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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Brac Island– Nature’s Beauty

Diocletian's Palace
Croatia coastline has many islands, but some of the best islands are Hvar Island, Korcula Island, Mljet Island, Brac Island, Cres and Losinj Islands, Rab Island. I would like to emphasis more on Brac Island. It is one of the highest mountain peaks among the Adriatic Island. It is the largest island of the Central Dalmatian. In this island the houses are built mostly with limestone and dolomite. They are known for the beautiful carved stonework especially for temples, palaces and buildings. The WHITE HOUSE and the Diocletian's Palace are built with this stones. Most of the stone quarry is located in this place.

The climate here is very different if it is summer it is long, hot and dry summer and winter is mild and wet.It snows once in three years. Here rainfall is unpredictable. It rains any time of the year especially in rainy seasons. The best time to visit this place is from June to September.

Holm Oak tree plantation a well known tree was grown on a large scale and was exported to Spilt and Italy but because of cutting down of trees its plantation has become scare. Cattle breeding and production from various products of sheep, meat and milk is occupation in this island.

A FESTIVAL like St. Vid on Vidova Gora is celebrated. There are also Folk festivals and other cultural programmes.Bez regula which means no rules is theevents which take place during the end of July. It includes sports competition and various other competitions.

The FOOD here is very appetizing. Fish is the delicacy on this island, since the owners of the restaurants have their own fishing boats they keep on going regularly to the sea for the catch. These fish dishes are usually grilled and roasted on a particular type of wood. The vegetables are cooked with olive oil and different types of herbs. Cheese made from the sheep’s milk is also one of the items available here. Wine is also produced on a daily basis because of the vineyards. There are so many wineries that produce good quality of wines. For instance Winery Jako Wines which has top quality of wines like Posip, Vugava, Plavac Mali and Opole.

It is also a place for TOURIST attraction.There are lot of things to explore.Excursion to the island of Middle Dalmatia, diving into Supetar Blue, one can make their own souvenirs in the stone workshop, Sea Kayaking, Sport climbing, Windsurfing, Water sport activities, Mountain bike tour, fishingand Boat rides etc. So there is no way out of being bored.

There are also many BEACHES on this island. Few of them are as follows:

ZALTNI RAT BEACH or Golden Horn BEACH located in BOL is one of the beautiful beaches. The sand has taken such a shape it looks like a white tongue into the sea and the shape and position keeps on changing. There are also water sports and children’s amusements park on this island.

SANDY ISLAND BEACHES namely THE LOVRECINA where pine trees surround the beach giving a pleasant shade during summer.There are many more beaches to entertain people.

The hotel packages are also very reasonable according to the seasons, location and what type of accommodation. If the budget is low then the campsite is just ideal for staying. Split and Dubrovnik is the Local and International AIRPORT.

There are ferries, cars, jeeps where you can travel locally to all the islands.

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