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Saturday, November 4, 2017

10 Tips for Camping in the Rain

When you think of camping, what would be the weather that comes to mind first?What happens when it starts raining just when you have arrived at your chosen camping site, Wills you feel like returning back to your home or take certain steps and preparation to enjoy the camp. Instead of having a miserable experience you can be prepared and camping in the rain can be very enjoyable. There is no need of cancelling your trip there are many option where u can enjoy in the rain.

It is always smart to pack as if it’s going to rain, even if a storm isn’t in the forecast for your trip. Below is the gear that’ll keep your camping trip running smoothly if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Whenever I plan a camping I see that we don’t choose a campsite near the river or lakes, because with the downpour we may wake up in three inches of water. I prefer always facing my tent towards the morning sun. it is easier to get out of your sleeping bags on cold, wet mornings.

Always add to your list a LED STRING light to drape around the campsite, light some candles to flicker in mason jars and pack a good camp lantern and flashlight. Once we knew we were coming late so we attached reflectors to the trees at the campsite, so at least we can find our way back in the dark.

Just sometime back one of the more dramatic rain camping experiences I have ever had. As we pulled into our campsite the skies looked grey. We started our job to get the tent up before the rain started. As we quickly got set up, small sprinkles started falling.We made sure to put a tarp underneath the tent and to get the rain fly on right away.

First of all I concentrated on having a proper shelter. Car or a tent can always be a refuge for a short time. But still we need to cook food, have a place to eat and be able to move about. So I thought of a TARP which can provide us with protection from the sun or rain. There are favourite ways to rig a tarp are ridge line and center pole. This tarp prevented the water from getting inside of the tent. And also I spread a groundsheet directly under the tent to protect us from cold and damp grounds.

I took some activities along with me to help us to chill out inside the tent during the heavy rain pour. Few activities were like some books magazines, word and number puzzles and the ultimate rainy day tool and a deck of cards. I also took a sleeping bag liner which kept me warm and also protected me from the dirt.

We also carried some trash bags to cover the hiking pack at night and one to store dry firewood. Sealable plastics bags came very handy for small items like digital camera, memory cards, matches and important papers like fishing licenses, money and passport.

Always remember never cook inside your tent or any enclosed paces not only there is a danger of melting your tent or completely burning it down but also there is a possibility of poisoning yourself with carbon monoxide from whatever fumes are let out.

We were really getting bored sitting in the tent, so we decided to put on our waterproof shell and head out for a hike. We only had to be careful about the ground being slippery. But it was fun.

Cooking and eating was fun at the camp. We cooked steamed rice with fried fish and yogurt, poached some eggs and made sandwiches and made vegetable salad and garnished them with black pepper and salt. We also caught fish at the campsite and had a nice barbeque.

No one wants to get wet when camping, but if you plan for it, you can have just as much fun as sunny skies. Some of my most memorable camping trips involved playing scrabble under a massive tarp while it poured for hours.

Regardless of what inspires you to head out on a camping trip, being prepared for all sorts of condition will help you makes the most of your time outdoors.If we all follow these few tips then you’re camping and hiking is not wasted because of unexpected showers.

Don’t let rain spoil your camping trip. Prepare yourself with this guide filled with tips for packing, setting up camp in rainy weather.