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Sunday, April 28, 2019

Awesome Hearts Found in Nature

Awesome Hearts Found in Nature
The luscious waves of an ocean, the azure waters of a sea and the playful rivers, they all are symbol of love and romance. If you feel your love is deep as an ocean and pure as a river then your true abode is a gorgeous Island encircled with water for miles and miles.

The month of love is finally here. Love is in the air and on the ground and in the trees. Heart shaped Islands, heart shaped clouds, heart shaped leaves and where ever you go there is a heart.

Romantic and outdoor enthusiasts will get knocked out after visiting these gorgeous heart shaped natural wonder from atolls and islands to lakes and canyons. Mother Nature has proven that she has a quirky sense of humour or as well as lot of love to share.

Heart shaped wonders

Heart shaped wonders can be found around the world from the heights of the French Alps to the depths of the canyons. You can say they were created due to natural occurrence and formation, but we think that makes them even more special.

Galesnjak the Lover’s Island in Croatia

It is a tiny island in Croatia which is causing a sensation among all lovebirds on the planets. Its distinction is its unique shape. It is the best heart shaped island on the planet. It has been christened as the” Isle of Love”. Couples on honeymoon, married celebrating anniversaries and young men wanting to propose find Galesnjak the ideal destination.

Heart Rock Maui: 

At the site of the Nakele Blow Hole, north of Kapalua in West Maui, there’s a hole in the lava rock that the ocean blew out in a rough image of a heart. High tides and strong surf create the best blow hole effects, which includes the spewing of seawater through the heart shaped window.

Australia heart shaped reef: 

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is known as one of the wonders of the natural world and it’s not hard to see why it’s such a popular tourist destination with coral beds bursting with marine life. It’s one of the Mother Nature’s best treasures and seeing it is an unforgettable experience. To get a bird’s eye view of this breathtaking wonder a helicopter ride is the best. If you have a marriage proposal in mind then Heart reef is meant especially for you and your loved one.

Blueberry island Canada: 

you can gift a heart shaped island. This island is on sale. Gifting flowers and chocolates have gone old. It’s time to prove your love by gifting Blueberry Island in Canada to your special person. You don’t need words to express you love anymore, if you can afford to buy this island.

Makepeace island Australia

Romancing on this heart shaped island is not usual. The accommodation of the resort on those islands is offered on exclusive sole use basis, allowing up to 4 guests. You get the whole sland for yourself and there are various activities that await including Kayaking, fishing, outdoor cinema, wine tasting and sun downer river cruise.

Cocks comb Island

Cocks comb Island, Myanmar is located in the Andaman Sea. Cocks Comb is a small limestone atoll with a stunning heart shaped lagoon on it. On a calm day you can swim through a natural tunnel into the beautiful lagoon also known as the emerald. The seawater is perfect for snorkelling and coral reef diving. Cocks Comb Island is easily accessible from Myanmar’s the southern city of Kawthaung and Thailand’s Ranong Province.

The heart shaped lake of Antrona

The heart shaped lake of Antrona in Piedmont Northern Italy is a popular hike. Visitors can walk around this lake in an hour. It is fringed with numerous wonders from a picturesque waterfall to charming bridges and tunnels. It’s also surrounded by best mountain views.

Valentine lake Canada

Valentine lake Canada is a beautiful spot to camp for hikers of the Saxifrage and Cassope Peaks in Pemberton, British Columbia in Canada. The heart shaped lake is an easy 4 hours hike from three end of the sketch creek road according to Canadian Encyclopedia.

Kleine Mutitz Germany

Kleine Mutitz Germany- snuggled amid a deep blue tinged lake, a heart shaped islet flourishing with vegetation, yes it’s the Kleine Muritz Island. The greens contrast with the deep blue tinge of the lake creates a soulful panorama, something you both can glance at throughout the day.

Tavarua Island

Tavarua Island, Fiji with a full fledged resort,  housing a luxurious resort property, Tavarua spans over an area of 29 acres. You can try activities like kayaking, surfing and scuba diving. This Island the most famous heart shaped islands in the world owing to its accessibility, beauty and the facilities you get here.

Love is a purely human conceit, but nature can be pretty romantic too.

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