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Friday, May 4, 2018

Isarel, Beyond Belief

Israel is known for its natural beauty, curious yet wonderful sites in desert and urban landscapes and diverse fascinating cultures to explore. The official language of the country is Hebrew and Arabic. Israel is considered the Holy Land for the Christians, Jews and Muslims. Even though there were conflicts in the country, Israel remains safe for tourists. It is a place where travellers can come to relax and partake in some unforgettable experiences.

Take a look at this list and surely it will spice up your travels in this amazing country.

Midburn festival is one of the most unique festivals in the world. Midburn festival is celebrated in Israel’s Negev Desert. It is also known as Burning Man Festival. This festival is enjoyed for five days. Midburn is sure to be an unforgettable experience. This is not a music festival. It is a gathering spot for extravagant people raring to express themselves in various artistic ways and on the last day a huge temple that is burned.

Camp under the stars at the Makhtesh Ramon crater: it is known as Israeli Grand Canyon, the Makhtesh Ramon nature reserve is the largest protected area in the country and definitely famous for stargazing. It is popular with local and tourist. It is the most breathtaking experiences one can have. For more adventurous activities one can go hiking, cycling, horse riding and abseiling.

Partying in Tel Aviv: Tel Aviv is known for it’s a commercial and cultural centre. It is an entertaining place especially famous for its night life, great beaches, incredible restaurants and more. With young and friendly population Tel Aviv’s bustling nightlife is awesome. There are plenty of DJs and dance parties until dawn and for those looking for something more low key, wine bars usually offer great deals before 10 p.m. Tel Aviv is also one of the most gay friendly cities in the world. It is known as a party city as one that doesn’t sleep.

The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth. It is at 1360 feet below sea level. Its water is 10 times saltier than the oceans, making it possible to float on the water without having to move a finger. The mineral rich water has medicinal properties especially for people having skin problems. All you can find inside the water is more and more salt. All the luxury hotels along the coast have health spas, which are often booked solid for the months ahead.

The Sea of Galilee is the lowest freshwater lake on earth and the second lowest lake in the world. Jesus Sermon was given on a hill overlooking the sea. It is a popular destination for Christian pilgrims who want to see where Jesus walked on the water. People also come from all over the world to be baptized at the spot the lake flows into the Jordan River.

Jerusalem is a heart of Israel. It is one of the oldest cities in the world. Though it is known as the city of peace, it has a violent history. One can experience walking on Jesus footstep, pray at the Western Wall, and see the church of the Holy Sepulcher where Christian believes Jesus was buried.

Eilat is situated on the Red sea. Eilat is Israel’s seaside resort site. In summer many Israelis and tourist can enjoy sunbathing by the sea or pool. You can go scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming with dolphins or participate in many other water sports. At night many clubs are open only for some hours.

Hot Air balloon ride: when we think about fun things to do in Israel a hot air balloon ride is something different. One can feel the excitement as it is the most unique things to do in Israel. To watch the sunrise from out of a hot air balloon is amazing. If you are looking for something romantic in Israel then surprise your lover with a balloon ride and a breakfast for two on a unique location.

Cruise shore excursion: Galilee Tour from Haifa Port is a special cruise shore excursion. It is a perfect one day tour to explore the highlights of Galileo region in one day. Leave the city and drive into the beautiful landscape of Northern Israel. The stop over are Nazareth-St Joseph church- Sea of Galilee- Tabgha- Jordan River. The next is the Jerusalem Tour.

Visiting Israel and having a limited amount of time. No problem one can still enjoy.

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