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Thursday, August 4, 2011

One port to another

A transatlantic flight a dozen hours to Buenos Aires, a match quickly for those who can afford it or eighteen hours more comfortable bus in Argentina, and you have arrived in Buenos Aires, is to entrance to Peninsula Valdes. Logically, your stay coincides with the whales between June and November, and then you avoid the busy summer vacation in Argentina (January / February), when it becomes unrealistic to find a hotel room or a square meter of sand to s 'sit on the beach. Instead, Puerto Madryn has the quiet charm of the seaside resorts out of season. If it takes a certain amount of courage to venture into the azure waters of Golfo Nuevo, the seaside promenade encourages good gentle strolls ... With any luck, one or two whale tails stir on the horizon, but for the head-to-face as expected, there are still a few hundred miles to go to the port of boats, Puerto Piramides.

To get there, three possibilities: local bus (leaving a little before 9 am, returning in the evening), organized tours by the agencies and car rentals. The local bus provides obviously the most economical solution, but once in Puerto Piramides, there is no public transportation to get around the peninsula. You will have to "settle" for sea excursions to see whales. Organized tours, meanwhile, offer a comprehensive range by traversing the entire peninsula in a day. However, the real luxury is finding his rhythm Vald├ęs, with its own vehicle. If you do not have a budget extension, go camping (or Puerto Madryn Puerto Piramides) or do you aggregate to rent a vehicle to several, you will not regret it! Before leaving Puerto Madryn a visit to the Ecocentro needed for a first dip gently in this world of silence ...

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