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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Yilan Taiwan- Scenic Nature’s Paradise

Yilan Taiwan
Yilan is a beautiful city in North-eastern Taiwan. It is surrounded by sea and mountains. Yilan County is well-known for its hiking trails, mountain peaks, and innumerable natural getaway. Yilan Taiwan often gets rains and offers beautiful foggy scenery. Yilan may not be as popular as other cities in Taiwan but don’t be disappointed. In Yilan, tourists are allowed to bargain, and feast their way through the night markets.

Yilan County Taiwan has a wealth of activities.

Sightseeing in Yilan Taiwan: 

The National Center for Traditional Arts in Wujie: Yilan is a place where the traditional art is preserved. There are many chances to learn and even make traditional handicrafts to bring home while you stroll along the street. You will find many souvenirs to purchase. There are also performances at the outdoor stages.

Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area is a popular attraction in Yilan County. It is a haven for hiking enthusiasts. The scenery is around this recreation area is breath-taking. If you are having a sore eye then looking at the lush green mountain will cure your eyes. If hungry try some authentic local dishes at the restaurant on top of the mountain.

Dongshan Water Park is an outdoor water park. They have various recreational activities. There is an ecological conservation area, water activities area, outdoor theater and various leisure facilities in the park. Bicycle is given on a rental basis to trail in the park. The water park also holds the annual Dragon Boat Festival. It’s a great place to spend your time along with your family.

Witness the Wufengchi Waterfall: for a wonderfully natural experience while exploring the finest that Yilan Taiwan offers, you’ll find the Wufengchi waterfall as one of the hidden gems of Jiaoxi Township. The waterfall itself is three-tiered. At this waterfall you’ll find solace in the rhythmic, therapeutic process by which the water cascade falls over mesmerizing repetition.


Activities in Yilan Taiwan: Soak in the hot springs of Jiaoxi. This township is famous for its hot springs. The hot spring is a clear and odorless due to its alkaline base. If you feel you have to stay in a night at Jiaoxi many hotels are offering in-room hot spring tubs or public hot springs tubs in the hotel. You can also go to Tang-Wel-Gou Park and enjoy hot public hot spring which is open for free for your tired feet. So if you’re in Yilan Taiwan, it’s always a good idea to take a relaxing night off during your trip to enjoy a dip in the warm waters.

Night Market is a vital part of Taiwan’s rich and vibrant culture. The night market in Yilan not only offers street food but also various apparel, and fashion-oriented stalls. The vibrant night market in Taiwan is a carnival-like atmosphere.

Luodang Night Market is one of the most happening places in Yilan. It not only offers a great shopping experience, but it is lined with street vendors and cafes offering mouth-watering local Taiwanese cuisine. It is a perfect place to sample and fill your bellies with local snacks and specialties. From bite-sized snacks and desserts to drink, most food sold at this night market is not only delicious and savory but also very affordable.

Nightlife in Yilan County 

Night life is very quiet with only a few bars around the city center. People prefer to sleep early and rise early. But if you are looking for a buzz after dark you’ll certainly find it at these places.

Dongmen Night Market is famous for street food. There are lots of cheap and reasonable shopping items.

Shasha is one of the bars in Yilan City. The drinks are sold at a reasonable price. The bar timings are not fixed.

Mr. Balagov an Eastern European cafe is also open quite late.

Kids attractions in Yilan in Taiwan: 

Crayon factory: Lucky Art Crayon Factory is the only remaining factory in Taiwan. Apart from color chalks and colored pens, they manufacture a variety of body paints pigment often used for carnivals and major events. This is a great place to spend time with your kids drawing, in making crayons together. The kids are allowed to make their markers, and recycle crayons and make them into cute figurine crayons. It promotes DIY and experimental training.

Liya duck farm: city kids hardly get a chance to experience real life farming as they are used to brick, and mortar lifestyle. This little duck farm, here allows the kid to be a farmer for the day. The farmer teaches the kids the lifestyle of the duck and makes them prepare a dish out of it.

Walk around the magical Jimmy square: Sceneries and natural landscapes aren’t the only things you can enjoy. Take a walk down Jimmy Square and be captured by the interactive displays around. It’s a place where children’s fantasies can be fulfilled. There are many opportunities to take photographs too. Bring out your childhood spirit and bring your family along to this unique attraction.

Whale and Dolphin watching: Guishan Island is a rare sight in the Pacific. Due to the volcanic activity, the island has taken a shape in the form of a turtle. The Sea is a favorite haunt for whales and dolphins. The dolphins are often seen jumping and spinning above the water in groups like ballet dancers. This island is also known as one of the best places to appreciate the beauty of the sunrise.

Surfing: Taiwan is known as a surfing Mecca with mighty waves rolling in from the Pacific Ocean. Yilan Taiwan has some cool surf spots. Suao is one such harbor town that is known as the world’s best challenging surf.

The Best time to visit Yilan, Taiwan is during April to November.

Cuisine in Yilan: tons of restaurants (Chinese, Taiwanese, and Mc Donald) can be found around the station. If you love eating seafood then head to the seaside villages along the east coast to gorge on fresh but cheap fish, shrimps, and squids.

Yilan Taiwan is a small but beautiful upcoming tourist destination that is worth a visit. You shouldn’t miss Yilan on your trip to Taiwan.

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