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Friday, May 5, 2017

Malta Travel Guide

Malta- an island offering the best of food, fun and adventure

Those who are craving for some winter warmth and do not wish to travel to the opposite side of the globe, embark on a journey to Malta. Malta can easily be called an island nation made of Malta along with its sister islands Comino and Gozo. Situated between North African Coast and Sicily all the islands are small with Malta being the largest. What’s so special about this cluster of islands? Well, it receives 300 days of sun every year. So, if you’re thinking about vacationing this year and craving from a hassle free sunshine break and a budget friendly destination then Malta is just a flight ticket away.

Malta a Blend of History and Novelty

The island of Malta is steeped in remarkable history for its capital Valletta was constructed by Knights of Saint John. It is not just the ancient relics which tourists will find here, an abundance of restaurants, bars and hotels have been transformed and converted in recent years. The chic boutique hotels in Malta are ideal for adventurers, single travelers, married couples, and whisky fans for many of these places have an impressive collection of finely brewed scotch. Travelers will not find the language barrier as the two primary languages used are Maltese and English and mostly everyone out there knows English.

48th happiest country

A lesser known fact about Malta is that it was recognized as the 48th happiest country and it is certainly because of the welcoming, generous and friendly nature of Maltese. This also means that first time visitors while exploring and wandering will be able to pick up tips and advice from well meaning locals. The island is quite small, which means that guests will not waste an abundance of time only on traveling.

Malta a paradise for all food lovers

Another reason to visit Malta is to taste the local Maltese food which is influenced by Italian and Mediterranean cooking. The entire island is dotted with an array of restaurants and eateries and portion sizes are often satisfying and huge. Every tourist in Malta ought to try their fish delicacies made of lampuki, tuna, and swordfish. Those who are not a huge fish fan, can opt for beef olives made of beef, parsley, bacon onion, egg, or Maltese ravioli made of the famous goat’s milk cheese.

The Malta trip would be incomplete without visiting Goto, its sister island which is a tad more rural and offers a spectacular view of the coastline and landscape. Rock climbing, rambling, biking and a variety of other options are available for the adventurers.

However, for those who consider these options to be too energetic can visit the Cathedral or promenade in the Citadel. If you are food aficionado, then you must certainly meet Riccardo, a famous bon vivant in Gozo at the restaurant Ta’ Rikardu and taste some of the most incredible wines and cheeses. Ta’ Frenc is an award winning restaurant of Gozo and every traveler who has visited this restaurant has fell in love with its warm ambience and lip smacking food. The restaurant is so popular that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt once dined here.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Bangkok, The Vibrant City

Bangkok welcomes more visitors than any other city in the world. It is a fascinating destination for families. Bangkok is divided into two parts by The Chao Phraya River known as River of kings. Most of the tourist who comes to Bangkok stays on the east side of the river where the heart of the city is located. This capital of Thailand has somethings for everyone, right from its temples to its markets and shopping malls, museums, palaces and beautiful architecture. Luxury malls are loaded with boutiques and markets, where you can treat yourself without over spending.

There are literally hundreds of things to do in Bangkok. Few of them are as follows:

Which part of Bangkok is best suitable for your family depends on the HOTEL you pick up. You need a place that is suitable for all ages, so the kids never get bored and the parents get some time to relax and enjoy their time. There are many family friendly accommodation offering excellent services and facilities with a fully-fledged kids club, a good swimming pool and convenient access to attractions.

SEA LIFE BANGKOK was known previously as ocean world. This place is especially for children. It includes an underwater tunnel where there are countless different species of fish and other marine life here including Octopus, seahorses, turtles and penguins.

The Chao Phraya RIVER is right in the heart of Bangkok, making a trip along the river is a popular thing to do. River ferries take you back and forth between hotels and landmarks, so even if you take a quick trip from one side to the other it’s a nice experience. There are guided cruise where one can learn all about the river while cruising on it. Dinner cruises are the perfect end to a day and allow you to see the city at sunset. The temples and palaces are lit up beautifully.

CHATUCHAK WEEKEND MARKET is one of the top attractions in Bangkok, where there are 15000 different stalls and about 200000 visitors each day. The goods are affordably priced. Go early to beat some of the crowds and to beat the heat. Enjoy some great food from the multitudes of food carts.

WAT ARUN is one of the familiar sites in Thailand and best known temple in Bangkok. It is also called as A TEMPLE OF DAWN. There’s an array of beautiful architecture to see at Wat Arun. It is situated opposite to the Grand palace, across the Chao Phraya River. Its soring golden tower is a spectacular sight at any time of the day built especially impressive when the sun is setting on the horizon.

KHAO SAN ROAD is where you find bars, shops, street food, international restaurants, vendors, locals and activity all day and night. It’s also a popular weekend for Thais.

