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Easy Way To Upgrade Your Vacation Without Paying Extra

When we talk about upgrading a trip the first thing that comes to mind is a better seat on the plane, or a more expensive hotel rooms, a bigger rental, or may be some freebies. But there are a lot of inexpensive and even free things you can do to enhance your travels in ways that go far beyond legroom and free GPS systems. With little creativity it’s easy to transform an ordinary trip into a special, dreamy getaway of a life time. Use these pointers to turn up your vacation and keep you and your wallet happy.

Book cheap Airfare with Hidden city ticketing; Airlines ticket prices aren’t based on distance travelled, but by market demand. When booking your flights you need to consider more than just direct flight. Your most direct flights won’t always be your cheapest option. Just make sure to book two one-leg trips, instead of two rounds trip as once you don’t complete a section of your booking, the rest typically gets cancelled

DRIVE A FANCY CAR: anyone going on a vacation can splurge for a luxury car on their vacation. One of the quickest and easiest ways to make your trip like a dream getaway is to opt for a high end rental car. Programs like Audi on Demand in San Francisco allow you to drive your dream car without jumping through multiple hoops. You can pick up versatile models including the luxury R8spyder or the Audi SUV Q7, which comes with coveted amenities such as ski racks, car seats and more, right from you smart phone.

UPGRADE TO A BETTER ROOM LOCATION: Many travellers treat hotels primarily as a place to crash, but the location of your room can have a big impact on you ability to sleep. To avoid noise consider requesting a room away from the elevators, on a higher floor and on the opposite of the biding from the main road. While front desk folks can’t always accommodate the request there nothing wrong with asking.

TAILOR YOU’RE SIGHTSEEING SCHEDULE: if you are an early bird then you can start your day by seeing big attractions first thing during the morning time. leaving the afternoon for activities like eating a leisurely lunch wondering through residential neighbourhood or kicking back in a park anything but trying to get through a massive roman ruin at 3.30 after you’ve been walking all day. But if you’re a person who tends to get off to a slow start in the morning then it is better to plan to save the biggest attraction for right after lunch when you’re fully awake and well fuelled.

VISIT ATTRACTIONS ON FREE OR DISCOUNT DAYS: practically in any city you visit you can find attractions that are free or heavily discounted in certain days. There are plenty of free museum or at least days where fees are waived. You just have to do your research in advance.

UPGRADE TO FIRST CLASS: last Minute think of upgrade on airfare and fly first class on the cheap buddy .Check up with agents at the airport and get a low fee upgrade on your ticket at the time of check-in. Ask for a travel upgrade on any connecting flights. In today’s generation, s it doesn’t take a hefty chunk of cash or a ton of air miles to upgrade to first class.

Become a member of a travel membership program, you can save on everything from rental cars to cruises, hotels and more. The deals are fantastic not to mention you earn rewards to redeem for later travel. They also have free membership. You can join loyalty programs with airlines and hotels you frequently visit. Although the rewards are small they do add up overtime. American Airlines Advantage for example lets you earn mile, where you can put towards future trips.

Puerto Rico, a Paradise on Earth

Puerto Rico
Scented by slow roasted port and sea breeze and coloured by swashbuckling history, the sun washed medley of Spanish and American influences is a paradise seeker’s pleasure dome.

Puerto Rico is blessed with towering mountains, rainforests, white sandy beaches along the Caribbean shores and a vibrant culture forged from a mix of Caribbean, Hispanic and African. This place is as exciting as Miami or Las Vegas and the sophisticated fashion sense of the city and its inhabitants will genuinely impress visitors. Puerto Rico is a crowded island. Tourist is generally safe and a crime in a tourist district is rare. The tropical climate, delicious cuisine and rich history make it a popular destination for tourists. And for sure the beautiful blue Caribbean Sea and sandy beaches have a lot to do with it as well. Beautiful palm-lined beaches, some with calm warm waters lapping the golden sand and others with huge waves and famous breaks draw all kind of beach seekers from couples and families to hard core surfer.

You can spend lavishly and enjoy just about any vacation your heart desires when you come to this island, but it’s also nice to know that you don’t have to break the bank to have a good time. In fact you have your choice of free activities in Puerto Rico to enjoy.

Puerto Rico INSPIRES Caribbean daydreams for good reason. It can satisfy both the lethargic beach bum and the budding big wave surfer. All in a long weekend.

El YUNQUE NATIONAL FOREST: it is one of Puerto Rico’s most popular natural attractions and is often visited on a tour from San Juan. Some of the main highlights in El Yunque National forest include La Coca Falls, Yokahu Tower, Bano Grande, Bano de Oro and La Mina Falls.

SURFING AND WHALE WATCHING AT RINCON: it is often called PUEBLO del Surfing (Surfing Town) and little Malibu,” Rincon is known to Puerto Ricans as a Gringo paradise. It became a surfing mecca after the World Surfing Championships in 1968, when images of Rincon and the frequent 15 foot high waves were transmitted worldwide. Rincon is also one of Puerto Rico’s main areas for whale watching excursions.

ISLA VERDE: For the all-inclusive crowd looking for the nice resorts and a decent beach within easy reach of a major airport, Isla Verde is just the answer. Everything an overworked, sun-seeking, beach-loving vacationer could ask for. The water is calm lined by a white sandy beach and backed by palm trees and resort. Isla Verde is a tropical get away with all the comforts.

ZIP THROUGH THE AIR: if your idea of getting outdoor involves swinging from a steel cable and flying through the air across a forest valley then try out one of the many zip line parks in Puerto Rico.

Ever tried kiteboarding? Well if you’re visiting Puerto Rico you can put it on you’re to do list. The good folks at 15 knot will teach you how to go about. Kiteboarding is a combination of water skiing, windsurfing and paragliding. The waves, currents and adrenaline rush make it a great afternoon out.

GLOW IN THE DARK: if you want to experience the outdoors in a truly unique way, book a kayak tour to a bioluminescent bay or bio bay. Puerto Rico has three of them, in itself a natural phenomenon unparalleled in the world. One of the Mosquito bay is recognized as the most brilliant bio bay in the world. As for what is baobab is, imagine water that glows neon green whenever it comes in contact with another object like a darting fish the oar of kayak or a human hand.

Touring coffee plantations and tasting the incredible food is a must. Like Mofongo which is a fried plantain dish stuffed with a variety of meats. And the Puerto Ricans serve the best beans and rice in the world.

There are many fantastic resorts in Puerto Rico and staying at a Choice Hotel property in the Caribbean is a great way to save money with free breakfast and wife at their comfort inn locations.

Ski Holiday Hacks That Can Save Your Money

Ski Holiday
Ski holiday can be some of the most fun, exhilarating and memorable holidays you will ever experience, but it’s no secret that they aren’t cheap.

Whether it’s your first trip to the slopes or is a seasoned pro, everyone likes the chance to save money. Ski trips can often come with the additional costs such as lift passes and equipment hire and with the price of lunch on the mountain in popular resorts enough to make anyone shiver it’s easy to blow the budget. There are ways however you can still enjoy a week on the slopes and not totally break the bank

Rent you gears in Advance: some rental shops encourage customer to rent their gear in advance by offering some discount. If you reserve your gear online before getting there, not only will you get cheaper skis and boards, but you and your group can avoid the hassle of paper work.

Choose a chalet stay: staying in a chalet hotel takes a lot of the guess work out of how much you’ll end up spending once in a resort. In a Chalet hotel you get a cooked breakfast, afternoon tea and a three course dinner every day except one- the chalet host’s day off. Unlimited chalet wine is frequently included, meaning you can also save money on bar hopping if you wish.

Bring your own lunch: next time you hit the slopes, stop by a grocery store beforehand and pick up your stuff for lunch.

Plan your ski trip during the mid-week: Lodging can be one of the most expensive aspects of your ski vacation. The easiest way to save is to avoid booking your trip on weekends. Hotels are more affordable mid-week, so if you have the opportunity to ski on a Wednesday take it. Not only you will be save your money but the slopes will be less crowded as well.

