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Monday, February 6, 2012

Culture In Canada


English Canada, near the giant, lies in its cultural specificity, particularly in regard to the cinema. In 1939 was created the National Film Board, which allowed young Quebec filmmakers to create a direct style of reportage.

The English side, Norman McLaren is among the pioneers of experimental animated film, with multiple processes to print directly onto film (painting, scraping ...), which are similar to the techniques of art more than those film industry.

Until recently, Canadian cinema came down to Quebec films. For example, the greatest theatrical success was (still is!) Porky's (1976), the ancestor of the comedy Fat campus with a pee-poo humor of low and very nondescript type of nonsense American Police Academy or American Pie.

Today, David Cronenberg is Canadian filmmaker undoubtedly the most recognized worldwide. Knows how to combine his inimitable style, in the fantasy genre, creativity and entertainment, to create a world of more personal: his best known films are The Dead Zone, Dead Ringers, Crash and A Historu of Violence. Atom Egoyan is also facing an international audience, especially since The Sweet Hereafter, Jury Prize at Cannes in 1997.

Inuit ("men" in Inuktitut)

Inuit are the indigenous northern Canada. They live in Nunavut and northern Quebec, Labrador and the Northwest territories. They would be about 45,000, or one third of the Inuit world. Two thirds live in their home region, the other being disseminated in major cities of the country.
The Inuit have appeared in the northeast of Canada 4500 years ago. The real clash of cultures that have occurred in the years 1940-1950 with the establishment of permanent military bases, government services, like education and health, and housing programs to encourage Inuit to abandon their nomadic life. Today, if the hunt remains for many an extra income, especially the Inuit working in mines, oil-related activities, construction and services.

Political and cultural renewal

With the achievements of the Convention of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement, signed in 1975, the Inuit begin to regain control of their destiny. Working independently, local institutions responsible for administering and developing the region in all sectors.

Administrative and political achievements now allow it to support education in Inuktitut.
But the pride and dynamism are the prime movers of the revival in the land of walrus, narwhal and polar bear. In May 2001, the first Inuit film Atanarjuat, the legend of the Fast, Zacharias Kunuk, received the Camera d'Or at Cannes.

Niagara Falls

Falls are the center of the city, itself transformed into a veritable carnival: huge neon signs, many and varied attractions, Niagara Falls are a small Las Vegas. Once the surprise had passed, and ignoring the lights and bustling activity, one is captivated by the falls, gigantic, fascinating.
To take full advantage, prefer early morning visits. Far from the tourist stampedes, you will appreciate the full majesty of the place.


- Western Uplands (Algonquin Park): composed of 3 loops, 32, 55 and 88 km. Allow 3 to 7 days. The more varied. Slot to make fire.

- Spray River and Goat Creek (Banff): the scenery is different and the journey is as difficult in one direction as in another. Count 6h (round trip), but what ride! Starting early in the morning you may be lucky enough to see across the road by several herds of deer, fallow deer, all in the morning mist.

- Rock Bound Lake (Banff): to do in the day. Hiking sporty enough. Beautiful landscapes of alpine type reflected in a lake of green water. The view is worth the effort.

- Twin Lake (Banff): Count 3: 30 pm to 3 pm to go. Two possible paths. Impressive view of the peaks at the foot of which lies a lake wisely. Landscapes very addictive.

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