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Friday, October 18, 2013

Sydney An Amazing Holiday Destination

Sydney amazing holiday destination
Sydney one of the oldest, largest and cosmopolitan city in Australia, is the world’s beautiful and favored destination for many holiday makers. It is also known as the Harbor City and has miles of ocean coastline and sandy surf beaches. It is rich in nature, history, art, design, culture and cuisine and is considered as one of the most cultural and ethnic cities in Australia. It is also a home to the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor which are two of the most iconic structures in the world.

While the Opera House has become a symbol of Sydney, with its distinct silhouette, Sydney Harbor provides a magnificent backdrop to the white sails of Sydney Opera House. Sydney is a country of many layers similar to sandstone on which it is built and this is only one side of the amazing city. Visitors can have an awesome experience in discovering the different layers and get a better understanding of its rich culture and history on how Sydney progressed from a penal colony with a few hundred people to a modern city of over four million people.

It is a compact city surrounded by sprawling suburbs which when joined together form a huge diverse metropolitan locality. The City Centre was where Governor Philip had first raised the British Flag in Australia on January 1788 and it was also the earliest site of the European settlement in Australia. Two hundred and twenty years thereafter, it is now a Manhattan skyline of skyscrapers all along the harbor and is also a commercial centre of Sydney with thousands of locals commuting daily to either work shop or socialize since it is a busy centre for finance and government as well as home to several famous attractions, remarkable restaurants and shopping. The City South area is to the south of the City Centre towards the east of Darling Harbor and City West.

It also joins the City East as well as the Eastern Suburbs at it eastern boundaries and has three main lineal axis namely, Pitt Street, Sussex Street and George Street. Towards City South, in Haymarket, Central Station and Chinatown area are the markets and cafes and one will find some of the Chinese culture and cuisine along with some cheap accommodation. The City East comprises of Kings Cross, Surry Hills, Woolloomooloo, Darlinghurst, Paddington and Moore Park, each of which have their own remarkable beauty.

The City West lies between the City South, Inner West and Darling Harbor and has Star City, Pyrmont Bay as well as Harris St. One can indulge in an early morning trip to the fish markets or explore the Power house Museum or a maritime pub or the Star Casino and have enjoyable time in this city. The fish market is a trade market for both retailers as well as for general public to have their pick on the day’s catch.

They also have a large number of vendors who undertake to cook the fish with an early lunch as the fish market is one of the local institutions. Besides these they also have a cooking school and if one is interested can opt for the same. Visitors can indulge in plenty of discoveries to unravel and cherish moments from their trip to this remarkable destination.

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  1. I have also visited Sydney. It is indeed a live-wire of a city!


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