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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sports & Recreation Antigua and Barbuda

Beach side

The iconic milky turquoise waters and powdery white sand beaches of Antigua are both fame and beauty of the island. The legend and the tourist office say there are 365. No attempt was made to count.

In Barbuda, even better: there, the beaches are largely deserted and roses! On the southwest coast, they extend continuously over 17 km. In Antigua, in many places, the carpet of sand sticking out of the sea currents are absent, making swimming safe for even children. This is especially true on the West Coast, as in Dickenson Bay, one of the main tourist areas of the island. The water is warm, a real picnic (between 24 ° C in winter and 27 ° C in summer).

Remains that the authorities would do well to worry about the problem of waste water treatment: we have seen lead pipes on the beach of Sandals, the largest all inclusive resort (all inclusive beach resort) on the island ... For a selection of our favorite beaches, see "Suggested routes." On the beaches of hotels, you will have Stagecoach (or not), and turn deafening jet-ski. You can also rent small boats generally, optimistic type, to slide on the pristine waters.

Serious boaters probably already know Antigua Sailing Week, which brings the end of April between 100 and 200 boats Français Harbour Regatta for frenzied around the island. This is the third and final round of the Caribbean Big Boat Series, marked by memorable fiestas, night after night. The competition is preceded by the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta, where some of the most beautiful yachts in the world are exhibited in a competition of elegance stylish ... If you come off season, you still find everything a boater can dream Français Harbour (Nelson's Dockyard) and Falmouth Harbour. The atmosphere is less British, but the facilities are also quality to Jolly Harbour.

Those who do not know what a winch or a guy entrust their fate to one of the many skippers offering boat trips around the island. There's something for everyone: long, short, and festive (with crowd on board), the romantic, too, a la carte, with snorkeling and lunch prepared on board ... In this market, carries the Miramar Sailing palm.

Big game fishing is popular, but probably not as much as kitesurfing. Lovers find themselves Jabberwock Beach on the northeast coast. Although regular trade winds parallel to the coast, from December to May and July-August, nice jumps in perspective and a more flat area for those who prefer speed.

With any luck, you'll come across Andre Phillip, the local expert in the discipline - once extolled by Kiteboarder Magazine before he slams the door of compet 'drunk in the top positions and demands of sponsors If you ... prefer the classic board, the same spot you should very well.

Information from Kitesurf Antigua.Diving

Stressing the coral reef island to the south offer the best diving opportunity. Among the classic spots include Cades Reef, suitable for both beginners and more experienced, where you can cross the stingrays (stingrays), nurse sharks, turtles and even whale sharks.

The divers really appreciate the Pillars of Hercules (by 45 m deep) for its beautiful corals and sponges and marine life intense. The visibility reached a good 30 m. Carpenter's Rock is not bad either, especially for novices, with its "tank" teeming with sergeant-majors (as mini-zebras) to less than 7 m deep. Night dives possible with some operators.

Those who prefer to wade surface will dabble with the stingrays in Stingray City, a mile northeast of the island, shallow water (we walk) at low tide, sandy bottom, accommodating critters looking for a snack, in short, everything you need to make good memories. Price: 60 USD. 

Information from Dockyard Divers, the Jolly Dive Center, Indigo Divers and Stingray City 

This is an excellent approach to the mangroves of north-east of Antigua and islands of North Sound Marine Park. The boats are not racing kayaks, but the crossings are not very long and we go at least as much time on the beach, explore the islands or paddle mask over the nose. Raise it as the nose from time to time, you will probably frigates, egrets, White-tail and pelicans.If you have cottage cheese in the arms, just a boat trip to Bird Island - an island very robinsonesque eight hectares. The cost is usually in the 90-120 USD the day.

Information from Antigua Paddles.

On Fig Tree Drive, southwest of the island, Antigua Rainforest Canopy Tour offers a ride in booster (breadcrumb) on top of a gorge and through the canopy to a pond and a fall water. A child's journey was arranged.

Golfers will find two courses not essential to the island: the Cedar Valley, a 18-hole more "pro" and that of Jolly Harbour, whose condition ranges from poor to OK depending on the season ...

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