Leave it till the last minute: Booking early is a reward when it comes to saving on Ski holidays, but so is waiting till just before you go. Tour operators often keep the incredible deals and offer at the last minute, because they’d rather fill a room at a reduced rate than lose money by leaving it unoccupied.
Get in the driving seat: Heading to the mountains by car can cost less and it has the advantage of allowing you to stuff your car full of food. By booking a self-drive, self-catering holiday, you can buy all the substance you need for the week,

Skip the holiday; spring break and Christmas holidays are not only busy, they’re expensive too. Skip these dates and save big bucks.

Skiing the night; Many resorts now offer night skiing. Get your money’s worth by skiing from morning to night.

Save up: when you start planning for a winter ski trip keep some money as a saving aside. You’ll know exactly how much savings you have available to spend and can avoid chewing up your regular account.

The cost of skiing likely isn’t going to come down .But hopefully with these tips and a little research beforehand you can be out on the slopes without breaking the bank.

What Could a Warmed Up Hunting Seat Do for You?

seat warmer
Hunting in the great outdoors is a great joy on most occasions. Communing with nature is both a pleasure and a privilege. However, in some climates, the art of hunting in the winter months needs a bit of a boost. It isn't much fun crouching in a tree or a bluff in the middle of January in below zero weather. What you need is a special device that can help you stay warm while you stalk your prey. Luckily for you, this amazing new device has just now appeared on the scene.

You Keep Your Seat Warm While You Stalk Your Prey 

There's a sweet new hunting seat warmer that you need to check out. This device is - and does - exactly what its name implies. Don't feel like sitting on a cold stone or parking your can in the snow while you wait for your prey to arrive? You don't need to anymore. You can now enjoy the warmth and comfort of this specially heated seat pad that will keep your hunting seat at a comfortably toasty temperature. This is one outdoor innovation whose time has definitely come.

A Warmed Up Seat Will Help You Be a More Effective Hunter

If you enjoy stalking wild animals in the early morning hours, you'll need a warm toasty boost to keep you in fighting shape. Nature is a harsh and cruel mistress who won't make any natural accommodations for her own children or for you. If you want to stay in the best possible shape to stalk these wild creatures, you'd better keep your blood circulating quickly and freely throughout your body. This handy new seat warming device is the most effective device for accomplishing this important goal in a quick and timely manner.

You Can Get Your New Seat Warmer from the Web Today 

These exciting new seat warmers are available for you to order today from the world wide web. They come complete with all of the features you need to establish a comfy perch for your long wait. If you're going to be out for hours awaiting the arrival of your prey, you may as well stay nice and warm while you're at it. This new seat warmer device will do the trick. Check the web today to order this new device for your next hunting occasion.

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Travel Gadgets That Are Cool to Resist

Who does not love to travel? All of us love travelling places. But if we take little preparation before starting our travelling, we can pass some enjoyable moments. Some of them are just too fun to miss, others add extra convenience to our experience, yet others open up new realms in the world of technology you’ve guessed it we’re talking about travel gadgets. These travels Gadget are lifesaver for today travellers. At present you will get many innovative gadgets on the market that can make your travelling fabulous than ever before.

These are the cool travel gadgets ready to make your trips safer, easier or simply more enjoyable.

FOOT WARMER: the foot warming insoles are one of the most amazing travel gadgets that you can take with you. If you are going to travel long distance on foot you will feel severe pain in the feet. Moreover you may feel problems in the ligaments, if you do not take proper care after walking or running long distances. For this you can take foot warmers (insoles) with you. They contain thermal technology that will make your feet warm.

A POWER BANK is a must with all the travel gadgets we carry with us. There are some really cool solar energy power banks too, so you don’t have to find a charging slot and electricity every time your battery dies. There are a lot of compact power banks available.

SCRUBBA WASH BAG is a pocket washing machine equipped with a flexible washboard, this lightweight pocket size wash bag will not only help you do your laundry anywhere on the road, but also save your money and time. With only 2-4 litres of water and a bit of washing liquid you’ll have your clothes fresh and clean in less than 3 minutes.

THE OUTDOOR SINGLE TUNNEL INFLATED BUBBLE TENT is made from high quality, durable materials; this inflatable bubble tent is a superb travel accessory for camping and outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy stargazing. If you intend sleeping in as bubble or dreaming under the starry sky, minus the bugs and mosquitoes, interest you then this nifty transparent structure might be exactly that you are looking for. The bubble tent is spacious enough to accommodate a family and comes with included blower, repair kit and glue.

ELECTRONIC LUGGAGE SCALE. It’s better to be sure rather than guessing your luggage. You don’t want to pay all that extra money at the airport for extra luggage, so pack light, shop right and this electronic luggage scale will keep you grounded.

THE SAND LESS BEACH MAT: it is especially for all beach lovers. This accessory is impossible to cover with sand. This sand less beach mat is perfect for a fun and stress free beach outing. Finally no more sticky sand and enjoy yourself while lounging in the warm sunshine, reading book or spreading out a picnic.

WORLD’S SMALLEST STEAM IRON: this mini travel steam iron is the smallest of its kind in the world; this compact device is about the size of a computer mouse. This steam iron gadget is useful for business travellers who are on the road and need to remove the inevitable wrinkles from packed clothing.

BACKPACK DRINK DISPENSER: this dispenser is ideal for outdoor gatherings, music festivals and sports events, the ingenious Tailgater Dual Tank Backpack Drink Dispenser allows you to kick off the party by pouring mixed drinks for friends and family straight from your backpack.

FEMALE URINATION DEVICE: Travel is not always glamourous, especially when seeking to experience the world on a budget. Unsanitary hostel bathrooms, camping sites with poor facilities and dirty public toilets are just some of the problems travellers have to deal with while abroad. Well designed exclusively for women Go Girl solves many of these issues by allowing girls to pee while standing up. This cool smart hygiene product made from medical grade silicone is small enough to fit in your purse.

So definitely take these entire cool gadget while on business trip or on a vacation.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Places to Visit in India With Your Best Friend

Friends are elixir of our life, whether it is sharing long talks, having crazy fun or just hanging out, we just cannot do without our friends. A friend in need is a friend indeed. When you are with your friends especially the best ones, everything seems to be more vibrant, livelier and cheerful. When you are in their company, even the boring lectures and gathering get excited and equally engrossing for you. Travelling with you buddies no matter what time of year it is or whichever location it is, unlimited amount of fun and excitement are always guaranteed with the best friend.

MANALI – LEH ROAD TRIP: The heavenly road trip from Manali to Leh is considered as the Mecca of all road trips. You can go backpacking with your besties. Be it for the groups or solo travellers, this route outshines any other backing packing trips in India .All you need to do get geared up for some adventure and hit the road. This unbelievable path built between mountains and villages gives the memories of a life time. Just pack your bags and hit the road and experience nature at its best.

THE FROZEN RIVER TREK AT CHADAR: How often does one boast about walking in a frozen river in a dreamlike destination? Here you can actually walk on the frozen river. It is one of the most thrilling experiences, as you walk through the frozen river with you best friend laughing and enjoying all the way. The chadar Trek route actually connects the Zansakar River with the valley located deep in the mountains. Visit this place to experience the dream like adventure.

SANDAKPHU DARJEELING: it is one of the five highest peaks in the world. The unique thing about this place is that you can spot around 600 varieties of Orchids here. Visit the ethereal beauty with your friend and boast about it. With its magnificent beauty and the stunning view this land is another heaven on earth.

MARJHA VALLEY TREK: when we feel like breaking away from the daily life, the first thing that rings in your mind is going out on a trek. So while you are visiting ladakh then this is one of the most favourite trek which you should definitely go for, otherwise called tree house trek. This trek gives you a blend of kaleidoscopic images with its hypnotising excellence. Absorb the greenery and the scenic beauty of this region. Breathe in the morning air and listen to the chirping of birds as you continue to walk, climb to the highest point of the Gandala La and Kongmaru la and appreciate the dazzling perspective from the top.

