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Thursday, November 5, 2020

Iceland in December: Things to Know Before Your Visit

Iceland in December

Are you planning to visit Iceland in December month? If you want to enjoy the landscape of Iceland, then December will be the ideal month. During that time, the country gets adorned with snow. But not only the scenic beauty, but the month is also famous for awaking the festive spirit of the country. Christmas, New Eve's festivals are some festivals that tempted people from different spheres of the globe to come here. A few famous places are there that you should definitely visit at least once. To enjoy your trip more thrilling and amusing, you can perform here Ice caving, Northern Lights hunting, and many more activities.

Reasons for Visiting Iceland in December:

The country has unpredictable weather. One can face rain, snow in a single day.

During this entire month, the sunlight remains almost four to five hours. This weather is perfect for photography. Capture the moments and create memories.

Fields of black lava covered full of snow, waterfalls in icy armour, blue ice caves, and the rugged and raw nature are some examples of the magical landscapes of the country that can allure your mind.

Things to do in Iceland during the December month

Horse Riding

Want to get in touch with nature while staying in the hotels or anywhere in the country? Horse riding is a way that can help you to keep in touch with nature. Now, you can tour the popular tourist spots by riding horses. Just get on an Icelandic horse and tour various spots. The time duration of your tour can be from one hour to nine-hour.


Reykjavik has a feeling of rural and urban culture that makes it the best shopping hub of this country. There are plenty of different boutique stores in Laugavegur, and the oldest handicraft shop is Thorvaldsens Bazar. Handknitting Association of Iceland, Nordic Store are the best places for visitors who are looking for shopping hubs.

Enjoy the snowmobile riding.

Snowmobiling on the glaciers is one of those things to do in Iceland that can definitely create a memorable moment for you. Tourists can spend almost an hour only by speeding on the ice. This activity allows visitors to enjoy a sightseeing adventure. Besides, you can enjoy Skiing here during December. The duration of the package depends on the local-tour you book.

Sooth your mind by attending Iceland music at Hapra

Attend the dazzling concert hall at Hapra if you are eager to listen to mind soothing music or want to make your mind refresh. Classic songs played by famous artists and bands can make your winter trip more splendid. The place is located at Austurbakki 2, 101 Reykjavík.

Enjoy the northern lights from the hotel Rangá

If you are looking for an experienced hotel in this country, then Hotel Ranga is the one that you should definitely select. This hotel permits the guests to have a comfy stay and to enjoy fine dining by the riverside. You can witness the enchanting scenery of the northern skylight also. The hotel also allows users to enjoy plenty of adventures. The location of the Hotel Ranga is Suðurlandsvegur, 851 Hella, Iceland.

Explore Ice Caves

One of the best things you can do once coming here is to explore the alluring beauty of ice caves. If you are willing to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of Ice Caves of this nation, don't miss a chance to make a trip to Jökulsárlón, Skaftafell Nature Reserve, Vatnajökull.

Lava Caving

If you want to visit lava caves, then any time of the year will be perfect. But we will recommend you to tour here during the winter month. During that time, the ice sculpture that will be formed can make your adventure thrilling.

The most exoteric caves that you can visit throughout the year are Leiðarendi located on the Reykjanes Peninsula, Víðgelmir situated in the Hallmundarhraun lava field, and Raufarhólshellir, located near Hveragerði.

If you want to enjoy a thrilling adventure, then you must visit Leiðarendi. The trip to this place can be a challenging one. You will find no lights or walkway inside here. You need to crawl and clamber inside the cave. Even the entrance portion sometimes remains blocked by the snow during the winter. If you are uncomfortable with tight spaces, we will recommend you to avoid Leiðarendi. In that case, you may trip to Víðgelmir or Raufarhólshellir. You will find the entrances of both of these places wide.

Places to Visit in Iceland in December

Gullfoss waterfall

In Southwest Iceland, you will find this waterfall. The splendid view of the golden water against the mountains will just soothe your mind. Having hot soups at the cafes in this area can make your journey a magical one. You can enjoy the spellbound view of this place at any time of the day. This breathtaking place remains open for 24 hours. The waterfall is located near the White River in Blaskogabyggd 801.


It is one of the best places for food lovers. You can get here multiple choices for eating and drinking. Grilled meats, fishes, and vegetables, some sizzling cocktails are such foods that are exact for lifting your mood up. Here, you can experience the nightlife in the city. The opening and closing time here is 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. from Monday to Friday. And on the weekends, (Saturday and Sunday), the Grillmarkadurinn remains open from 5:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.

South coast

Want to travel to all the mind grabbing places in Iceland? Then, take the route of the Golden Circle and reach the South Coast. While going through this route, you will be able to enjoy the enchanting view of a few famous landmarks of Iceland. For example, the way covers Thingvellir National Park, the geysers, Gullfoss Waterfall, and many other places.

The icebergs of Jökulsárlón

It is not a joke to drive a dip in the pool in the winter season. However, local people can easily take a dip bath in this snow-covered nation. During these days, visitors can enjoy the view of the Golden Circle, the South Coast, Jökulsárlón, the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. The package also gives you a chance to explore Reykjavík throughout a free day. Or you can travel to Akureyri and therefore enjoy the sites around Lake Mývatn.

