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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Transportation Antigua and Barbuda


From Antigua to join the French West Indies, you will be of interest to companies LIAT (with flights from Guadeloupe and St. Martin) and Winair (St. Martin). LIAT is generally cheaper for a good 20%.

Winair is the only service to Barbuda, with two daily flights, one in the morning, late afternoon (to allow for history day trip). The flight takes just fifteen minutes. The rich will charteriser a chopper Caribbean Helicopters and be deposited directly on the beach in Barbuda ...


Barbuda Express, a kind of fast catamaran motor connects to Antigua's sister-in-1: 30 pm or so. Buses run every day except Wednesday and Sunday, 9 am 15 am 15 Antigua and Barbuda 45. So a little short for a day on the island, although the company offers an all inclusive tour with visit to 159 USD. Better, in our opinion, sleep there to enjoy it really. Or come by plane, since the prices are just higher.

Departures from Jolly Harbour and Bryson's Wharf (there buys the tickets). At Codrington (Barbuda), they are sold in Nedd's Grocery.


All public transport are by minibus. They travel the highways of the island at the start of the two terminals of St. John's (West and East). The first is located next to the market, the other east of downtown, near the Botanical Gardens.

Still, all areas are not served, the minibuses that are primarily designed to bring workers to their jobs in the morning and taken back the home at night. So they run mainly between dawn and dusk. The frequencies vary from place to place: every five minutes on average from Dickenson Bay and St John's example, much less often to get to the northeast of the island to Devil's Bridge.

Do not rely too much on the desk of resorts to learn: they will tell you that there is no bus for you to borrow taxis affiliated to the hotel ... Attention, no bus only runs on Sundays.

Rental car

A local temporary driver's license is required for any car rental in Antigua. It will cost $ 20.

Most large international companies are represented at the airport, gathered in the small building that faces the bottom terminal. You can get directly to your local permit (fee and mandatory).

The roads are just correct and quite common barriers holes, potholes, work, chickens and stray dogs, drivers white-hot night of the weekend, vehicles parked on the road, surprise stops time for a conversation between friends ... This list is not exhaustive!


Most resorts have their own taxi stand and we are also docks and Heritage Redcliff in the descent from cruise ships. Remains a rental car is much cheaper.

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