Bangkok NIGHT LIFE experiences are one of the main reasons why so many people make their trip to the metropolis year after year. No visit to BANGKOK is complete without a glimpse of its famous nightlife, right from cabarets to exotic red light districts. The nightlife here has evolved over the years. It includes party scene at Khao San Road, the Soi Rambuttri and not forgetting Thonglor which is across the town that opens up a trendy new bar every week. A visit to Bangkok will be one of the memorable experiences and you will find a huge selection of things to see. So do come with your little ones.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Reason to Travel Alone

Travel Alone
While we often plan trips with family and friends, many benefits to traveling alone often go unexplored.

We get involved too much between work, school, family and friends and our extracurricular activities and our lives become hectic. Therefore at one point of time we all just want to be away from our daily schedule and be alone, which can reboot our brain and unwind, improve concentration. So taking a trip on your own allows you to focus solely on yourselves, your wants, needs, feelings and it helps you to clear your mind and put things into perspective.

Travelling with family and friends can be fun but you will have to follow what the others are doing and which sometime you don’t feel like doing it. Like what time to wake, where to eat, what sights to see and what activities to pay for etc., but when you travel alone you’re able to control your own itinerary, make sure you don’t miss out on a single sight, restaurant or activity. You can do what you want to do 24/7.

You can stay within your budget. Money is always a pressure point when it comes to travel; everyone has different habits and attitudes. It is much easier to figure out your budget for a trip and plan accordingly. It’s simply much easier to create your own budget and stick to it rather than overspending because you travel with someone with expensive taste.

Travelling alone can be scary especially when you are not familiar with the places. But sometimes when you stop at a coffee shop or travel in a local transport you tend to meet many people where you can always ask for suggestion where to go next. If you‘re in a foreign country try to find spots that are popular with expats, sign up for cooking classes or museum tour to meet people with similar interest.

There will always be people trying to stop you to go alone specially your family member who are worried for your safety. They will call you crazy. Don’t fall a prey for that and you don’t have to prove yourself to anybody. A trip alone is about proving yourself how strong and capable you are. So boost your confidence and see how much you can achieve.

The trip will make you more independent. You don’t have to rely on someone else; you know you are capable of solving any problem. Taking a trip by yourself forces you to make all the decisions, figure out your own directions, be your own tour guide and deal with your own problem if they arise.

Sometime you may plan a trip to find out how to find independence, feel free and be some time alone. Travelling can open up a side of yourselves that you never even know existed. Solo travel forces you to be aware and see the world around you and not only look at it passively.

Truly experiencing life requires taking the ride yourself, No one can live your life for you and no one else is to blame if you die unfulfilled.

Friday, February 24, 2017

The Simple Hacks That Make Flying Cheaper and Better

Flying around the world for free is a dream of everybody but it is not possible. There are plenty of other tricks, tips and hacks to help you save pennies on planes while receiving top treatment. Some times you will feel so infuriating that what a mistake you have done when a friend tells you that he has booked the same flight as you have booked to the same exotic destination for hundreds of dollars less. Therefore that are some tips below where you can ensure you get a best holiday at a best price. The hack will not only save some money but could furnish you with a second holiday for the price of one.

If you are a frequent traveller with children then one must reach the airport early. Use the family room in the club lounges to watch T.V. and use Wifi because if you intend to go and sit in the club lounges it will be very expensive since you have to grab snacks, drinks and lots more where you will be paying a high amount.

New products are invented for travellers to lighten their load. So update yourselves on the newest items designed to make travel easier and don’t land up paying extra for your luggage.

If you love to stretch your legs at ease instead of sitting couched up, find the best seats on the plane before you buy your ticket. Also get a seat towards the USB port.

If you want to park your vehicle at the airport parking space so that when you return home from your trip take a snap shot of your parking space to help you remember where you have parked.

There is app that advises travellers on the cheapest days of the year to fly, where one can save a lot on average. You can also shift your travel time a day or two either side, or to a slight anti social hour. Book your ticket at least 47 days before a trip.

Bring your own plastic bags. Most of the airport gives them for free, but there are some that will charge you for resalable plastic bags to put your hand luggage liquids in. Bring your own snacks instead of spending money on them in the airport.

If the queue for check in and security is the same, then go for the one on the left. The queue on the left hand is usually shorter.

Make friends with the flight attendants by speaking their language, by this way you can win their heart by getting free food and drinks.

Usually thunderstorm and bumpy air occur usually in the afternoon. So it is best to fly early morning as the tickets are cheaper. Always fly on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturdays, so that you can save your money as the airlines can’t afford empty seats on flights and lower fares to encourage off peak booking.

For getting away quickly at the baggage claim counter invest in a suitcase that is eye catching.