JIM CORBETT NATIONAL PARK: you have explored the malls, the football fields, the crazy cuisines and the latest movies, now is the time to encounter the wilderness with you best friend. To connect together with the nature and its mesmerizing creations and strengthen the bonds you share do visit this national park.

Experience the WILDLIFE SAFARI with 400 species of flora and fauna that are found at the Jim Corbett Park. It is also an abode to the endangered Royal Bengal Tigers. So pack your bags and embark on this expedition and tag it as jungle diaries.

AULI: Most of you have been thinking about visiting the Garhwal Mountains. This is the perfect chance for you. So just head out for a vacation to this mesmeric Auli. Add some rush to life. It offers adventures like Skiing, trekking, river rafting and touring. Skiing is the most preferred experience sport in Auli. The broad range implied for skiing is amazing.

KASOL: Kasol is a town in Himachal Pradesh, Northern India. Words will fall short while you speak about the never ending beauty of this place. And if you are planning for an offbeat wilderness then this is the perfect destination for you. A destination offered with the greater part of nature gifts. Kasol is known for its Israeli occupants, Parvathi waterways, trekking base camp and Malana.

When it comes to spending time with you best friend nothing is as awesome as having a trip with them.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Travel in a Luxury Way Where Even a Normal Person Can Splurge on It

maharaja train
Every traveller has their own priorities and their own ideas of which travel luxuries are worthwhile. For some that might be spa visits or hotel upgrades. For certain people travel luxuries means ensuring that their vacation goes smoothly and comfortable, by which they can preserve their trip memories for years to come.

A laptop bag: there are many laptop bags with reasonable price which always last longer, but if you want to keep your personal items which are precious then it is worth spending more on a bag that will protect the laptop and other valuables. The ideal laptop is sturdy, well padded, comfortable to wear, resistance to rain and cleverly designed with useful pockets and compartments.

Photo Books: it is very easy to share a few snaps on Instagram and other sites. With these we leave the rest of our travel photos to linger, unorganised and neglected on our phone or computer for years together. Therefore it is advisable to preserve all your travel memories in a more visually appealing way. Shutter fly is a service that lets you customize photo layouts, background and cropping. Other popular photo book providers include snap fish and blurb.

Non-stop flight: Airport connections add stress and uncertainty to a trip. To shell out an extra $1000 to fly in business class is my option then I will not opt for it. But if I have a choice between a connecting flight and a nonstop, I’ll pay an extra hundred or two to get where I’m going more efficiently.

High quality boots: if you are going to hike on a stunning landscape you should be comfortable. If your feet hurt, you’re not going to enjoy it. High quality boots are pricey but they’re also built to last. Look for option with good arch support and a waterproof coating and also which supports ankles.

Water proof clothing is better than water resistance. If you are doing an extended outdoor activities like hiking or biking in a climate prone to downpour then waterproof clothing is better.

Versatile Jackets: unless you make every vacation a beach vacation, you’re going to need a good coat when you’re out exploring. It is better to invest in versatile jackets with multiple layers. You can customize to suit the day’s weather. These types of coats are not cheap. The price is easier to stomach when you remind yourself that you are basically getting three jackets in one.

Dining: Combination of saving and splurging makes a big difference. Set yourself a budget for you meals for the entire trip and then be creative. You may want to blow up 70% of your budget on one amazing meal and cook for yourself for the rest of your trip. Eat like the locals do and you’re sure to save money.

New clothes: we all love buying new clothes for a holiday but a pre-holiday shopping spree will quickly eat into your budget. So you should not buy anything before your holiday, save your money for the trip and if you’re a real shopaholic, do your shopping while you’re there. Night market and interesting boutiques will enable you to buy some unusual piece that you’d never find in top shops.

You can enjoy your trip in a luxurious manner on a budgeted scale.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Beautiful Holiday Homes That Will Force You to Take a Break

Holiday Homes
Be it a special birthday or anniversary, a hen or stag party, every large gathering is made more special when spent in beautiful surroundings with your closet friends and family. Here are some few holiday homes which makes your holiday really enjoyable.

A cottage break is the perfect accommodation for discovering everything that makes UK great. Whether you’re looking for a cosy romantic retreat, a fun filled getaway or somewhere large, lavish and luxurious; you’ll find a fantastic selection of properties to choose.

Discover the rural hotels deep in the countryside far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life where you can truly kick back, relax and soak up the stunning scenery and enjoy being close to nature or wildlife.

Supernova, Isle of Skye Scotland UK: for a romantic getaway or unique solo break, this luxury self-catering chapel conversion on the Isle of Skye in the Scottish highlands is the perfect sanctuary. Relax in the spa bath and enjoy views over Lochj Harport after a day on the mountain. Supernova lets you experience island life in the lap of luxury .Enjoy breath taking panoramas over the glistening loch and snow-capped mountains beyond. Skye enjoys some of the darkest skies in Europe. Stargazing through the telescope in the living room will make you feel as if you are on the edge of the world.

Villa asli, canggu, Bali: This villa is located in canggu, Bali. The villa is a 2 minute walk from Kayu Putih Beach. It takes five minutes to reach the villa from la laguna and la finca. The villa is located 45 minutes away from Bali’s international airport. Villa asli has an open plan living areas that overlook the large swimming pools and lush gardens. There are five different bedrooms that are housed in a standalone pavilion, which are connected through wooden walkways that are over the lily ponds. The living areas are featured with a variety of antique pieces and arts. The dining area is just situated near the living area; it is also in an open pavilion. The dining table is made purely out of wood and it has chairs that can be used for 14 guests. It also has a fully furnished kitchen with seating arrangements available on bar stools. There is a bar that is adjoined with the media room which has three T.V sets. This villa offers a 25 meter swimming pool that exactly in front of the room also the room offers verandas that gives the scenic beauty of the beautiful lotus and fish ponds.

Katathani Phuket beach resort, Phuket, Thailand: It is located on the southwest coast of Phuket. It takes less than an hour to go to this place from the Phuket international airport. The resort has six restaurants and five bars. The resort has a combination of beachside and garden space. It offers six swimming pools, six restaurants and a full service spa. It also has two separate wings. Along with pools it has huge grounds as well as an adjacent 850 metre long beach. These things are never too crowded.

A South African Holiday home nationwide makes sure you get the best holiday accommodation available for your preferred holiday destination in South Africa. Self-catering accommodation for you and your family is waiting. Come and soak up the sun, sea and view on our South African coastal areas such as Kwa Zulu natal, The Garden route, Eastern Cape, Western Cape, and the West coast regions.

Durham: Old farm cottages are ideal for a romantic break in with a private garden and hot tub. Couples can enjoy quiet and seclusion on the private patio, enjoy uninterrupted country views.

Belle Vue: This beautiful cottage is nestled in the picturesque village of Eggleston on the outskirt of the stunning North Pennine hills. There are also plenty of attractions within a close radius, which includes the historic town of Bernard Castle and the Bowes Museum with lovely walks along the banks of the river Tees to the old abbey. There are also boutique in cobbled streets, the Victorian markets, restaurants and galleries.

So if you are looking for a peaceful stay, then go out for a holiday where you can re-charge yourself amongst beautiful countryside.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Mullet Bay Beach My Favourite Beach in St Martin

Mullet Bay Beach
Mullet is the largest and cleanest beach which is full of white sand and the prettiest beach ever, which is located at St. Martin. Along with white sand the beach also has curls of waves that come in a magnificent moon shape bay towards the coast. As the waves are very nice, surfing is an attractive sport for the local surfers.

