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Thursday, October 25, 2018

The Picturesque Jeju Island

Jeju Island

Jeju is also known as the Hawaii of South Korea, a chillax island at the bottom of the South Korean Peninsula Just one hour plane ride from Seoul . Many Koreans who go there are tourists themselves. It’s where South Korean goes to escape their stressful Seoul lives. Jeju is a natural wonder. It is made up entirely from volcanic eruptions. That is why it is recently crowned as one of the 7 new wonders of the world.

Jeju water world: looking for something more exciting and adventurous for your trip? Head on to Jeju water world.Jeju’s largest water leisure park which is a favourite trip with the family or a vacation with friends. Apart from the thrilling water rides which will leave your adrenaline pumping, there is also an option to relax and unwind at a jjimjil-bang or sauna. You can have an opportunity to play some golf at a high class indoor golf practice range.

Catch some waves: from snorkelling to kayaking and many more there is a wide variety of exciting water sports and water based activities in Jeju Island to choose from.

Manjanggul cave is open to tourists. It has been said that monstrous waves of lava once flowed through these tunnels. As you walk inside a lava tube you can feel your spine tingle. Now you get to take selfies in it.

Love Land is an outdoor sex themed park with over 140 statues of human in various sexual positions. This is only for mummy, daddy and Kids over 18 yrs. Loveland is a park focused on sexuality and eroticism. 140 sculptures of men and women in different sex positions litter the park. Loveland also includes large phallic statues, stone labia and hands on exhibits. Even their door handles to the toilets are naughty for the ladies. They are shaped like an erect penis and for the gent’s they are shaped like boobies. Many honeymoon couples come here to make some tongue in cheek memories. Loveland should be your last stop before leaving Jeju if you want to end your trip on a cheeky note.

Teddy bear Museum: Teddy bear lovers go crazy here. Quiet possibly among the most well known museums in Korea. This museum displays thousands of teddy bears from all over the world. Some of these teddy bears have been designed and created by hand. As you walk through the history of Teddy bears in the history hall you can find bear-Y versions of famous historical figures such as Mona Lisa. For some fresh arm walk out into the garden and hang out with the huge teddy bear sculptures over tea.

A holiday without some sun, sand and the beach is meaningless. Jungmun Saedal Beach is a colourful beach destination popular amongst both locals and tourists. Apart from chilling during the day, you can also participate in various marine and aquatic sports such as parasailing, water skiing, windsurfing and scuba diving,

Drop by hipster cafes and fine diners. If you feel like you had enough local foods, enjoy a fine dining at Maison Glad Buffet. Then drop by one of the trendy beachfront cafes with killer views of the islands stunning ocean vistas.

The best time to visit Jeju is South Korea is from November to February.

Jeju aims to keep its tourist and honeymooners entertain, informed and well oiled for humour.

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