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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Money of Antigua and Barbuda

The currency is the Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC $ or XCD) divided into 100 cents.
Its course against the dollar is fixed: 1 USD = $ 2.67 EC. The Caribbean dollar has over seven other English-speaking Caribbean islands: Anguilla, Dominica, Grenada, Montserrat, St. Kitts, St. Vincent and St. Lucia.

- There are notes of 5, 10, 20, 50 and EC $ 100 and coins of 1, 5, 10, 25 cents and 1 dollar. The Queen comes across the Sir Francis Drake galleon, the Golden Hind, famous for his circumnavigation made in 1577-80.


- Go with the U.S. dollar and / or remove fluid in vending at the finish. It is found at the airport and in any bank in the center of St John's, near Redcliff and Heritage Quays.

- The U.S. dollar exchange rate / dollar Caribbean takes place in banks on the basis of 1 USD = 2.67 EC $ (EC $ 2.68 for traveler's checks). Many merchants accept U.S. dollars (hotels, car rental companies ...), but the exchange rate may be less favorable (1 USD = 2.50 or EC $ 2.60) and the currency will be generally Caribbean dollars made.


Visa and MasterCard are fairly well accepted, American Express is the only major hotels and car rental companies. They have insurance that covers you during your stay, including in some cases for car rental (CDW).


Compared to other Caribbean islands, living in Antigua is more expensive to equal quality. Accommodation, restaurants and even fish, fruit and vegetable market, everything costs (too) expensive. Often even more than in France. One wonders how people can get away with given the low salaries (2 € per hour).


Prices vary quite widely depending on the season. While each has its own criteria, the lowest rates are broadly available from mid-May through November (summer).

- Cheap: there are rentals of studios and apartments from single 150-250 USD a week. The guest rooms display the cheapest rates in the 50-60 USD per night for two, rarely less.

- Average prices: any small hotel with air conditioning and cable TV will cost you at least 80-120 USD or more with a kitchenette. For that price, you will generally be entitled to a pool. Those who buy a package in a resort with a tour operator will pay may not be as much of the night. You also interested in rooms on the Internet discounters, rates are often interesting.

- More stylish: the most exclusive resorts are not shy side rates. Many are between 250 and $ 500 the room, some climbing to 1000 USD!


- Inexpensive: less than EC $ 15, you will survive by eating the stands, in Snackette pizzerias and other operetta.

- Average prices: a burger or fish & chips in a pub for boaters Français Harbour will cost EC $ 25-30 a meal and a good restaurant in St John's, near the docks for cruise ships, 50-70 EC $.

- More chic in the big hotels, the prices go up more.

At the restaurant, be sure to add a tip of 15%, as the United States.
Examples of prices

- A donut: EC $ 1 -
- A (small) chicken wing: EC $ 2.50.
- A bottle of water or Coke (600 ml): EC $ 3.
- A bag of sugar prepared: EC $ 5.
- One hour of Internet: EC $ 15.


- Air: the round trip to Barbuda with Winair will cost you 95 USD.

- Boat: the return to the Barbuda Barbuda Express is not much cheaper than plane - EC $ 220, or about 82 USD.

- Bus: EC $ 3 plan to reach the beaches of Dickenson Bay from St. John's.

- Taxi: a way Dickenson Bay - Saint John's back to 12 USD for just over 6 km ... From the airport, 11 USD. Dear all! Taxis can be rented by the hour at the official rate of 24 USD. For a round trip to Nelson's Dockyard from Heritage Quay, St. John's, more time to visit, count 72 USD!

- Rent a car: it is the best solution, both economic and practical, especially if you have too much time there. Companies, local and international, offer rates in the 40-50 USD per day, except insurance.

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