For booze lovers you can bring alcohol onto the plane as long as they’re in bottles 3.4 Oz or smaller.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

How to safari in South Africa on a budget

A safari in the beautiful sun kissed jungles of South Africa to visualize the massive diversity of flora, fauna and wildlife is what every person dreams of. It is something that every animal lover would want to do at least once in the lifetime. However, in spite of being everyone’s holiday dream most people cannot make the trip only for cost issues. Safaris are highly expensive holiday choice and the words ‘safari’ and ‘budget’ do not gel well together. However, there are certain ways in which you can enjoy a bush experience without spending ‘too much’.

Location plays an important role 

When it comes to vacation and touring, location certainly plays a significant role. The closest bush destination airports from South African international airport are Richard’s Bay, Hazy view, Skukuza, Hluhuwe, but are expensive. Instead picking a safari which is close to local low cost airlines like Safair, Kulula, and Mango will reduce the expenses. For example the Pilanesberg national park is close to the Lanseria Airport and a visit during weekdays means reduced Safari costs. Moreover, while opting for car hire services vacationers must stick to local car services as their packages are reasonably priced. While these local car hire services can be availed at a low cost, they are also well versed about the environment and wildlife in the surrounding regions.
SANParks for budget vacation

South African national parks or SANParks operate 20 different parks across the country. Compared to the privately operated lodges, their properties are far cheaper. There are numerous accommodation options in national parks like guesthouses, cottages, chalets, huts and campsites. All these accommodations can be booked with ease prior to the trip through the park’s central website. Skukuza being one the largest offers steakhouse chain restaurant, a number of shops and a variety of different cottages. There are swimming pools and play areas for family vacationers, and a decent cottage for four costs a considerable £138 for one night. If vacationers want to go for cheaper and more exciting lodging options they can stay in electricity free tents. In these wilderness camps a single fence separates the animals from the people and a two person tent costs a mere £32 for one night.

Visit during the low seasons 

If vacationers are on a low budget and still want to get the best of Safari experience they can visit the bush regions of South African during low seasons. The dry winter which is between the months of May and September are low seasons. Thought in the North, it is considered as the ideal time for game viewing. During the winter seasons animals flock around the waterholes making it easier to spot them. Mosetla Bush Camp and eco lodge close to the Lanseria airport offers reliable game viewing, value for money services and game rich Madikwe reserve. It offers a rustic camping experience and is lit at night with mesmerizing paraffin lamps. Discount sites is the best option for those who want to get the best of experience at a reasonably low price.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Midsize Jets for the business elite

Provider in Private Jet Charter services are available in the internet world and with the amazing facility of the internet available at our finger tips, it is a lot easier to navigate towards these site through search engine tools in locating the information and products of one’s choice. All information related to Heavy Jets, Midsize Jets and Super Midsize Jets, such as the cabin specifications, amenities, technical information, together with range finder, specification, aircraft layout, etc; are available at the sites which can be of tremendous help to the user. Moreover individual can also request for a quote by furnishing the desired details required by them for the jet craft of individual’s choice. Checking on the gallery with various options that are available can prove to be helpful in making an appropriate choice as per their requirement. These providers strive to provide safe and legal, private jet charter needs to the complete satisfaction of their clients, assuring them of comfort and safety at all times. To bring about this assurance, they ensure to provide excellent training for their corporate jet pilots and their aircraft maintenance team on semiannual basis, equip their aircraft with the most advanced avionic as well as entertainment technology, hire non union full time air charter pilots, operate a private jet fleet with an average age of three years, gain charter flight operating authority in any city as per the client’s request..

With the availability to various options that can fit the requirements of all their clients, they are capable of rendering their services besides heavy, midsize and super midsize jets, to light jets, turbo props, amphibious aircrafts as well as executive helicopters. With the experience of over a decade of operational service to their credit, they have created a niche for their business in the aviation industry. Another amazing fact is that they offer significant advantages in the form of incentives such as discounted Empty Leg Charter flights, On Demand charter flights, inclusive of all pricing. Moreover they also permit clients to purchase charter flights in twenty five hour increment without the need of any upfront membership, broker fees, acquisition or maintenance

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Accommodation in Cuba


What Cubans call campismo has nothing to do with our conception of the campsite. For them, a campground is a tourist complex with bungalows more or less hardy, more rarely with tents equipped. Moreover, they are mostly reserved for Cubans. In fact, almost no one with a tent camp in Cuba: Wild camping is not allowed.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Geography, climate and weather Cuba


Cuba is the largest Caribbean island with its 109 980 sq. km and a surface area equivalent to three and a half times that of Belgium. All in length, this "crocodile" as more or less 1250 km from the head to tail, but only about 200 km at its widest point. Note that Cuba, this is not just an island but ... islands.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Cuban Culture


Cuba marked the twentieth century by its extraordinary range of music and dance: rumba, punto, tonada, danzón, sound, Batanga, bolero, changüí, guajira, mambo, cha-cha-cha, pachanga, Songo, salsa, etc..