The Mullet Bay Beach is located next to the only golf coast of the island. When one thinks of this beach the only picture that comes in mind is a tropical beach which is wide and flat with a stand of palm trees on the fringe. Other than the sun bathers and surfers there are other people that love visiting this beach. The beach is also famous for sunset. It gives a beautiful view of the sun linking into the ocean. There is a lot of parking area beside the beach that makes it a famous and most favourite beach for the vacationers from Simpson Bay to Cupecoy area. The east as well as the west is full of rocks. On the left side of the beach there are a few snack bars.

One can enjoy its privacy here and also can organise some picnics. Even though mullet bay is the central point and also a centre to many urbans amenities, not much of crowd gathers here which is the best part of this beach. Many other peoples and locals love and enjoy bringing their children here especially on weekends. Some people love to set up tents in the shade and huge speakers for music and dancing. There are plenty of things to do such as climbing the rocks on the left side for this they need to bring their shoes as it is quiet slippery at the rocks.
There are many food options once you enter the beach area. One can find Rosie’s Snack bar that sells a variety of fresh barbequed food, drinks and snacks. One can also order some tasty ribs. The food here is made on barbeque pits that are set nearby. If you go further down the beach one can find similar food and drink shacks that sell alcohol as well. One can take their drinks and food to the beach i.e. the sand and eat there as it is common and there are no restrictions against this. But one has to be careful about the cleanliness of the beach by not littering the beach or the ocean. There are many garbage cans that are available and are placed at different spots.
Sunset bar and grill
This is the best place ever where one can sip an ice-cold beer while snapping photos of huge intercontinental jets soaring overhead. The bar is found at the end of the runway. It is a rite of the passage for the aviation buffs. The bar is rocking during the two-for-one happy hour. This happy hour is between 4pm and 7pm. Here the food is served both at day as well as night. The main food here includes pizzas that have names such as Turbulence, Layover and Nonstop. It also has burgers and barbequed ribs as well as chicken and fish.
As most of the time the water of this beach is quite and calm snorkelling is a best kind of adventure sport that one can do to experience the life under water.

Come and enjoy a fun filled day at Mullet beach.

Friday, November 10, 2017

5 Beaches at Los Angeles

Beaches at Los Angeles
Los Angeles has a temperature of 80-degree throughout the year. Because of this the Angelenos enjoys the great outdoor activities such as the best hikes that include the scenic views and even the hikes with the waterfalls. There are miles of picturesque coastline from Malibu to the south bay. The best beaches are in L.A. are from Venice and Santa Monica to Manhattan Beach and Playa Vista.

El Matador State Beach

It is one of the three beaches within Robert H. Meyer Memorial State Beach. This beach is the most famous of the three. It is closest beach to Malibu. A lot of photoshoots take place here. There is a special place to photograph the swimsuit models and the amazing sunset. This beach provides a huge parking lot with picnic tables that look over the Pacific Ocean. The beach is small, beautiful and dominated by rocky outcrops.

This beach perfectly looks like the European beach. One can find privacy on this beach as there are no life guards or any other facilities available on this beach. One can carry out activities like sunbathing, beach exploring, birdwatching, beach walking, snorkelling, swimming, photography and cave exploration, and many other things. It also has amenities such as caves, toilets, picnic tables.

El Porto beach

The El Porto beach is located in the neighbourhood of the northern part of the Manhattan Beach, CA. This beach is meant for surfing as often the waves are larger than the other nearby beaches, hence most of the surfers visit this beach quiet often. This beach is owned by the County Beach. Activities such as Surfing, Biking, Skating, Walking, Running, Beach Walking and Volleyball are carried out here. Also various amenities such as lifeguard, restrooms, showers, bike path, volleyball courts, accessible features and restaurants are provided. The Manhattan Beach is the main beach and El Porto Beach is just a part of the Manhattan Beach. The El Porto Beach has much less population than the main Manhattan Beach.

Zuma Beach

Zuma Beach is a Los Angeles County park in Malibu. This is the best beach in L.A. County, California. This beach is quite wide with enough parking spaces for the Super bowl. The main beach is about two miles away from Zuma beach, but it does not have any houses between the sand and pacific coast highway. The beach is quiet massive that it has lifeguard stations. These lifeguard stations are spaced out on the shore to protect people from getting drowned. The southern part of the Zuma beach is well known as the Westward Beach. Activities such as volleyball, surfing, scuba diving, fishing, swimming, windsurfing, bodyboarding and bodysurfing are carried out here on a large scale. Other amenities such as restrooms, showers, snack bar, picnic tables, Kids play area, lifeguards, volleyball courts and other accessible features are available here.

Venice Beach

The Venice beach is a Haven for artists. It is found in the southeast of Santa Monica. This is the busiest facility operated by the department of recreation and parks. This beach attracts many people from all over the world. The boardwalk is commonly known as the Ocean Front Walk. This place is ranked as the second place which almost every day remains full of tourists from all over the world. The Venice beach boardwalk is stretched over 2 miles and many vendors and performer’s along with many other permanent restaurant holders are present here. Though sometimes the street parking is jammed, there are several beachside lots. Facilities such as restrooms, basketball, tennis, bike paths, lifeguards, beach- adjacent bars and restaurants, Skate Park, workout equipment, etc. are provided here.

Rosie’s Dog Beach

The beach is along Ocean Blvd between Roycroft and Argonne Avenues opened in 2003. Though this beach is named as a dog beach this beach does not have fences at all. But still to this is the best place ever for all the stressed out dogs, so that they can move around without their leash. They have different amenities such as nearby restrooms, trash cans, free parking and many more things. One can only leave their dog off leash when they reach a mark which shows play area for dogs.

Do experience the quintessential endless summer in Southern California.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

10 Scenic Train Ride in India

ScenicTrain Ride in India
Planning a vacation doesn’t include a train expedition nowadays. But if it does it certainly take us back to the childhood days when holidaying meant traveling in a train and admiring the changing landscape as the train passes through towns and villages.

Train Ride is very romantic and most enchanting mode of travel in the world. Nothing can match the Joy scenic Train Ride irrespective of the age Group. Almost every part of India is covered by the Indian Railways, however remote it may be. I am talking about the best picturesque train ride in India. Probably India is the only country in the world where you can find all kinds of landscape in the world and that too by traveling in trains.

The Inland Railways takes passengers, mails and commercial goods from Kanyakumari, the southern tip of India to the highest mountainous towns in the Himalayas. All over the world there are many like you and me who love to travel by train just because of the scenic beauty. After reading this blog post the various scenic train rides in India will beckon the train enthusiast.

Being a good passenger of the Indian railways for more than 15 years; and traveled through the beautiful train routes around the country. This time I‘ll take you to some of the most fascinating train routes in India that cover absolutely exciting and diverse landscape, steep mountain slope, narrow valleys and wide seas.
Here are few beautiful natural scenic train routes of India railways that I can share with you.

The Nilgiri Mountain Train Ride also called as The Blue Mountain Express: 

I would rate this at the top of the list of panoramic train routes. It was my first hill train ride. The narrow gauge train starts its 5 hrs journey from Mettupalayam this toy train has been operating for more than 100 years. This train ride is miserably slow up the hill but the most enjoyable one. When it reached the final destination Ooty, I forgot all the inconvenience caused and the slow train ride. While going up, the breeze starts getting cooler. I came across majestic and lush green, mountains and numerous tunnels and mountain streams. Wild trees and plants rows and rows of Eucalyptus trees, tea and potato planted slopes, myriad forest flowers and playing monkeys will give you company on your scenic train ride. Above all I didn’t forget the sound of streams and exotic birds as I silently looked through the train window.

Shimla: traveling to Shimla in the narrow gauge train was very cherishing. The journey was truly enchanting but a slow pace as the train ascends the slope rhythmically through different stations.

While travelling from Hubli to Madgaon, I experienced one of the most thrilling and enchanting train journeys. The train passes through the most magnificent DudhSagar waterfalls that gush out from 300 metres in full vigour. Once the train reached the waterfall, I was amazed at the cascading beauty and force. To get a better glimpse I got down at Londa Junction, which is the nearest station to Dudh sagar falls.

