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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Sydney, the Sun Drenched Beaches

The natural beauty of Australia is Sydney. It is intermingling of land and sea. Take a trip to the Blue Mountains, a popular excursion among locals. There is some adventure stored in for people of Sydney. You can climb the harbour bridge, surf at Sydney’s golden beaches or fly over the city in a scenic tour. Wildlife-rich wilderness areas surround the city providing appealing day trip possibilities. Here are some of the top things one can experience during their stay at Sydney.

The iconic Harbour Bridge is a spectacular sight when looking at it from any angle. This is one of the best views Sydney has to offer. It s also known as Coat hanger and is also one of the iconic symbol of Australia. The scenery is just amazing overlooking the waters. The bridge and the river together look more beautiful and captivating. The design of the bridge is inspired from the Hell gate Bridge in New York City. USA. You don’t want to just look at it; you want to be on top of it. It isn’t cheap. It’s one of those bucket list activities that you should do at least once. The best time to visit the bridge is after dusk for capturing good picture.

Visit the botanical garden. If you are someone deeply interested in botany then you must not skip the Royal Botanical garden in Sydney. The place was opened in 1816 which makes it one of the oldest scientific institutions not only in Australia but in the whole world.

Sydney aquarium is known for its largest collection of all Australian aquatic life in the world. It features a number of habitats, 60 tanks and three Oceanariums set on the heart of Sydney on darling harbour. Go on a journey to the southern river it is a home of largest freshwater fish the Murray Cod. Take a trip to the vast southern ocean and see the fascinating little penguins, seahorses, sharks and stingrays. Visit the mermaid lagoon along with the colourful species that live in and around the Great Barrier Reef in the northern oceans.

Royal National Park is the second oldest and protected national park. This place has incredible landscapes and beaches and is the best place to explore the beauty of nature. It is also a perfect place for walking, cycling, surfing, picnicking, whale watching and bird watching.

Sydney has more than 100 picturesque beaches. Activities like snorkelling, kayaking, canoeing, stand up paddle, boarding and surfing are practised. With all the variety of offer there is something for everyone.

Here are top Sydney spots to take a dip.

Surf at Bondi Beach: The beach is a Part of a large moon shaped bay of white sands and breaking surf. It is fringed by parks and apartment that overlook the blue waters .Surfing a wave at Bondi Beach should be on everyone’s bucket list if you’re rusty with a surfboard; book in for a class at Let’s Go Surfing. Apart from this beach there are Bronte beaches, Gordon’s bay, Manly, Palm Beach, Balmorals beach.

The Blue Mountain: Away from the city and the coast, Blue Mountain is a world of its own. You can get lost wandering in the charm of old town streets or exploring the variety of scenic trails. The beauty of this region is constantly shaped and reshaped by the forces of nature like the mist on top of the Sublime Point. Every scenery is pure and every opportunity unique.

Vivid is the largest winter festival in the world. Each year Sydney gets geared up for the world’s biggest festival of light, music and ideas. Vivid Sydney starts from May 25 – June 16.It is a 23 days festival of light, music and ideas.

Vivid Sydney host a lively and eclectic range of live performances and ground breaking musical collaboration from local and international acts performing at the iconic Sydney Opera House to other large venues and small bars.

Getting around Sydney is very easy, with the metropolitan area servicing a great network of public transport, roadways and walking paths.

Enjoy some of the world’s best food and wine on some of the most scenic location on earth and dine at award winning restaurants and attend some shows on your trip to Sydney.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House – Architectural Work of 20th Century

The Sydney Opera House is an amazing architectural work of the 20th century which brought about multipleamounts of creativity and innovation to architectural form as well as structural design. It is a multi-venue performing arts centre in Sydney, New South Wales in Australia and located on Bennelong Point in Sydney Harbour which is close to Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Its facility is adjacent to the Sydney central business district together with the Royal Botanic Gardens which lies between Sydney and Farm Coves. It was inaugurated in 1973 and is a wonderful urban sculpture, set in awesome waterscape at the tip of a peninsula which projects into Sydney Harbour where the building had an enduring influence on architecture.

It comprises of three sects of interlocking vaulted `shells’, that roof two main performance halls together with a restaurant where the shell shaped structures are set on a vast platform, surrounded by terrace areas which function as pedestrians concourses.

