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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

10 Things You Must Experience in Barcelona

Phoenicians and Carthaginians set up the city of Barcelona. It stands second largest city of Spain. The scenery is outstanding. Autumn season is the best time to visit this city.

There are many things to do. You can spend your time in various events, sight-seeing and shopping. Few of them are as follows.

1.Visiting the Royal Basilica of Montserrat: it is one of the most important pilgrimage sites with Romanesque carving of Virgin Moreneta known as “THE BLACK VIRGIN”. The Virgin of Montserrat statue is placed in the Monastery’s Royal Basilica. Marvels were done by The Virgin and this place became a pilgrimage centre.

2.Barcelona football stadium and museum: Camp Nou football is the third largest stadium in the world. Here many famous footballers Ronaldinho,Maradona and Gary linker etc. has played in this stadium. This stadium was founded by Hans Gamper in 1899 and FC Barcelona became a symbol of football and social cultural identity. One can have a look at the stadium by visiting the changing room, chapel, press room, by walking on the pitch, sitting in the participant’s benches and celeb’s lounge. Olympic Games in theyear 1992 were held here.

One can visit the museum and learn about the past history of the club.There is a distinctive area dedicated to Leo Messi to see his four balloons d’or and his three golden boots. There are shields, photos, sports equipment and players kits all exposed in the museum.

3.Port Aventura Park:It has an amusement park and water park. Adventure and excitement is experienced in this park. This park has breathtaking roller coaster ride and free fall water slide.

4.Girona, Figueres and Dali Museum: Girona is a medieval city one of the best preserved Jewish houses in Europe .These houses are built at the banks of the Onyar River. It is so huge one will get lost in its streets looking at the medieval walls, baroque buildings, Romanesque, and gothic landmarks. The city Figueres is a home town of Salvador Dali. He decided to open the Dali Theatre Museum. It is a largest sunrealistic object in the world which replaces the town’s former municipal theatre which was destroyed in the Spanish civil war. Painting, drawing, hologram, photography, sculpture, engraving etc. are displayed in the museum.

5.Hot air balloon over Catalonia: While floating in the air in a Hot air balloon the natural landscape of Catalonia’s, the panoramic view of the Pyrenees, Montserrat peak, Barcelona city and the Mediterranean Sea can be seen from above. It is very exciting adventures to travel in the Hot air balloon. To see the beautiful view one must leave early in the morning. The sun shadow can be seen on the mount. There are certain causes also where one can’t take a ride on the Hot air balloon.

6.Cruise sailing and water tour: There are private cruise on a classic yacht. You can experience the romantic sunset cruise by touring in the sailboat. There is group cruising and exploration with a private skipper. They have a training session of sailing. You can experience a 125 years of the past while touring in a boat.

7.Outdoor activities: Activities like rowing at the Parc de la Ciutadella, Skateboarding, Urban Safaris, Beaches, Climbing at Montjuic, Open Air cinema; Wind Surfing and Table Tennis do take place.

8.Climb up the Magical Montjuic: People who travel by sea get the first glimpse of this Montjuic. Forest and parks are popular with joggers, cyclist and strollers. It is also an entertainment place. It attracts the old and the young. The computerised water fountain dances to the mixture of sounds and lights. Visiting of the castle and other attraction at Montjuic is done via the cable car which crosses the port.

9.The best seafood: Don’t miss out on tasting the best sea food at 7 Portes, Can Majo, CASA Leopoldo, El Raco Del Mariner, Escribe, Els Pescadors and Pez vela located at the beach.

10.Barcelona zoo:It is ranked among the top zoos in Spain. There is an infant zoo where small children are exposed to the animals. They have an indoor aquarium. Dolphin shows attract many tourists. The White Gorilla is a tourist attraction in the zoo.

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