The snow sojourn scenic train ride: It is a refreshing ride through the Kashmir valley, weaving through the snow-capped peaks at a distance and the chinar trees all around. It was the most thrilling ride in India, as the train passes through thick snow covered landscape and even the rail tracks are covered with white snow. The sight of small village in the distance as the train cuts through pine forests would make your heart skip a beat. The train passes through the Banihal tunnel which is said to be the longest tunnel in India. The scenic train ride is absolute picturesque in the winter. This memorable scenic train ride is called snow sojourn.

Jaisalmer Jodhpur: the Rajasthan trip was really great. It is usually full of colours. I travelled to Jaisalmer from Jodhpur in Delhi Jaisalmer express, which is also called as Desert Queen. The journey is not at all monotonous. In fact you will see diversified topography like typical desert landscape with xerophytic vegetation, yellow soil, dunes, grazing camels and scattered settlement of the desert inhabitants. I really got the feel of the desert safari before reaching the land of the Golden Fort.
At last I had a bag full of cherished memories as a return gift.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

10 Tips for Camping in the Rain

When you think of camping, what would be the weather that comes to mind first?What happens when it starts raining just when you have arrived at your chosen camping site, Wills you feel like returning back to your home or take certain steps and preparation to enjoy the camp. Instead of having a miserable experience you can be prepared and camping in the rain can be very enjoyable. There is no need of cancelling your trip there are many option where u can enjoy in the rain.

It is always smart to pack as if it’s going to rain, even if a storm isn’t in the forecast for your trip. Below is the gear that’ll keep your camping trip running smoothly if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Whenever I plan a camping I see that we don’t choose a campsite near the river or lakes, because with the downpour we may wake up in three inches of water. I prefer always facing my tent towards the morning sun. it is easier to get out of your sleeping bags on cold, wet mornings.

Always add to your list a LED STRING light to drape around the campsite, light some candles to flicker in mason jars and pack a good camp lantern and flashlight. Once we knew we were coming late so we attached reflectors to the trees at the campsite, so at least we can find our way back in the dark.

Just sometime back one of the more dramatic rain camping experiences I have ever had. As we pulled into our campsite the skies looked grey. We started our job to get the tent up before the rain started. As we quickly got set up, small sprinkles started falling.We made sure to put a tarp underneath the tent and to get the rain fly on right away.

First of all I concentrated on having a proper shelter. Car or a tent can always be a refuge for a short time. But still we need to cook food, have a place to eat and be able to move about. So I thought of a TARP which can provide us with protection from the sun or rain. There are favourite ways to rig a tarp are ridge line and center pole. This tarp prevented the water from getting inside of the tent. And also I spread a groundsheet directly under the tent to protect us from cold and damp grounds.

I took some activities along with me to help us to chill out inside the tent during the heavy rain pour. Few activities were like some books magazines, word and number puzzles and the ultimate rainy day tool and a deck of cards. I also took a sleeping bag liner which kept me warm and also protected me from the dirt.

We also carried some trash bags to cover the hiking pack at night and one to store dry firewood. Sealable plastics bags came very handy for small items like digital camera, memory cards, matches and important papers like fishing licenses, money and passport.

Always remember never cook inside your tent or any enclosed paces not only there is a danger of melting your tent or completely burning it down but also there is a possibility of poisoning yourself with carbon monoxide from whatever fumes are let out.

We were really getting bored sitting in the tent, so we decided to put on our waterproof shell and head out for a hike. We only had to be careful about the ground being slippery. But it was fun.

Cooking and eating was fun at the camp. We cooked steamed rice with fried fish and yogurt, poached some eggs and made sandwiches and made vegetable salad and garnished them with black pepper and salt. We also caught fish at the campsite and had a nice barbeque.

No one wants to get wet when camping, but if you plan for it, you can have just as much fun as sunny skies. Some of my most memorable camping trips involved playing scrabble under a massive tarp while it poured for hours.

Regardless of what inspires you to head out on a camping trip, being prepared for all sorts of condition will help you makes the most of your time outdoors.If we all follow these few tips then you’re camping and hiking is not wasted because of unexpected showers.

Don’t let rain spoil your camping trip. Prepare yourself with this guide filled with tips for packing, setting up camp in rainy weather.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Things to do in San Jose Del Cabo

San Jose Del Cabo
San Jose Del Cabo is located at the end of the Baja California peninsula. This place was found in 1930 during the time of the mission. The downtown in San Jose is lovely with adobe houses and jacaranda trees. The homes here which were in a very old and bad condition are now converted into stylish restaurants by the entrepreneurs. And also the government has enlarged the main plaza. It transports you into another world of ancient times but not depriving you of the modern amenities. The main, most popular and famous tourist point here is the Plaza i.e. the Main Square.

Sights at San Jose Del Cabo

Playa Estero of San Jose Del Cabo

At the mouth of the Estero San Jose, there is a sandy beach located. On this beach there 350 species of wildlife and vegetation. But this beach is just suitable for sightseeing, as no one can swim in this beach. This area is actually known more for its lushness, and so it is nevertheless a worthwhile trip. There are many amenities available here. One of the amenities is parking which is available behind the hotel holiday inn. This beach is best suitable for walking as well as for sunrise.

Playa Hotelera in San Jose Del Cabo

The beach is a long stretch running in front of the hotels on the coast of San Jose Del Cabo is called as playa Hotelera. But one cannot swim in this stretch of sand, but once you come out of the hotel property this beach is then public. But one can always drop in into one of the hotels for some snacks or a sunset drink. One can also visit the Plaza Del Pescador, across the street for a meal at any of the restaurants. This beach always offers the locals to rent the horses for a beach side ride. At the west of this beach there is a play area for children, which also offers parking.

Nightlife of San Jose Del Cabo

Cabo San Lucas has a much better exciting nightlife than San Jose del Cabo nightlife. It is a very nice thing for relaxation and enjoying a romantic evening with loved ones. Though the night clubs here are not in abundance but they still offer a very lively ambiance. Almost all hotels in this town offer live music and evening happy hours. Almost all of the hotels here give varieties of tropical music and typical Mexican music which gives a feeling of relaxation and enjoy to the utmost the Mexican atmosphere.

Shopping at San Jose Del Cabo

In San Jose Del Cabo, shopping is a very popular and famous activity. It has a number of varieties of handicrafts and souvenirs at these shops. Most of the shops offering these are located at the main square and the church. There are a few modern shopping centres in town for the people who like fancy and modern things. There is everything that one would need in just a little walking distance.

Attraction of San Jose Del Cabo

There are most interesting attractions in San Jose del Cabo. One of the main attractions is the wide golden sandy beaches that lie outside of the town. It starts from activities like exploring dessert vegetation and sea life to exciting activities like riding a horse or a motorcycle, etc. San Joes is filled with a lot of surprises and adventures. This place is a perfect spot to get in touch with nature because of its museums and exclusive reserves of different species from the plant and animal kingdoms. The place is also known for its beautiful, famous and sophisticated restaurants that serve delicious food. One can dine with the sea because of the open-air terraces and incomparable sea views.

Join dolphins in the water at Dolphin discovery Los caboa. It is suitable for both children and adult. The dolphins demonstrate their skills and tricks. You can swim with bottlenose dolphins, let them push you across water, hold on to them while they glide or be lifted out of water by two dolphins

If you need a break from the quiet atmosphere of this historical town, dare to go on an adventure. Start with a Hydro fly Board, which is considered one of the top things to do in San Jose Del Cabo. Experience a personal flight lesson .This is the perfect place for your first jetpack experience and is sure to create memories of a life time for the entire family.

Sore through a beautiful nature sanctuary on a zip line. For a wide range of tours and activities, visit Trancabo. Choose from city tours, adventures tour, whale watching, golfing or sunset cruising. You will have plenty of fish to grill at your private villa after a day out on the boat.

