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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Accommodation in Antigua and Barbuda

Unlike most Caribbean islands, Antigua does not have many guest houses. There are more small hotels and rentals (see below). Moreover, even accommodation bearing the name of guest house rooms tend to offer fairly standardized, not necessarily cheaper. They are often less well placed against (further from the sea) ...
In Barbuda, apart from two ultra-chic resorts, there are a few guest houses - the cheapest (Island Guest House $ 50), above a pharmacy, the lovely Barbuda Cottages.

If you plan to stay at least a week, that's where you make the best deal in terms of value. Many islands offer rentals of studios and apartments with one or two rooms in small buildings of 2 or 3 floors, usually quite recent and equipped with the basics - bathroom, kitchen (or kitchenette), TV (cable) often a balcony, sometimes a garden. The bungalows and cottages are the most enjoyable. See for example the Dutchman's Bay Cottages, on the beach. 90 to 140 € per night depending on size and season, but it must be conveyed to come so far.
Those who can afford it may consider renting a whole villa, but here, the prices take off! We find a lot on the side of Falmouth Harbour and Français.

Hotels and beach resorts
There are a number of small hotels along the coast, more or less close to the beach (prices vary depending on the logical proximity). The level of comfort is generally good, the rooms benefiting the most with air conditioning, satellite TV and Internet, sometimes with a kitchenette (on request). It is not uncommon, either, to find a pool. The most luxurious have nothing to envy to those of the Seychelles or the Maldives, with prices to match (more than during the 1000 USD per night) ...

Resorts (seaside resorts) live in isolation and have everything you may need: restaurant (s), beach bar (s), sports equipment free or for rent, swimming pool (s), etc.. Still, the level of attention and comfort varies quite widely from one brand to another. The quality of meals is also quite variable in the case of all-inclusive packages (all inclusive).

Despite its name, this is not AJ, but a small hotel: Waterfront Hostel, Falmouth, offers one of the best value for money in category modest at $ 65 for a double room with a view Wed This is simple but the colors sea green and turquoise bring a little gaiety.

Among the best value for money, also mention the Halcyon Cove by Rex Resorts, whose rates can fall to less than 60 € per night if booked through discount stores on the Internet. Many English families. Classic comfort, pool, entertainment (sometimes a bit noisy) and lovely beach. Side home is already more random ...

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