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Friday, October 18, 2013

An Executive Jet Charter

Service providers with excellent services in executive jet charter which are suitable for small or large groups, single individual or corporate travel purpose are available to cater to the needs of their customers. They own and operate a large fleet of turbo prop, light jets, mid and super mid size jets, heavy and ultra long range of private jets and are equipped to provide their customers with a private aircraft when the need arises in the shortest span of time. The services provided by them are par excellence enabling their travelers to reach and return safely from any desired location in an enjoyable and timely manner. Travelers can look forward for a safe and legal means of satisfying all their private jet charter needs. The provider is an appropriate travel solution for any itinerary sparing no expense when it comes to training their corporate jet pilots or their maintenance aircraft team done on semiannual basis while operating their private jet charter fleet on an average of three years, equipping their aircrafts with the most sophisticated flight operating system on avionic and entertainment technology. Besides this, they ensure to hire non union, full time air charter pilots for the smooth function of their working system.

 An Executive Jet Charter flight offers personalized catering menu, customer oriented flight attendant, direct TV and in flight entertainment systems with full service gallery, in flight Wi-Fi internet, two full time ARG/US Platinum rated pilots. Heavy jets which are the top line of choice in executive aircraft provide passengers with optimal performance as well as comfort for long flights where the average cruising speed is 500 to 560 mph with a standard nonstop range of around 4000 miles. Moreover they can travel farther than the smaller jets as well as fly in and out of airports and can fix base operations which may not be accessible for major airlines. Passengers can engage their services for well equipped jets and schedule their flight to any desired location and can rest assured of excellent service from them.

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