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Monday, August 15, 2011

Stroll through the parks and cultural centers

On Sunday, it's still in Puerto Madero you love to stroll and sunbathe at Parque Micaela Bastidas-. It is accessible via the Avenue Rosario Vera Peñaloza-which is a continuation of the street from the United States. The park covers five hectares is named after the wife of Jose Gabriel Condorcanqui, the descendant of the last Inca king Tupac Amaru. The onlooker will discover a mixture of lawns organized so unusual, roses and metal furniture. The Porteños love to spend the afternoon in the park close to the docks sipping mate.
The most active prefer to visit the many cultural centers of the city. Fundación Proa in the historic district of Boca is probably one of the spearheads of contemporary art in Argentina. The foundation provides quality exhibitions in spaces just renovated: video installations, architecture and electronic music. Do not forget to have a drink on the terrace to enjoy breathtaking views of the harbor. Let yourself go and thinking about the lives of early European immigrants who settled in the area by building houses with tin recovered from the boats.

Located on the other side of town, in a very chic reminiscent of Paris, the Recoleta Cultural Center, located in a former convent of the Recollect, offers a rich and varied program: exhibitions of paintings and photographs but also parts theaters and concerts. For thrill seekers, it is the cultural center Konex (pictured) that he must go. Bomba El Tiempo, a group of Argentinean percussion Konex ignites the center every Monday at eight o'clock. When this is not music, they are fashion shows that take place as in the BAF, the "Buenos Aires Fashion Week."

The center Parakultural is also a must for local cultural life. Born at a time when the Argentine government created a lot of cultural centers, it offers performances of tangos, but also photo exhibitions and plays. "The idea was to give the place a tone alternative to what is done conventionally in the field of culture, hence the name Parakultural culture in reference to" para "," says the owner.

The walker will enjoy celebrating the lightness of life on a terrace of Palermo and stroll through the many parks of the city. Buenos Aires combines excitement and sweetness of life. Bewitched by the rich culture and atmosphere of the city back, it feels the time to stay as a latin South America. The Porteños, living in a city of twelve million people are often friendly, relaxed and spontaneous with the visitor. Leaving the Buenos Aires on the other side of the world, we may hope to return as soon as possible. As if we had found a second home ...

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