All these attraction makes San Jose Del Cabo a magical place. You must explore and discover

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Top 10 Things to Do in Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev, Ukraine
Kiev is the capital and largest city of Ukraine, the largest country on the European continent. This country has relaxed immigration law means the visitors from the European Union, the United States and Canada no longer need a visa to enter Ukraine.

Kiev has a very good sense of selecting tourist attractions. These attractions occupy most of the visitors for a week or more. Most of these attractions are in the city centre and very but the most popular and famous attraction here is the Pechersk Lavra i.e. the Caves Monastery. Kiev is a green city as it is filled with beautiful parks and gardens. One can also visit the open air museum that is situated on the outskirts of Kiev. This is the only one attraction that can’t be reached by foot or by metro. Few are away by a short metro ride. The city is actually known for its magnificent churches and cathedrals.

The nightlife here is just simply legendary. As Kiev is the capital of Ukraine, it is the centre of almost everything. The finest scenes for nightlife and night partying is found in this country. If one is tired by partying they can get a massage after partying.

A visit to Kiev would not be completer without a shot of horilka pertsivka (vodka) infused with spicy chills. The drink is readily available with most bars and restaurants in the city.

The third busiest Mc Donald in the world is said to be the branch at Kiev main train station. The best place in town to have the Ukrainian street food is at Kiev perepichka. It is the same as a hotdog except its deep fried in a magically delicious batter.

The exciting guided bike tour will allow you to relax and explore fascinating Kiev attractions. While cycling from the centre of the city to green zone on the Trukhaniv Island, you will be able to admire picturesque views of Kiev, see the panorama of the Dnieper River from the pedestrian Bridge and enjoy a comfortable and positive ride with a friendly local guide.

Hydro Park is an island of entertainment in the middle of the Dnieper River with some nice sandy beaches and some not so nice, murky river water, where swimming won’t be enjoyed. But there are also other beach activities to keep you entertained.

Drink beer at the trolleybus ticket museum: the only museum of trolleybus ticket is settled in the heart of Kiev. It is always crowded with customers as they know the rule. One who brings a unique ticket will get a beet for free. Planning a trip to Kiev do not forget to get a trolleybus tickets and bring it with you. There is also a pub inside, where visitors can watch sports and enjoy their food. The atmosphere is bizarre.

Plunge into the ice-hole: A tradition to plunge into the ice-hole was spread in the year 988 with the Christianisation of Kiev van Rus. A lot of Ukrainians follow it as they believe in three things. The body heals, the sins leave and the spirit becomes stronger. The crazy ones prefer to do it for fun in order to test their will power.

Come to Kiev and see the difference.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Best Hidden Destinations The World Doesn’T Know

 Hidden Destinations
The well- known wonders of the world are definitely worth visiting. Most of us are content travelling the well-known tourist places, others prefer mostly undiscovered destinations .But sometimes it’s nice to experience the cultural and natural wonders of the world ,especially if it means fewer crowds.
Best hidden destinations are:

TUAMOTU ISLANDS is about an hour’s flight north of Papeete. It is unspoiled, uncrowded and unpolluted. One can snorkel with tropical and big fishes like the sharks and manta rays in the coral atolls with lagoons in the middle and through the lagoon passage of return of the tides.

GALAPAGOS ISLANDS: it is not a hidden destination, but it’s also not the most obvious family vacation. But still parents would like to take their kids to this place again and again. If you tour the island by boat you get closer and personal with millions of animals who are not scared of humans. Kids also have a lot of activity like water sports, snorkelling and sea kayaking.

WRANGELL-KLUANE WILDERNESS, AT ALSAKA AND THE YUKON: this is the world largest, single protected area .It boasts of its super-high mountains and glaciers in North America. Apart from the wildlife the vast park offers all sorts of adventures possibilities like backcountry hiking, mountain climbing, white water rafting on huge inland rivers, and best of all adrenaline pumping bush planes flights.

THE PYRENEES FOR MOUNTAIN LOVERS: It is located in southern France and northern Spain they have so much to offer including incredible high country national parks in Gavarnie, Ordesa and Aiguestortes, regional cuisines , the running of the bulls in Pamplona and even duty free shopping in tiny Andorra.

HIDDEN DESTINATION FOR ROMANCE IN SRILANKA: Srilanka southern coast either side of the old city of Galle has everything you need for a getaway including chic boutique hotels, uncrowded beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, ancient temples and great food.

KAKSLAUTTANEN HOTEL FINLAND: The Artic typically conjures up images of cold, stark landscape, this hotel has created these beautiful glass igloos in the midst of the forest, perfect for viewing clear Northern nights and their dancing lights.

ITHAA UNDERSEA RESTAURANT MALDIVES: You will never find a dining experience anywhere in the world like this. This underwater restaurant sits below the Indian Ocean and thrills visitor’s right from colourful fish to graceful sharks.

GREEN LAKE AT AUSTRIA: Throughout winter this valley is mostly a park with a small lake, but when the warmth of spring comes the valley fills with the clearest of water to create a fleeting underwater kingdom.

MONS KLINT DENMARK: The white cliffs of Dover may be far more famous, but there’s every reason to feel these Danish Cliffs are far most beautiful between the pristine whiteness of capped and the sparkling azure waters of the Baltic.

So for your next vacations instead of trekking of to that place you’ve heard a millions people talk about, strike out for one of these hidden gems and discover unique experiences all your own.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Puerto Banus, The World Famous Port

 Puerto Banus
Puerto Banus is 6km to the western side of the town Centre. PUERTO BANUS is Marbella’s world famous port. It is locally known as Costa del Sol’s. Their expensive lifestyle can be seen in the form of shops and restaurants. There are plenty of Ferraris and luxury yachts that can be admired. A number of rich and wealthy people come to this place to enjoy the beach clubs, beaches and the buzzing nightlife. Puerto Banus is one of the compact harbor towns. Holidays to PUERTO BANUS means celebrity spotting, glitzy restaurants and designer boutiques, not to mention champagne style clubs. One can enjoy sightseeing and do many things for enjoyment.
This festival is celebrated in the month of June. A large number of people wear the flamenco costumes and take over the streets of Puerto Banus. Especially the restaurants host a special flamenco dance nights. This festival is kind of a music festival. When one thinks of such festival, one dreams of an open air and all the fragrance that the warm summer night has to offer. One of the major aspect of this festival is the bar, where people get together to have drinks and a few conversations. It is the only festival which shows the true aspect of flamenco.

The only thing on the stage during the festival is the voice and the guitar. There is all excitement prevailed in the atmosphere during this festival. All the people no matter what age group they belong to attend this wonderful festival. This festival always takes place in an open ground or a field. This festival always starts around ten thirty and would come to an end till three or four in the morning. Even the most die heart fans would find it difficult and exhausting to last at night. During this festival everyone including women, children and even the pets would be dressed in the traditional Spanish outfit. It brings everyone into Great Spirit.
A restaurant where one can enjoy a delicious Sweden skagen meal that is plump prawns in creamy sauce spread out on cereal bread in the midst of a very beautiful white interior and wooden furnishing, enjoying a beautiful scenic view from the terrace and eating into a platter of juicy mussels cooked in choices of beer and cream laced with coconut milk.
In order to get the taste of the old Costa del Sol, one must go to Marbella’s old town. The most enchanting place that offers something lovely to see at every corner is its whitewashed, partially enclosed Casco Antiguo (Old Town) i.e. a perfect maze of narrow streets that twist and turn. This old town consists of two historical quarters- Barrio Alto and Barrio Nuevo. Most of it is still in its original layout though it is of the 16th century. It is one of the main shopping and dining areas in the city. It is also a well-known place to party as it has a nice array of bars and clubs with different music for all tastes.
VIP AREAS, HEN AND STAG NIGHTS AND 25 sports screens make linekers one of the most well populated bars in Puerto Banus. Club are open throughout the night with cocktail flowing and resident DJ playing soul, disco and the latest pop tunes.
Puerto Banus is famous for its beach clubs- these very fancy, all-day beach bars have spilled out onto the sands just west of the port. The clubs have big luxurious sun loungers and a bar serving up cocktail and champagne. To the west of the port is the more traditional Mistral Beach, a sandy number with a beach shack restaurant called a Chiringuitos. And 10 mind drives away is Nagueles beach-its Marbella’s busiest beach and offers wind surfing, Jet Ski and pedalos.
So enjoy the port with all the different entertainment.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Cuba, Carribbean Largest Island

