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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Best Hidden Destinations The World Doesn’T Know

 Hidden Destinations
The well- known wonders of the world are definitely worth visiting. Most of us are content travelling the well-known tourist places, others prefer mostly undiscovered destinations .But sometimes it’s nice to experience the cultural and natural wonders of the world ,especially if it means fewer crowds.
Best hidden destinations are:

TUAMOTU ISLANDS is about an hour’s flight north of Papeete. It is unspoiled, uncrowded and unpolluted. One can snorkel with tropical and big fishes like the sharks and manta rays in the coral atolls with lagoons in the middle and through the lagoon passage of return of the tides.

GALAPAGOS ISLANDS: it is not a hidden destination, but it’s also not the most obvious family vacation. But still parents would like to take their kids to this place again and again. If you tour the island by boat you get closer and personal with millions of animals who are not scared of humans. Kids also have a lot of activity like water sports, snorkelling and sea kayaking.

WRANGELL-KLUANE WILDERNESS, AT ALSAKA AND THE YUKON: this is the world largest, single protected area .It boasts of its super-high mountains and glaciers in North America. Apart from the wildlife the vast park offers all sorts of adventures possibilities like backcountry hiking, mountain climbing, white water rafting on huge inland rivers, and best of all adrenaline pumping bush planes flights.

THE PYRENEES FOR MOUNTAIN LOVERS: It is located in southern France and northern Spain they have so much to offer including incredible high country national parks in Gavarnie, Ordesa and Aiguestortes, regional cuisines , the running of the bulls in Pamplona and even duty free shopping in tiny Andorra.

HIDDEN DESTINATION FOR ROMANCE IN SRILANKA: Srilanka southern coast either side of the old city of Galle has everything you need for a getaway including chic boutique hotels, uncrowded beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, ancient temples and great food.

KAKSLAUTTANEN HOTEL FINLAND: The Artic typically conjures up images of cold, stark landscape, this hotel has created these beautiful glass igloos in the midst of the forest, perfect for viewing clear Northern nights and their dancing lights.

ITHAA UNDERSEA RESTAURANT MALDIVES: You will never find a dining experience anywhere in the world like this. This underwater restaurant sits below the Indian Ocean and thrills visitor’s right from colourful fish to graceful sharks.

GREEN LAKE AT AUSTRIA: Throughout winter this valley is mostly a park with a small lake, but when the warmth of spring comes the valley fills with the clearest of water to create a fleeting underwater kingdom.

MONS KLINT DENMARK: The white cliffs of Dover may be far more famous, but there’s every reason to feel these Danish Cliffs are far most beautiful between the pristine whiteness of capped and the sparkling azure waters of the Baltic.

So for your next vacations instead of trekking of to that place you’ve heard a millions people talk about, strike out for one of these hidden gems and discover unique experiences all your own.

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