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Monday, February 6, 2012

Staying In Canada

You will pay dearly in the summer and during Christmas holidays, from 20 to 30% less in spring and fall and up to 40-50% less in winter - with the exception of ski resorts. In summer, it's much better book.


Canada is one of the best organized countries in the world for camping! Many sites are still closed until May-June and again from Thanksgiving Day (mid-October), when it's not September.

Quite often, the sites have a home to wood fires. Prices range between $ 35 and Ca 15 for a tent depending on location and available services. It is advisable to book in summer, especially near large cities. Many campsites rent "minichalets" (cabins). Bookings through Discover Camping and National Parks.


The Canadian AJ are often warm, mixed and no chores. They are not too expensive: 20 to 35 $ Ca night, sheets and towels usually included. In all, you will find a fully equipped kitchen and Internet access (fee). Many also are those who offer private rooms, basic but little more expensive (per person) as dormitories. Outside the cities, it is not too rare to be able to plant his little "Canadian". In the hostels official said, expect to pay $ 4 more Ca if you are not in possession of the Hostelling International card.

AJ's unofficial backpacker type, usually give discounts to members of Hostelling International.

Reservation with a credit card on the website of Hostelling Canada. There is no age limit to stay in AJ.

Student residences

The accommodation in the universities was not necessarily a good solution because the facs are often distant from the center and the rooms are not always cheap. Their prices are between those hotels and AJ.

The advantage is that they often have a community kitchen and that there are clean and fairly comfortable, mostly en suite.

Gites, B & B Bed and Breakfast

The B & B are popular in Canada! At equal price, it's much easier to use than the hotel. First, because you'll most often in a welcoming family, then because everything is obviously more personal than a hotel, and finally that breakfast is included in the price.

Just one caveat: there are many addresses falling in the category "more chic." In general, it is totally justified, but, suddenly, these B & B are not within reach of every budget ... Another drawback: it is often necessary to book in advance in summer.

Information from numerous associations dedicated and tourist offices.

Hotels and motels

Most hotels are similar to those found in the United States: comfortable, functional but not overly friendly. From two, the price of the night in motel gets interesting (and four, cheaper than AJ!). A charming hotel has nevertheless developed in the tourist areas, but this spell has a cost ...

Often a room with two king beds or queen size (large) and can thus accommodate up to four people. Rose to 10 Ca $ 20 per additional person. Breakfast is rarely included in the price.

For motels, it is similar, except that they tend to be located in the periphery and they always have free parking. In town, we saw hotels take up to $ 25 Ca / day for parking!

Exchange houses or apartments

A vacation package that is more and more followers, relatively inexpensive and widely practiced overseas. It is about sharing your own home (whether you are owner or tenant) against that of a member of the same organization in the country of his choice during the holiday period. Agencies HomeLink International and Intervac proven.


Typical accommodation in Western ranches in Alberta and British Columbia are home to more and more visitors for less money than American ranches. All ranches are located on huge land, either in the region of the interior plateau of British Columbia, or the Great Plains of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, along the mountainous regions, including Rockies. The ranches are never far from a lake or river, is practiced not only riding, hiking and climbing, but also canoeing, swimming, rafting, fishing .. . Some ranches are open even in winter.

You can sleep in dormitories, in individual chalets in logs, in the main building or camping. Possibility of B & B or full board. Children are not always accepted.

There are two main types of ranches.

- The working ranches are still in business. It raises cattle and horses. Very nice rustic comfort.

- The guest ranches specialize in welcoming visitors, although some had yet sometimes some livestock.

Warning: Canadian families often reserve well in advance to stay. The list of selected ranches duly published by the tourist offices in Alberta and British Columbia.

Lodges, chalets and resorts

This is another type of accommodation "nature." While some are reserved for hunters and fishermen, the lodges are especially safe havens, often located near or within national or provincial parks. The lodges are made up of chalets or log cabins-(in logs) and all kinds of sports are offered. But that happiness has a price ...

Ask the guides Accommodation (housing) and sometimes more specifically Lodges, provided free by the tourist offices of the Canadian provinces.

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