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Friday, September 18, 2020

Lake Bled- What to Know Before You Go There

Lake Bled

Lake Bled lies at the northwest side of Slovenia. This place is an excellent tourist spot where people love to come, spend lovely times, make wishes, and to create unforgettable and sweet memories. The distance of the Lake Bled from Ljubljana International Airport is 35 km. And from the capital, Ljubljana, of the Bled town, the distance is 55 km.

This Lake is 4.2 km far from the Lesce-Bled train station. The depth of the Lake Bled is 97 ft. Here, you can see lake Bled castle that is the oldest castle in Slovenia

 Things to Do in Lake Bled

Top three reasons that say you should visit Lake Bled

1. Enjoy the landscape of nature

When you visit Lake Bled, we assure you that the scenic beauty of here will captivate your mind. The picturesque elegance of the mountains is one of the fascinating things there. If you love to travel, then you must go to Bled Island. We can assure you that after visiting this prepossessing place, Lake Bled you are going to create the best memories ever.

2. Wondering several captivating places:

Here, you can get many visiting places. Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Maria, St. Martina Parish Church, Župnija Bled, Church of St. Andrew are names of some churches for which Bled Island is famous. Besides, there are many big hotels such as Grand Hotel Toplice, Hotel Park, and Rikli Balance Hotel. To enjoy the palatable cuisine, these hotels are remarkable. You can enjoy the enchanting view of a sunset sitting on the balconies of the hotels. If you love to take photos, then just take a selfie and grab the opportunity of getting fitted in a picture with the engrossing nature.

3. Shopping Hub

When you enter the Bled city, you can get to see multiple shops for various products. Most people prefer to visit mainly Ljubljana. If you are shopaholic, then you are just going to amaze after visiting this shopping hub.

The Lake Bled Island: 

 Lake Bled is a lake that surrounds Lake Bled Island. If you visit here, you can see many buildings. Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Maria is the main attraction here. It was made at the end of the seventh century.

The castle: Historical castles that are located on the hill are mesmerizing. It is one of the best attractive locations in Bled Island. These places can get you back to the golden past days.

The churches on the island:

The churches of Bled Island are very engaging and the attractions of the tourists. These places are as follows:-

● Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Maria

● St. Martina Parish Church

● Župnija Bled

● Church of St. Andrew

● Basilica of the Virgin Mary

● Grajska Kapela SV. Ingenuine in SV. Albumina

Importance of the church:

When you visit there, you can hear some bell rings from a distance. It is the sound of a wishing bell. People worship in Bled Island by ringing the bell. It is said that if someone rings the bell three times, one of the wishes of his or her will come true. One can visit here now as it has reopened on 18 May 2020. Ringing the wishing bell:

There is a heresy that after ringing the wishing bell three times, one of the three wishes can be fulfilled. When you will come here, you can get to see a small bell inside the baroque church. The church was built mainly to dedicate Mary.


Bled Island is a great place for hiking. Here are the names of the places where you can hike.

  • Aufstieg mit Treppe – Aussicht auf Bled Loop from Ljubljanska cesta
  • Aussicht auf Bled – Aufstieg mit Treppe Loop from Slamnik
  • Aufstieg mit Treppe – Aussicht auf Bled Loop from Ljubljanska cesta
  • Panorama view of the Bled lake – Railroad Bridge over Radovna Loop from Bled
  • Blejski Grad – Panorama view of the Bled lake Loop from Poljšica pri Gorjah
  • View on Bled's church – Bleder See Loop from Bled Jezero
  • Vintgar - Klamm – Railroad Bridge over Radovna Loop from Bled Jezero
  • Selo – Milino Loop from Mlinska cesta
  • Bleder See – View on Bled's church Loop from Bled Jezero
  • Aussicht auf Bled – View on Bled's church Loop from Selo pri Bledu
  • Milno – Selo Loop from Savska cesta
  • Camping Ground – Aussicht auf Bled Loop from Kidričeva cesta

Vintgar Gorge:

Vintgar gorge is known as Bled Gorge also. It outstretched approx 1.6 km in the northwest part of Lake Bled Slovenia . It is situated in the municipalities of Gorje and Bled. The distance of the city and Bled Island is four km. You can see the Radovna river and Radovna valley here. The height of the canyon walls is fifty to a hundred meters.

Mary Church:

The Pilgrimage Church which is known as the Assumption of Maria or as the Church of Mary, is a main attraction here. The location of the church is in the middle of Bled Island. The natural beauty of this place is incredible. The main attraction in the Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Maria is the wishing bell. Francesco Patavino from Padova made the wishing bell in 1534. From the tourist guides, you can get to know that people can get their wishes to come true.

Bled bel:

It is in Morocco. You can see here Essakhra, Hit Essma, Sakhrat Ain Cherraj, and Koudiat Erregragui hill.

Thermal spring:

Lake Bled has a tectonic structure. Here, most of the time, the temperature remains 20° C. The tectonic form of Lake Bled is the reason for it. If you visit in recent times, you get to see the thermal springs in many hotel pools. Grand Hotel Toplice, Hotel Park, and Rikli Balance Hotel are these three hotels where you can see it. If you want extra heated water, then go to Hotel Park or Rikli Balance Hotel. Otherwise, the Grand Hotel Toplice is an excellent option for taking refreshment in thermal water at 22°C. In summer, the temperature of the Lake increases to 25°C. And when it is winter, the temperature drops down to 4°C. You can experience the lake surfaces in the freezing condition during the winter season.

Bled Cream Cake:

Lake Bled Island has the most engaging and striking church in the middle of the Lake. You can know why Lake Bled is the most stunning location in Slovenia when you have to come here.

We assure you that if you visit here, you will create vivid and never-to-be-forgotten memories. And the toothsome foods of this place are just as delicious as sticking to the mouth. Bled cream cake is one of such appetizing foods. By mixing cream, egg, cream and little amounts of sugar this mouth-watering dish gets prepared. If you visit Lake Bled, don't miss to taste the delicious and sapid Bled cream cake.

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