Festivals and Events in Iceland during December

Ingólfstorg Ice-Skating Rink: December 1 / Reykjavik — 

To spend holidays with families, friends, couples, and to have fun, you should definitely attend this event. NOVA mobile company used to arrange this event next to the Christmas Market at Ingólfstorg. Just take your skates and go to the "Christmas Ice Skating plaza" that is right in the centre of Reykjavik. It is a perfect start to kick off December.

Yule Lads Bath:( December 7 at Mývatn) —

When you visit here, you can be a witness of 13 Yule Lads. You can have fun with Yule Lads by attending their annual bath. People of all ages can spend a memorable moment with these merry men.

Imagine Peace Tower Lighting: (December 21 at the Viðey Island )—

Yoko Ono created the Imagine Peace Tower, an outdoor art display dedicated to John Lennon. Yoko used to travel the Icelandic island of Videy every year for lighting the art installation on the birthday of the late musician. People celebrate this event on December 21.

Christmas: (December 24-25 ) —

During this event, people usually greet "Gleðileg jól!" each other. This festival usually begins on the fourth Sunday before the Christmas Eve festival. At this time, one can see many Christmas trees across the country. Tourists can visit the Christmas markets, festive museums, tours, and restaurants across the country.

New Year's Eve: (December 31 throughout Iceland)

In this event, you can experience lightened streets in Reykjavík. Bb322. Most of the people celebrate it on December 31. You can experience booming fireworks displays and party throughout the night. During the winter season in this country, the temperature remains between -1° and 4°C (34°F and 39°F). You can enjoy the snowfall in December when you visit the country and stay here for a few days. The climate of the capital of this nation is warmer than the other parts of the country. The country remains covered with snow between January and April.

Things you need to know before visiting Iceland in December

Iceland's Weather in December

When you visit here, you may experience snow, sleet, or rain all on the same day. However, this month is not the coldest one as January is occupying the leading position. But the temperature of the place still varies between -1° and 4°C (34°F and 39°F).

During the whole month, you can't get sunlight for more than a few hours per day. And it will continue until the winter solstice on December 22. It is known as the shortest day of the year. In this time, the time duration of the daylight is only four hours from 12 p.m. – 4 p.m. Visitors should not miss the marvellous sky views of Iceland during the winter season, as the Northern Lights fill the sky by creating an enchanting ambience.

Driving in Iceland

Do you have any plans to enjoy the landscape of the country travelling by car? If you have any, then you can rent a four-wheeler car for your trip. This car journey will be perfect for visiting the mesmerizing places of the capital and the rest part of the country. However, if you want, you can book a guided winter package. It will cover most of the cities of this nation. Those who want to drive car themselves can select self-drive winter packages.

But in this case, the vital thing is that you have to know each route of the country properly. However, Self-driving is never be recommended for any tourists. Locals used to drive in those areas, and therefore they can give you much better knowledge regarding the routes than you have.

Spend Romantic moments in Iceland

This month is very famous for romantic getaways. The nation has the festive spirit, a sprinkling of snow, Northern Lights, and a wide variety of tours that are enough to make it an amorous winter wonderland. Iceland is a lovely nation for couples who want to spend romantic moments.

Outfits to Carry While Travelling Iceland in December Month

December is the exact time to make a trip to this nation. That's why you need to pack warm clothes in your bag to keep yourself warm during this shivering weather. What you need to do is layering up yourself properly with warm clothing and enjoy the snowy weather. You should carry Waterproof gloves, a hat, and a scarf in your bag. Don't forget to pack thick sweaters that are made with wool or fleece. As well as, make sure that you have packed thermal undergarments, Waterproof and windproof parka, and warm clothes, Swimsuit, Polarized sunglasses, besides, you also require sturdy hiking boots.

Tours in Iceland during December

Ice Caving Tour to the Crystal Ice Cave

Do you want to experiment with an ice cave adventure? Then, enjoy the view of the ice floes at Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon first. This tour starts from the exoteric place icy lagoon. Vatnajökull Glacier is the largest glacier in Europe. Explore the beauty and breathtaking views of the giant crystal cave.

Magical Auroras of Northern Lights Tour

While visiting this tour, you will find the nights shining brightly with the Northern Lights. During December month, the night becomes longer. Watch the green solar show sitting under the night sky and enjoy the pleasant weather.

Apart from this, what you can do is to join any tour groups to travel to the Southern Peninsula.

3-Day your of Jokulsarlon, Golden Circle and Ice Caving place

When it comes to tour, the stunning South Coast of Iceland allows the tourists to witness the alluring views of this nation. It is a three-day road trip. During this trip, you are willing to be the witness the imposing landscape of Þingvellir National Park, Gullfoss Waterfall, and the Geysir Geothermal Area.

You can visit the icy landscapes of the Skaftafell Wilderness Area, explore deep blue ice caves, and many more places.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How many hours of daylight remain in Iceland during the December month?

During this time, the day time becomes shorter. As the latitude of this nation is high, there prevails less light and short days during the winter season. You can get light for a maximum of 5 hours during the wintertime. You can enjoy the view of the sun rising around 11 a.m. Whereas the sun sets between 3 and 4 p.m.

Q. How many days will it require to enjoy a complete trip to Iceland?

A full drive will take almost one day. If you want to cover the main places in this country, it will take 7-8 days. To explore all the tourist spots in Iceland and Reykjavik, we will recommend you not to plan for a short trip that will take less than 7-8 days.

Q. Can I watch the Northern lights in Iceland during winter?

Northern lights can be seen only the sky gets dark. Therefore, in December month, you can see the lights from 3 p.m. afternoon to 9 a.m. morning.

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