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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Best Places for Paragliding in India for an Adventurous Holiday

Wish to soar through the air like a free bird? If so, Paragliding is the thing for you. There is one thing that human fancy about is flying. After the aircrafts was developed by Wright brothers, many wished to take it to the next level and feel something closer to the bird’s flight. That’s when some crazy dreamer invented paragliding a thrilling adventure sport. Soaring in the sky high above land gives the feeling of winged flight that is unlike any other experience. Paragliding involves Flying with the help of a harness attached to a gliding mechanism known as the wing or canopy. Anyone looking for experiences in India will hope to add a paragliding experience to their list and luckily there is no shortage of locations that encourage and facilitate this adventure sport. The only thing you require for the expedition is the spirit to fly and then the safety equipments to make sure that you have a safe vacation.

Interested in conquering the skies, here is a list of paragliding place in India to challenge the adventure junkie in you.

Goa: On this beach paradise Arambol, Anjuna and Keri are popular place to fly. On any good day between December and January you can fly for hours. It’s strictly for beach flying which make it a fun experience. You can be in the sky and land on the beach; it has smooth flying and laminar conditions making it easy for those who are aerobatics.

Sikkim is known for its remarkable natural beauty, snow and tourism since long ago, but is now gaining acclaimed as one of the best paragliding spots in the country. It is great for landing and taking off and offers training.

Lonaval is a famous place not just for chilling out but also for adventure sports like paragliding. If you are an adrenal junkie you will most certainly like it over here.

Bir Billing is set in the backdrop of the beautiful Himachal Pradesh. Bir Billing had hosted First World Cup for Paragliding. The launch site of paragliding is meadows of Billing at an elevation of 2400 mts. It is one of the most popular paragliding spots in India. Bir Billing is located Kullu and Manali. It provides spectacular view of all around, training, equipment and overall great experiences.

Kamshet Maharashtra: it situated between Mumbai and Pune at a height of 2200 ft above sea level. Kamshet offers fantastic weather conditions. This is the only place where you can fly eight months in a year. That is from October to June. Given the perfect blend of favourable weather, infrastructure and proximity to cities, it’s one of the best places in the world to learn as you don’t get that many flying hours anywhere else. There are many people coming from abroad and India every year to learn, it has the best institution in India. In Kamshet you can learn to perfect your take-offs and landings, gain height make turn and fly off for long hours.

Nainital: This is again a beautiful resort town located in the foothills of the Himalayas. It is located at the height of about 2000 above the sea level. This is the best picturesque place to go to. Paragliding in such a place has its perks too. One can view the beautiful city from a bird’s level, the beautiful pear shaped lake, Nani Lake is considered to be one of the holiest place in the world. Paragliding is offered at Naukuchiyatal. Paragliding among the fluffy clouds amidst the beautiful mountains of Nainam Dedopatha and Ayarpatha hills is truly one of the heavenly feelings. So come here if you want to have best of both world.

Yelagiri: The high mountains and the enchanting beauty of nature are the treasures of Yelagiri, Tamil Naidu. This place also gives you a memorable experience of Paragliding. The beginners and professionals can satisfy their adventure cravings by flying down the heights of Yelagiri hills. January to February and October to December is the best time to visit this place to witness the thrilling flight.

Pavana is another paragliding destination in Maharashtra which is the only place in Western India for the Para gliders. It gives an easy and big take off platforms for the Para gliders. This place is the most affordable place for the adventure lovers in India. The October to March season is the best time to visit this mesmerising place and enjoy the beauty of nature from the top.

Kunjapuri, Uttarkhand: Paragliding in this place is really amazing. The delightful dawn and dusk views are things you should not miss out. Situated among the shivalik, you get the stunning views of Gangotri and numerous different crests as you ascend in the sky.

Garhwal, Uttarkhand: Garhwal is another paragliding destination which is good for the beginners. The paragliding destination is calm, which is perfect for the individual who are going to take their first paragliding experience.

Vagamon is located in the Idukki district of Kerala. The beautiful hill station is a dream for adventure enthusiasts. Temperature ranges from 10 -23 degree Celsius on summer midday. This place is ideal for paragliding. Trained pilots are available which means tandem flights are possible.

Whichever part of India you are in, you can always choose a place for your paragliding Quest.

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