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Monday, October 3, 2011

Lifestyle Antigua and Barbuda

Useful addresses locally:

Tourist Offices
The tourist office opened its office for information at Heritage Quay at the time the passengers disembark cruise ships.

- Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority: ABC Financial Centre, High & Temple Streets, St. John's. Tel. : (1 268) 562-7600

- Antigua Hotels & Tourist Association: Island House, Newgate Street (PO Box 454). St John's. Tel. : (1 268) 462-0374

- Consular Agency of France in Antigua: tel. (1 268) 460-6428. The island depends on the Embassy of France in Castries, St. Lucia. Tel. (1758) 455-60-60. Email:

The Belgians will address their embassy in Kingston, Jamaica: 10 Millsborough Crescent, Kingston 6. Tel. (1876) 978-59-43 or 92-97. Emergency #: (1876) 382-78-50.

No Swiss representation. Should be directed to the Embassy in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic: av. Jimenez Moya 71 (1 st floor). Tel. (1809) 533-37-81.

High Commission of Canada to Barbados: Bishop's Court Hill (BP 404), Bridgetown. Tel. (1246) 629-35-50. In an emergency, for Canadian citizens only: (1) 613-996-8885; collect call accepted. Email: The office is responsible for most Caribbean islands.

Jet lag

Antigua is at the same time that the French Antilles, or delay of 6 h on the continental Western Europe (GMT - 4) 5 pm in summer and winter. When 12 am in St. John's, it is 18 pm in Paris in July and 17 h at Christmas time.


230 V, 60 cycles. Plugs are the same as in England, three-pin flat (the top one vertical, two horizontal bottom). Still, in hotels, there are also powered by U.S. made 110 V, 60 cycles. Remember to bring an adapter to charge your electrical equipment.

Opening hours

- Most stores open Mo
nday to Saturday from 9 am to 9 pm from 30 to 16 h 30 or 17 h. Some observe a reduced schedule on Saturdays and closed on all Sundays. The Lord's Day is a day died in St John's! Only gas stations and supermarkets are so few open (reduced hours).

- Banks St John's is open Monday through Thursday from 8 am to 14 pm or 15 pm, and Friday until 16h. They have distributors accessible 24 h/24.

- The main post office (post) St. John's on Long Street near Heritage Quay, is open Monday to Friday from 8 h 15-16 h 30 (15 pm on Friday).


The English, more or less intelligible according to the Antiguan contact ... The high and the teachers in the schools apply to use a very British English, but most people speak Creole at home instead.

Telephone and telecommunication


To call Antigua, dial 00 (international), 1268 (National Code) and the number of the party. In the opposite direction, dial 011 for international, then the country code (Belgium 32, France 33, Switzerland 41) and the desired number, omitting the initial 0.

The charming old red booths in the English tend to disappear in favor of phones to the U.S. without charm. Still, even these are often broken. They work (when operating) with coins or a prepaid calling card.

These are sold in many shops ("phone cards sold here") or in the central company Cable & Wireless (Long Street and Woods Mall St. John's). They come in denominations of 15, 20, 25 and EC $ 100.


No problem to find an Internet cafe in St John's. Most hotels and some beach bars have access, wireless or fixed.

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