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Monday, August 15, 2011

Rock, cumbia, reggaeton, electro ... and tango

The Porteño been to a love of the night and whatever it takes to Buenos Aires to meet his request. It's three o'clock in the morning That THEY files begin to form the discotheques, night clubs and milongas. Neighborhoods to come to life are all music to tango being HIM who make this city moving rhythms vibrate.In clubs, listening reggaeton in Puerto Rico. But it is especially cumbia, a music born in the eighteenth century is particularly tropical Colombian presence in Argentina. The resulting dance the cumbia is a blend of three cultures: the culture with the contribution of black slaves, the culture of these Spanish Immigrants in Indian culture and Colombia. Cumbia sensual movements are African dance and evoke. The costumes themselves are close to the Spanish flamenco dress. Drums, maracas, Indian flute and accordion accompany Sometimes cumbia dancers. The quartet join variant of cumbia Cordoba Coming from the city, is also much appreciable in Buenos Aires.

If the rhythm of the young Folk dances can invest Porteños dance floors of discos, they nevertheless remain the eternal love of rock. The local rock group known as The Cadillacs Favolosa a considerable success. Nearly two hundred concerts are held each weekend rock in the city. I crowds of fans Forment before the concert halls open until ports. Take place is when clubbers leave and go to the rhythm of the United States in King Quilmes beer drinking Fernet join.

The district of Puerto Madero docks which THEY have just been refurbished, is also very Porteños hurry. Puerto Madero is Said to for its bars, restaurants and upscale its terraces. Young people go there for dynamic frames drinking glass on the edge of the River Plate. If you enjoy electronic music is in this neighborhood you'll find it That. The parties to the electronic Many Aeroparque.

Finally, some do not come to that in Argentina: Buenos Aires is definitely the world capital of tango. The Argentine dance par excellence revived in recent years in the city that has seen the multiplication of classes and milongas, traditional or the balls and dances Folk dances tango. It is in the neighborhood of San Telmo in the early twentieth century did What you tango. The style of San Telmo surprise came from the visitors you focus. Here, modern buildings do not replace the property damaged by the colonial era. They reflect the golden age of Buenos Aires San Telmo reading and special atmosphere links. At the beginning of the century, waves of immigration from southern Europe have only men people of the city, their country of origin nostalgic. They are comforted in bars and dancing in the neighborhood suburbs Between them. This is the latest Than Good THEY women entered the dance.

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