Designed by Jorn Utzon – Danish Architect

It was designed by Jorn Utzon a Danish architect and the facility were formally opened on 20 October 1973 beginning with Utzon’s 1957 selection as a winner of an international design competition. Premier Joseph Cahill of The NSW Government authorised the work to begin in 1958 under his direction for the construction.

It was the government’s decision to build Utzon’s design which was often overshadowed by circumstances which was due to cost and rescheduling overruns and the architect’s resignation. The project consists of several performance venues, though its name indicates single venue, which when combined are the busiest performing art centres in the world, accommodating over 1,500 performances each year with 1.2 million people attending it.

 These venues present and produce a variety of in house productions accommodating various performing arts companies which include four key resident companies namely Opera Australia, The Sydney Theatre Company, Sydney Symphony Orchestra and The Australian Ballet.

An UNESCO Heritage Site 

Being one of the most popular tourist attractions in Australia, there are over seven million people visiting the site every year with around 300,000 people taking part annually in guided tour of the facility.

The Sydney Opera House had been listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site on June 28, 2007. It has also been identified as the most distinctive building of the 20th century as well as one of the most famous performing arts centres in the world where the facility is handled by the Sydney Opera House Trust under the auspices of the New South Wales Ministry of the Arts.

It was presumed to be constructed in three stages which were helpful in understanding the history of the three key elements of its architectural composition namely the podium –

Stage 1, the vaulted shells –

Stage 2 and the glass walls and interiors –

Stage 3. Architect Jorn Utzon conceivedthe design as well as supervised the overall construction of the podium and the vaulted shells while the glass walls and interiors were designed and construction supervised by architect Peter Hall together with Lionel Todd and David Littlemore accompanied with the New South Wales Government Architect at that time, Ted Farmer.

Peter Hall was in contact with Utzon on several aspects of the design for eighteen months after his departure, with Ove Arup & Partners providing engineering expertise in construction of all three stages.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Sydney An Amazing Holiday Destination

Sydney amazing holiday destination
Sydney one of the oldest, largest and cosmopolitan city in Australia, is the world’s beautiful and favored destination for many holiday makers. It is also known as the Harbor City and has miles of ocean coastline and sandy surf beaches. It is rich in nature, history, art, design, culture and cuisine and is considered as one of the most cultural and ethnic cities in Australia. It is also a home to the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor which are two of the most iconic structures in the world.

While the Opera House has become a symbol of Sydney, with its distinct silhouette, Sydney Harbor provides a magnificent backdrop to the white sails of Sydney Opera House. Sydney is a country of many layers similar to sandstone on which it is built and this is only one side of the amazing city. Visitors can have an awesome experience in discovering the different layers and get a better understanding of its rich culture and history on how Sydney progressed from a penal colony with a few hundred people to a modern city of over four million people.

It is a compact city surrounded by sprawling suburbs which when joined together form a huge diverse metropolitan locality. The City Centre was where Governor Philip had first raised the British Flag in Australia on January 1788 and it was also the earliest site of the European settlement in Australia. Two hundred and twenty years thereafter, it is now a Manhattan skyline of skyscrapers all along the harbor and is also a commercial centre of Sydney with thousands of locals commuting daily to either work shop or socialize since it is a busy centre for finance and government as well as home to several famous attractions, remarkable restaurants and shopping. The City South area is to the south of the City Centre towards the east of Darling Harbor and City West.

It also joins the City East as well as the Eastern Suburbs at it eastern boundaries and has three main lineal axis namely, Pitt Street, Sussex Street and George Street. Towards City South, in Haymarket, Central Station and Chinatown area are the markets and cafes and one will find some of the Chinese culture and cuisine along with some cheap accommodation. The City East comprises of Kings Cross, Surry Hills, Woolloomooloo, Darlinghurst, Paddington and Moore Park, each of which have their own remarkable beauty.

The City West lies between the City South, Inner West and Darling Harbor and has Star City, Pyrmont Bay as well as Harris St. One can indulge in an early morning trip to the fish markets or explore the Power house Museum or a maritime pub or the Star Casino and have enjoyable time in this city. The fish market is a trade market for both retailers as well as for general public to have their pick on the day’s catch.

They also have a large number of vendors who undertake to cook the fish with an early lunch as the fish market is one of the local institutions. Besides these they also have a cooking school and if one is interested can opt for the same. Visitors can indulge in plenty of discoveries to unravel and cherish moments from their trip to this remarkable destination.