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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Beauty of Mauritius

It is advisable and also essential to take a break once in a while from one’s hectic schedules of life and go on a vacation to a serene atmosphere which can do wonders both physically and mentally to a person along with family and friends. This also provides an opportunity to explore a new destination and get to know a lot more on its culture and way of living. Mauritius for instance is a remarkable holiday destination. The island though a volcanic origin, spreads over an area of 720 square miles with coral reefs covering the entire coast except the south area.

Its average day time temperature is 25 degree Centigrade and at night it is rarely less than 13 degrees Centigrade. People with EEC or American passport do not need visa to visit the country. The language spoken here is English which the majority of the people can understand as well as speak though the main language of this country is Creole, based on French. Besides this language, different groups also speak Chinese and Hindi.

Driving to Mauritius can be pretty expensive due to the high import tax on new vehicles and its spare parts. Super grade leaded petrol is available in Mauritius since most of the cars use it and it cost much less than in other countries like Europe, They adopt the British driving system of driving on the left. Sailing through the coast of this awesome destination is pure delight and one can indulge in an unforgettable experience of cruising through a luxury 42 feet catamaran which sails through serene and calm waters lagoons. The catamaran has four double cabins with two baths and one of the most beautiful living rooms at sea.

The Beauty of Mauritius
It has two yanmar of 20 hp engines and is well equipped with weather and wind speed instruments. Besides this, the 32 feet long Trimaran is also another dream boat to cruise along the coast of Mauritius which has two singles and one double bed and is also equipped with weather and wind speed instruments. The currency used here is the Mauritian rupee and its currency rate is 1 Euro equivalent to 37.50 rupees and the exchange rate for traveler’s cheques is better than cash.

 Mauritian rupees are not circulated outside this country and one can only change money on the island and US $ traveler’s cheques, Euro or GBP and cash can be changed in the banks. Most of the cruises are conducted everyday including Sundays depending upon the weather though the skipper has the right to make any changes in the itinerary based on the weather conditions and the customers have the benefit of a complete refund should the trip be cancelled due to bad weather.

 Mauritius medical standard is far advanced and their hospitals are free of cost which is applicable even for visitors. Besides this there are also private clinics on the island which offer a wider attractive environment along with the latest medical equipment though they are not free. Overall, it’s an awesome destination to unwind and enjoy the cool breeze in a serene atmosphere.

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