The largest and most popular island in the Caribbean Sea is Cuba. It consists of the Atlantic Ocean to the north and the Caribbean Sea to the south. The shape of this island is like an alligator. Half of Cuba’s territory is made up of forested mountains. Cuba is an island with vibrant art, soul-stirring music and villages cloaked in colonial charm. Cuba is famous for music that has influenced the other musicians worldwide. It is a home to nine UNESCO world heritage sites and a population as warm and scintillating as its tropical climate and colorful arts. The capital of Cuba is Havana. Cuba main religion is Catholicism.

What draws people to the Caribbean island of Cuba is much more than beaches and sun. The country can be visited in any season. This is a safe country to travel alone as a single woman or even with children.

Things to do in Cuba:

SMOKE A CUBAN CIGAR: Cuban cigar is that kind which one must never miss. It is a must to smoke a real Cuban cigar. But the best Cuban cigars come from the tobacco farms grown in the Valle de Vinales.

HAVANA TOUR: Ride in a CLASSIC Car, remove photos and enjoy an hour of HAVANA city tour. Whenever you end up travelling in Cuba a ride in an old classic car is a must. Picture rolling through Havana in a restores cabriolet, wind in your hair as you listen to classic salsa on the radio.

Salsa still runs through the veins of every Cuban. Salsa moves seems as if they are walking naturally. The dance culture in Cuba is all about doing it together. For a crash course hang out during salsa night at the outdoor club 1830 and fall into the step with a local.

See live music everywhere in Cuba. Visit the famous club La Zorra, Y El Cuervo or just stop at the association of Cuban writers and artist and you might find a Grammy winner on the sax. Apart from jazz there is also amazing son music, trova, danzon and much more. Havana brims with Cuba’s best nightlife, which hinges on music and dancing. Bars and clubs are plenty. Kick off the night with a daiquiri.

Watch the sunset from EL Morro: it is a 16th century fortress that was also used as a prison for many years. Now it is an excellent vantage point where you can catch beautiful Atlantic sunsets. Every night at 9 p.m. a ceremonial canon is fired from the fortress walls.

Enjoy Cuban rum: rum is cheap and easy to find in Cuba. But some take back home or relax on a palm tree lined beach sipping a mojito in the sun.

Many entrepreneurs are focusing on street food. Try pork hamburgers, fruit milkshakes and coconut pies to name a few.

BARACOA is a little known slice of paradise in Cuba. It is the oldest city in the country this town has a secluded black sand beach, peaceful streams, crashing waterfalls to explore and bathe in, and lush forest. Many visitors come to hike YUNQUE a mountain famous for its flat top that offer incredible view of the sea.

Varadero is Cuba’s most illustrious resort town and with over 3000 miles of coastline, you can have your pick of beach spot, from bustling locals near Havana to hidden gems on the islands less frequented stretches. Its magnificent white sand beaches draw visitors from around the world. The beaches near Havana are a more affordable day trip as are the beaches in the provinces. Varadero is like Cuba’s south beach more of a destination.

Major hotels brands like Starwood are starting to set up shop in Cuba and mainstream cruise ship is setting sail. Casas particulares essentially Cuban B&Bs, are very economical and authentic way to experience local culture. You may be sharing common spaces with most of the families.

Though traveling to Cuba is really challenging. The country’s favorable climate, captivating history, beautiful beaches, swinging salsa rhythms and ubiquitous mojitos are fair compensation indeed.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Most Dangerous Cruise Port In The World

There are so many who want to unwind and have a good time, one best way are by taking a cruise. Those with long vacation may use cruise ship so that they have a long experience journeying on water. The destination of a person should not be based on what they want, but more of how safe is the destinations.

There’s a quote “A SHIP IN THE HARBOUR IS SAFE” But that’s not true. Sometimes a ship in a harbour isn’t safe and neither its passengers. There are cruise ports around the world which are dangerous, especially sometimes they get robbed, hurt, kidnapped or killed. There are lot of criminal activities going on at different countries. It is therefore good to be caution when choosing the following cruise ports.

So how can you judge which ports to avoid and to be cautious about?

ROATAN HONDURAS: this island looks like a Caribbean paradise. It is surrounded by crystalline waters that make for world class beach and scuba experiences. But this country Honduras has not been able to get its rate of violent crime under control. Many cruise lines like passenger of carnival cruise were held at a gun point. Norwegian cruise line crew member was shot and killed during a robbery.

How to stay safe in Roatan: Never travel alone, avoid lonely places including beaches. Book your tours directly through your cruise lines. Keep travel plans private. Stay away from coxen hole after dark. Don’t display your valuable, jewellery and cash.

MINDANAO PHILIPPINES: The SULU SEA is quickly becoming notorious. Terrorist and criminal organisation has begun to target tourist foreigners by kidnapping. There the state departments has warned to avoid non-essential travel to the Sulu Archipelago and especially to the island of MINDANAO, which draws tourist who are interested in seeing lush scenery, stunning waterfalls and emerald forests. Ports like Zamboanga and Dipolog also attract ISIS and related insurgent groups who kidnap foreigners and civilians for ransom.

How to stay safe in MINDANAO: Avoid going in the small boats through this area. Travel in groups with reputed tour companies. Plan shore excursion and keep an eye all the time.

ADEN, YEMEN: the Gulf of Aden has floated cruises operated by COSTA and Silversea. It is one of the worst places for piracy. The waters off the coast of Somalia are dangerous enough that cruise ships turn off their GPS broadcast and exterior lights when sailing that area.

MEXICO always tries to ensure that the tourists are safe. Still too there are high crime rates that endanger lives, such as homicides, assaults and robberies.

INDONESIA has ports where piracy activities take place. Jakarta is one of the places that you should be careful of.

TURKEY is one of the unsafe places to take a cruise, because of the terror attack. The companies offering cruise service fear to dock at Turkey port. Many of the ship reroute their ship and go to some other ports. The civilians will make you feel very comfortable and appreciated with their hospitality, even so, with the threat of terror and suicide bombing concerns; it won’t be a great choice.

PORT HARCOURT: This port is located in Nigeria on the African continent. It is a most dangerous port for cruise ships to make a stop at. It is known for kidnapping of foreigners and tourist by the terrorist group BOKO HARAM who has been kidnapping young girls and women.

MARGARITA ISLAND: It is the most dangerous cruise port which is located especially for drugs and human and drug trafficking. Some tourists are also attacked on the cruise that stops at this port. This is all done because of the poor economy in the Venezuela making this port very dangerous for cruise.

The places mentioned above are good destination for holidays, but the crime rates and some diseases outbreaks make this place very unpleasant and unsecure to be at. But if some protection is taken by the government along with the port authorities, then these ports will turn into peaceful places for people to go and have their holidays.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Do You Shop To Travel Or Travel To Shop

duty free shop Zadar Airport
Some traveler gets to know a place through its museums and monuments, others through its scenic landscapes or traditional cuisine. But for shopaholic, who loves to shop there no ways to experience a place by mingling with merchants in a bazaar, going through the handcrafted wares of local artisans or sampling in the first place.