Originally made of songs and drums, rumba has three styles, the columbia, and the guaguanco yambu, each with their dance. The first is for men, physical and acrobatic.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

A brief things about Cuba

- Area: 109,980 sq km.
- Population: 11.5 million inhabitants.
- Density: 102 inhabitants / km ².
- Capital: Havana (3 million with suburbs).
- Major cities: Santiago de Cuba, Camagüey, Cienfuegos, Santa Clara, Holguín.
- Official language: Spanish.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Cuba, the largest Caribbean island. Its thousands of kilometers of beaches are the color of the pearl, its music captivates you. Spain and Africa have succeeded here a fabulous blend. Add to that a half-Spanish mid-colonial architecture.

But Cuba is also a great misery. Hay que luchar! ("There has to fight!"). This exclamation is found throughout the Cuban philosophy. This lucha is the only means of survival.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Costa Rica suggested itineraries - V

Lankester Gardens in Paraiso

Inseparable from the visit Poás Volcano, all tour operators and guides will offer joint visit Lankester Gardens. This is a beautiful site that is worth trying. Located between Cartago and Paraiso, these gardens were created by the British in 1950 Charles Lankester. They are now managed by the University of Costa Rica. They are known for their orchid collection (about 800 different species). On almost 11 acres, you can also enjoy beautiful bromeliads (pineapple family), aroids, cacti, etc.. and numerous trees and bamboos narcotics.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cartago and its Basilica

Going down to Cartago, the ancient capital of Costa Rica, make a small detour to the Basilica of Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles (Calle 16, Ave. 2/4). This holy place every year receives thousands of worshipers on a pilgrimage to give thanks to La Negrita (or Our Lady of the Angels), patron saint of Costa Rica, personified by a statue housed in a chapel in the basilica.

Miracles are attributed to this statue and to the holy water of a small stream which flows in fountains below the basilica. To see your wishes fulfilled, you will travel the entire length of the nave and kneeling in prayer! The miracles leave there every year hundreds of votive offerings representing parts of the anatomy cured that can be observed behind the nave.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Costa Rica suggested itineraries - IV

Around the Central Valley
  •     Irazu Volcano National Park
  •     Lankester Gardens
  •     Cartago and its Basilica
  •     Poas Volcano National Park
  •     La Paz Gardens
  •     Irazu Volcano
From Turrialba, it is easy to get to the Irazu volcano. By car, taxi ride from Cartago (31 km), or by bus from San José.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Costa Rica suggested itineraries - III

Turrialba region
  •     Pre-Columbian archaeological site of Guayabo
  •     Kayak and rafting on the rivers Pacuare practiced and Reventazon
  •     Hiking on the volcano Turrialba
From Puerto Viejo, on the way to the beautiful mountainous region of Turrialba in the Central Valley. After joining, overwhelmed and Limón bypassed (this port city is uninteresting and not very safe), after laboriously rolled between the trucks of the crazy American, you finally arrive at Siquirres. It is from this small town that you sink in the center of the country and gradually take the altitude through the peaceful landscapes of banana and coffee plantations.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Costa Rica Sports and Leisure

The possibilities are almost unlimited in the country. In its forests, beside the sea or rivers, lakes, or even in the ocean there is always fun to do.

The beaches

The beaches of Costa Rica is the perfect place to sunbathe, read, play sports, walk or sit. The color of the sand, waves and vegetation vary from one region to another.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Costa Rica Health and Safety

The health status of Costa Rica is quite correct. No specific vaccination is mandatory to enter Costa Rica. Though tap water is generally safe, you'll want as much as possible mineral water and it is very easy to find. Similarly, raw fruits and vegetables are eaten cooked or pre-rinsed. Insects are obviously many, especially in the jungle. It is therefore essential to provide the usual protection: anti-mosquito (day and night) and mosquito nets.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Accommodation in Costa Rica

Hotels, clubs and cabinas

 Adventuring in Costa Rica is not a problem. In most places for tourism, you will find where to stay in hotels or cabinas.

The word "cabina" can mean a detached house (it goes from small cottage to the villa fully equipped) than in a traditional hotel room. It is therefore sometimes that of a room, possibly with a private bathroom. There is rarely a kitchenette and a lounge. The word "habitación" is also used for this purpose.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Geography, climate and weather Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of seven countries of Central America. All in length, the country is bordered by Nicaragua, south by Panama, east by the Caribbean Sea, and west by the Pacific Ocean. The capital, the center of the country, is San Jose.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Costa Rica Culture

In San Jose

- The Museo del Oro Precolombino (Pre-Columbian Gold Museum): It has everything you could do with this precious metal to pre-Columbian times and after the Spanish Conquest and including a large collection of jewelry and amulets representing all kinds of small animals: hummingbirds, eagles, crocodiles, frogs, butterflies, etc. ...