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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Croatia in November- Travel Guide

You are just a couple of months away from yet another year coming to an end. Yes, it's November, and it would be apt to finish it in the most exciting manner possible. The best way to do it is to head to Croatia, as it is considered perfect to tour in November.

Come; let's see what Croatia in November holds in store for us.

The November weather in Croatia.

Weather is never constant here, and it is ever-changing. It is autumn time and very pleasant in November, though rain cannot be ruled out in its coastal area.

Daytime temperature swings between 4 and 10 degrees C, with the nights registering even below that. Swimming on beaches may not be possible, but many activities are not out of bounds.

1 . Let's start with Split!

Yes, that’s what the most vibrant city in Croatia is called!

You can make your way across busy streets, buildings reflecting the medieval touch and restaurants which cater to Croatia's favourite foods. You can never escape feeling that you are in a modern city with ancient history lurking everywhere.

If you have wondered why Split is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, visit the Museum with wooden sculptures and trek up the Marjan Hill.

The old Town has been maintained with no interference, and a trip to the following three spots should never be compromised. The first on the list is the 28 ft tall Grgur Ninski Statue, and you can rub its toe for good luck.

Next in line is the Diocletian's Palace built by the Emperor of the same name. You would be surprised to see that more than 3000 residents are living within the palace walls. In all this, never forget to taste the sumptuous food and local homemade wines.

2. Zadar - The Historic Town

You may assume it's an old town with lots of history behind it with a laid-back attitude. Well, you're in for a surprise as Zadar is a vibrant town where everyone is enjoying themselves at a bar or party. Nightlife is commonplace there, and all can indulge in what they like best. You can shop, eat the most delicious food and lie on the clean beach sand. The National park, known as the Kornati Park, doubles itself by being the best hike and cliff jumping.

The tourist attractions are plenty, but you should not miss the Crkva Sv Donat, an RC and the Greeting to the Sun. The latter was built for 1.3 million € and dedicated to the Sun God. Furthermore, there are attractions in Zadar if you are willing to stay for a week in Croatia in November!

3. Zagreb Marticeva Street- From gloom to attraction

There has been a flurry of action in Zagreb to end the gloomy atmosphere, which was obvious in Marticeva Street.

Cafes, games, pastry shops, theatres and boutiques now occupy the Marticeva streets, and business is in full swing with visitors or tourists thronging it. Have the spiced wine with waffles, and you will feel the cold evenings turn warmer. You can tour Zagreb from there, but if you are on the lookout for a peppy life in Croatia in November, you are already there!

4. Hvar - The Multipurpose Island.

When you visit Hvar Island and party, you are enjoying two things. One is the party, and the other is the beauty of Hvar. The evenings after the sunset brings forth more light as the island start their outdoor partying. The beaches are clean, and you can indulge in Snorkelling, swimming, surfing and boat rides.

There are vineyards for you to enjoy authentic wine.

Apart from its spices, all those naturally perfumed exotic oils like lavender, olive oil, perfumes, and soaps are available here in Hvar Island.

5. Dubrovnik A beauty inestimable!

If you have never been to Dubrovnik, then have a taste of it by viewing the popular fantasy series ' Game of Thrones. Dubrovnik suits that background as it has Vintage squares, Town walls from medieval times, with clean white beaches. All you require is to grab a couple of delicious snacks sold on the roadside and walk around the Town.

There is much to explore, but it's one right place for selfies with all those ruins in the background. The Adriatic sea gushes below with full force, and you can view all this provided you find an elevated spot. From Dubrovnik, you can easily make your way to the other Croatian islands. But never forget that the dragons flew in this Town and that's Croatia in November for you.

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