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Sunday, December 18, 2011


Bolivia is Latin America as we imagine. It is primarily the inexhaustible treasury of Potosi, which funded the entradas, expeditions in the Amazon in search of the mythical El Dorado.

When we think of Andean music, it is always the air of Bolivia we tickle the ears and say that even the Lambada came from there. Remember also that the father, the famous potato was brought from that country and presented to Louis XVI through the culinary talents of Parmentier and knowledge in agronomy. And then there Bolívar, Che Guevara and before him the Jesuit missions, the Incas and Tiwanakus, part of the Latin American world. All were the source of inspiration for many adventures, including those designed by the famous reporter ... Hergé

Bolivia has fed our childhood dreams! The wide open spaces of the Pantanal wetlands or geometry displays the Salar de Uyuni, the peaks of the Cordillera Real magnificent cathedrals or volcanic park Amboró. Bolivia is the Andes and Amazon, nature and culture at a time.

But she lives to the rhythm of Latin America real today, torn between an ancestral way of life and the pressures of the world market. Chills and revolutionary speculative temptations openly defy them.

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