Shopping in a city can be designer at the posh boutique in town. For many travellers shopping isn’t just a thing you do at the hotel gift shop when you’ve forgotten your toothbrush. It’s the entire reason they have got on a plane fun; it’s as great way to collect souvenirs, or to pick up designers items where you can’t get in your hometown. Sometimes you purchase comfortable shoes from a different country, every time you wear it that reminds you of your travels.

From a shopper’s perspective frequent traveling can be crippling. It can get worse in the holiday season where Christmas dominates many people’s calendar. Instead of buying things in the city a better shopping trip can be very useful.

There are two types of shoppers: one is that some people prefer to shop just because they want to travel and visit many places simultaneously and the other one is that he or she prefer to travel only because of shopping. They are not interested in visiting places.

Some cities have better shopping options than others. Tourists are asked to rate on travel experience around the world and share their opinions on the top cities, islands, cruise lines, spas, airlines and more. But most of them have rated cities for a number of qualities, including shopping. U.S is their favourite place where they’re most excited to crack open their wallet. London and Paris reign as fashion capitals but network beat them both coming in at the best city in the world for shopping.

A mall is something where you can entertain yourself with shopping and also enjoy your whole day by dining, watching a movie or play games.

To find out which cities around the world can give your money worth when it comes to shopping.

In that case we can judge cities like:

How do we get around the city during your shopping? Is there a public transportation, affordability and availability of cabs, transport time?

Can we bargain during the sale season?

Found out the number of available brands, range of shopping categories, quantity of upscale shops, department stores, boutique and vintage retailers and market stalls.

Some of the best destinations for shopping are:


ISTANBUL TURKEY: Shopping in Turkey is great with open air market covered Turkish bazaar and chic boutiques everywhere. Things likes Alabaster stone, Antiques Apparel, brass and copper, carpets, ceramics, jewellery, kilims is a woven mat, leather Apparel, silk, wood inlaid are famous.

SINGAPORE: if you are a shopping lover, you should come to Singapore at least once in your life, it is one of the most vibrant shopping hubs in Asia. Singapore is a fashion paradise for millions of tourist, who come not only for sightseeing, but also to get the most fashionable items. It not only offers branded products but also product which are based on low budget, so shoppers can find desired items that suit their needs, tastes and wallets in fact. These are few shopping places, where one can purchase goods at a reasonable price like MUSTAFA CENTRE, BUGIS STREET, LUCKY PLAZA, FAR EAST PLAZA, CITY PLAZA, ANCHOR POINT CENTRE and much more.

NEW YORK CITY: New York  is one of the most popular cities in the world. It has something to offer for everyone. From famous department stores in Midtown Manhattan to small farmers markets in Brooklynn. This city offers products to fit every lifestyle.

There are still many more places where one can shop.

Shopping actually make you happy. Treating yourself to something nice at the shops apparently has a lasting positive impact on mood.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Know What To Wear on a Plane and More Important What Not to Wear While Traveling

travel outfit
The day you think about going for a holiday or a business trip, take a moment to look around the airport as you prepare for the flight, you’ll see fellow travelers rocking their personal style, whether it is comfortable sweats or maxi dresses.

Travel now days are uncomfortable enough, with long line at the TSA, ever narrow seats and the whole packed like sardines. The rules of in-flight fashions are different from those on the ground. When you’re sitting for hours in a metal tube flying 35000 feet in the air, wear an outfit that keeps you cozy and relaxed and you’ll likely appear to be comfortable than the traveller struggling with heavy bags in four inch stilettos .To look and feel your best while jet-setting avoid the following in flight fashions. Follow some jet-setting don’ts we should all be aware of. If it is your international flight then you should be extra careful as you’ll have to travel in a long haul flight lasting through the night and crossing continents alone with climate and time zones. In this hectic travel, comfort comes first when considering the type of cloth to wear to board the flight.

Before choosing your travel outfits, think how long you are going to travel. Don’t forget the airplane bathrooms. Make sure to avoid any outfits that will be too complicated to get off and on in those teeny tiny rooms. JUMPSUIT is difficult to remove in teeny bathrooms. Avoid short skits ort dresses anything low cut. Try not to wear anything expensive on the flight because whenever there is turbulence and elbow to elbow seat mates, any spill on your clothing is going to be disappointing, .so leave it home or pack it.

CONTACT LENS avoid wearing a contact lens in a plane as the air in plane cabins is so dry that your eyes dry out in the arid cabin. Instead bring a pair of glasses to change into.

Avoid using strong smelling perfumes, colognes, body sprays and so on. Some passengers may suffer allergic reactions to synthetic fragrances. So once you land your destination you can spray yourself.

Never wear flip flop on a plane if packing for a summer vacation. They are too flimsy for a full day travel. Airplane sometimes gets too hot and that means sweating. It is incredibly embarrassing to smell your feet. Avoid wearing high heels. It can ditch you any moment on the slippery floor at the airport and also hamper your balance in the flight. During turbulence; you’ll either fall on someone’s lap or injure your ankle badly.

Avoid wearing jewelleries on the plane. Accessories like earrings with screws, belts, boots and jackets with metal studs and even shoes that have lot of laces, straps, zips or buttons not only look jazzy but can also create trouble for you during security check in. You’ll unnecessarily have to be detained for the metals on your body.

The key to traveling with style is to be comfortable and classy. Next time before dressing up for the trip, do remember these tips. Even you can share these tips with your friends for goodwill.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Ultimate Southern Bucket List

Most bucket lists feature exotic international locations, West coast national park or north-eastern metropolises, but the often forgotten southern states have just as much to offer . From natural wonders to bustling cities, explore the best of the south in this strictly southern bucket list where you should see, do, cook, read and drink at least once.

Whenever thinking of spending some time with your family, the south is one of the best places to live during your months off. Here are some essential ideas to add to your bucket list to experience different entertainment and places.

Experience New Orleans nightlife: New Orleans is a city defined and shaped by waterways. It is known as the CRESCENT CITY because of its quarter-moon shape, if you want to make a night out of listening to traditional jazz music in a comfortable atmosphere while sipping a drink. Snug harbour located on Frenchmen Street is the place for you.

DRIVE THE BLUE RIDGE PARKWAY: With killer hiking and unbelievable views the Blue Ridgepathway in Asheville has to offer, from North Carolina take a road trips to the next level. If you are looking for a cute southern date idea this could be one of the most unexpectedly romantic ones.

HOST a BONFIRE: Is there anything better than a night spent outside with friends around a bonfire? Snack on some more and catch up with hot besties. And see if you can host one on the beach.

Spend your night in the open under a beautiful blanket of stars. Summers in the south make for a perfect camping weather; even if you just plan to get a few friends together and sleep in the backyard. And just enjoy the lovely open weather.

Try hang-gliding at Jockey’s ridge in Nag’s Head on the outer banks area of North Carolina.

Raft in Olympic glory down the Ocoee River in South East Tennessee.

Swim across the Mississippi River.

Take an Adventurous white water rafting trip down West Virginia’s Gauley River.

Hike the Appalachian Trail.

Compete in the Texas Water Safari the world’s toughest canoe race.

Stroll along the Alamo plaza on a moonlit night or the walk down the river as the sun rises in San Antonia, TX.

Experience Washington D.C. in its element on the 4th of July. Watch fireworks, hear speeches, witness parades and feel the Patriotism.

Catch the iconic southern sunset.

During the heat of the day at Padre Island, take a break and watch a release of youth Ridley’s Sea Turtles- the rarest sea turtles in the world.

Every southern New Yorker's needs a bit of adventure this summer, there are some unique ideas that will keep your summer busy entertaining and adventurous.

To keep your palate watering try out Rocky’s deli, known for their delicious and unique sandwiches and their 24 hrs service is really good.

I Fly: if you ever wanted to go sky diving but never had the courage to do so. This is for you this sky diving simulator is nothing like you’ve ever experienced.

Dinner Cruise: Treat yourself to a dinner cruise around the Hudson River in New York City with great food and beautiful view.

So start planning your bucket list, which will keep you at ease and help you to move about your destination easily.