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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Transportation in Belize


We travel mainly by bus. Several airlines serve the country. Travel preferably early in the morning, the frequencies are dwindling in the afternoon.


Several shipping lines provide connections to the islands, including one to Chetumal across the Mexican border. These are very powerful outboard.


The International Driving Permit is normally required. Pick-up 4x4 or indispensable, given the road conditions. Only crossings north-south and east-west are currently paved and in good condition. The rest of the track is sometimes very rocky.

Driving in Belize requires a good control of the vehicle and a lot of vigilance, at least we want to move away from the main roads.

Otherwise, we can not say that the roads are busy. Then it is not always easy to obtain confirmation of a direction when signaling fails. Count about $ 200 Bz per day for a pick-up. Barely more expensive than a conventional passenger car. Therefore not given.


Both companies share the domestic country: Maya Island Air and Tropic Air. Their small planes commute with the keys and the main cities. Tropic Air also provides links to Flores, Guatemala.

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