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Monday, December 12, 2011

Lifestyle in Belize

Time difference

The same as in Guatemala, 7 at 8 under with the season.


110 volts and flat-pronged plugs. An adapter.


The Creole English of the country is a mixed or broken up Français. Nice to hear but hard to understand. Fortunately, all Belizeans will ask you the question in English from Oxford: Where are you going?

And if you really do not understand, try the Spanish: at least one third of Belizeans speak it.
If you experience Mennonites, try the German they use a dialect of Low German.
It is probably with the Garifuna (around Dangriga) you have the most difficulty. Though! When the Garifuna allied to the French island of St. Vincent against the English, they took the fourth of our vocabulary. For example, if you hear a Yamama, it will include "yes, ma'am!" Finally, in the south, the Indians speak Mayan languages
​​as MOPAN or Kekchi.

Telephone and telecommunications


- From France to Belize: 00-501 + number.
- From Belize to France: 00-33 + number without the first 0.

The numbers are 7 digits in the country. No indication to do. Many booths for national calls and international agencies, especially near BTL (Belize Telecommunications Limited), easily identifiable by their purple and white buildings.

One can buy such a prepaid card (prepaid card), which is actually a receipt that displays a pin code to be dialed before each call. Can call a cab for a great rate. Cards 5, 10, 20, 30 and $ 50 Bz.


You can buy the card BTL agencies Digicel SIM card to insert into your laptop (about $ 55 Bz, including $ 10 Bz communication). Refills of the amount you want or use of the code of the prepaid card to make calls.


You will find no problem in Internet cafes and tourist cities in Belize City. The hotels do not offer any position with internet access. However, the wifi is quite widespread. Convenient for those traveling with a laptop (laptop).

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