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Monday, August 8, 2011

Punta shearwaters, behind the scenes of the show

At fifteen kilometers from Puerto Piramides hides one of the most jealously guarded secrets of Valdés, Punta shearwaters. A vast rocky overlooks the lagoon and shingle beach stretches to the edge ... At low tide, a long walk is discovered, enabling the tracking of whale bones and fossilized shark teeth.
The site is nice, but the presence of whales makes it simply magical. They glide along the cliff edge a few meters, then left at sea And you're almost alone on the balcony for a private and free, away from engine noise and crowds of tourists ...

Puerto Piramides, count twenty miles of track to reach Puerto shearwaters. Do you explain the route, or better, find a few fans on site, campers or divers who, not content with you to the site, you will probably enjoy the friendliness and Argentinian mate.

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