carnival. You can find music lovers sitting back and pleasing the senses at Solidays. The Fête de la Musique festival is famous in the season celebrated as Music Day. People willing to enjoy movies can see curated movies at the La Villette Outdoor Movie Theatre.

Why you need to travel now: It is the best time to visit Paris, because of the weather and the festivities.

Know before you visit: Kids, youngsters, families, and tourists can travel here in the months. During this time, you will find long lines and high ticket rates.

Autumn (September to November)

Temperature: The average temperature is 21° high to 05° low.

Weather: As the heat gets less, you can see more people coming here. The weather of this season is good for sightseeing. When you get closer to October, the temperature starts to dip suddenly. People can have amazing pictures of famous monuments in this place.

Significant events: Even if these remain closed, you can access famous monuments during the European Heritage Days. People can participate in La Parisienne. It is a race attended by women only to support the research on breast cancer. In October, you can experience different arts through the night at the Nuit Blanche, and various artists showcase their pieces across the city. Whether you visit in November, you can taste the new wines at the Beaujolais nouveau.

Why you need to travel now: The weather is not too cold, and the crowds disappear.

Know before you visit: Although the session is not the peak, you can see hotel rates going down.

Winter (December to February)

Temperature: The average temperature is 8° high to 02° low.

Weather: During this season, the trees have shed their leaves, and the days are short, but still, the city looks stunning.

Significant events: Spend time walking about the streets in this season. You can see multiple Christmas markets that spring up.

Why you need to travel now: Although the season is not so famous with tourists, it is beautiful in winter.

Know before you visit: Daylight hours are very short in this season.

The bottom line: 

Whether you are willing to reduce your flight and hotel costs, go in February. You may experience attractive seasonal savings during November, early December, the second half of January, and the first 2-3 weeks of March.

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