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Thursday, August 19, 2021

Tourism Ecstasy in San Blas Cusco, Peru!

Tourism Ecstasy in San Blas Cusco, Peru!

Tourism destinations should be overloaded with delights and San Blas Cusco is no exception to that. It's regarded as one of the top destinations in Peru and a Must-Visit before setting off to the famed Machu Picchu.

Found below, are the top tourist spots among many in Cusco, once the Incan Capital.

1. Alpaca

The Furry Alpaca is the most loved and revered animal in all of Peru, Cusco included. The thick will which comes on it is quite expensive and adorned with colorful scarfs or threads. It's not wise to be near it, even though you may find many on the streets for it is pre-owned. If you can spare 5 to ten Soles, a photo-op is a possibility which you can treasure for life.

2. Plaza de Armas

The plaza de Armas in Cusco should be right at the top of your priority list. The plaza is a Tourist Haven with thousands mingling either to eat or shop. The activities last through the night.

You will spot the Cusco cathedral, which has many paintings. The most famous of such paintings is the Guinea Pig, which is found at the very center of the Last Supper painting.

3. A Historic District

It is time to take a tour of the unseen and our real travel begins. Hatunrumiyoc is rightly called the Historic District, and it has twelve angled stones crafted into the Inca walls. It is one stone only and neither visitors nor locals can touch it.

4. The Sun God

The Inca’s considered Inti their Sun God as the most powerful and built a shrine which is located at Avenida El Sol which is in Cusco. After the Spanish invasion, the architecture became a mix of both Inca and Spanish. The temple is called Coricancha.

5. Inti Riyami Festivals.

If June finds you in Cusco, consider yourself lucky. Cusco is undergoing a colossal change as it prepares itself for the Inti Riyami which is the celebration of the Sun God. Tourists are welcomed by the locals as they jointly witness and celebrate the colorful festivities.

6. Breath-taking View

Just in case you are looking for an adrenaline-pumping experience in Cusco, try viewing the Mirador de San Cristóbal, Plaza Santa de Santa Ana, and the Mirador de San Blas and be delighted with the panoramic view of the city below amidst the Andes Mountains. The access to the view is easy as it lies just a few kilometers from the main plaza. If this is not enough to satisfy you, prepare for a picnic. You may have to go to a high altitude and reach Qenko to access more breathtaking views.

7.San Pedro Market

A ten-minute walk is all that it takes to reach the Andean market, also popularly known as the San Pedro Market. The transformation you will undergo is nothing new as you enter the gates of the market.

They call it the Old Cusco life and the aroma catches your nostrils. It could be sheep blood oranges. The popularity of this market is compared to the visit to Machu Picchu. You can shop for anything you want and there are thousands to cater to your belly needs.

In case you've decided to visit it early in the morning hoping to avoid the real crowd, you are in for s surprise. The crowd is huge at any point of the day. Drink the freshest of juices or try the Soup made out of a Sheep's head for breakfast. It's a different and unique adventure, that's all!

8. Muse ode ARTE Pre colombino:

Located in Cusco, it is situated in the San Blas District. The pre- Colombian museum has more than 450 artifacts that have been collected and gathered from their earlier place of safekeeping.

9. Planetarium Cusco:

They have their own planetarium in Cusco and their own way of interpreting the skies. There are briefings given to visitors, but the main event is star-gazing; provided the weather is conducive.

10. The Irish Pub:

A two-minute walk from the Central Plaza is the Paddy's Irish Bar '. Many would vouch that the bar transports you to Ireland as it is loaded with Irish favorites. Soccer games on large TV screens with beer flowing on all cups are almost an everyday scene at 'Paddy.' It is the right break for the tourists who have been binging on Peruvian food to taste Western food.

11. The rare bean bar Chocolate Workshop

You may have had experiences of a different kind touring Cusco. Other rare experiences await you as in the bean to bar workshop and witness the conversion of the bean to chocolate bar. You can taste all the samples provided you have a sweet tooth.

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