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Monday, May 9, 2022

12 Free Things to Do in Boston

Free Things to Do in Boston

Boston, a historic city with roots, is a collection of large metropolitan areas such as LA or NYC, and Miami. It is a city with many graduates and multiple students for which it has become a cheap place to visit. Therefore, there are many free things to do in Boston. For instance, you can enjoy music events, visit museums, walking tours, beer tours, parks, beaches, etc.

The Top Free Things to Do in Boston:

We have given here the top free things to do in Boston.

1. Walk the Freedom Trail:

It expands 2.5 miles and covers 16 historical sites. There is a red-bricked trail that will let you know all details about the city's history. If you are willing, download an audio podcast to accompany your walk. Besides, if you prefer, go on an arranged tour led by the city's historic character. When you enter the trail, make sure that you must spend a few hours walking the trail. Thus, you will get the best feeling about the city's history. Whether you are looking to do something, do it must.

2. Eat-in Faneuil Hall:

If you visit here, ensure that you must eat in Quincy Market at least once. You can enjoy your meal from different restaurants in the colonnade. Besides, you can see multiple people going by and enjoying other street performers' shows.

The Faneuil hall has been a place for meeting for a long time in the town since the 1740s. It is a witness of multiple speeches about American independence before the Revolutionary War. After completing eating, you can spend your time walking around on a beautiful afternoon.

3. Catch a Concert at the Hatch Shell:

While visiting the beautiful place, you must witness the show of Hatch Shell played by artists. So, you can enjoy their shows while relaxing by the Charles River. Besides, you can experience the very popular Boston Pops play that used to take place on July 4th.

4. Visit Castle Island:

Castle Island is in the south part of the city, and it is famous for its fort. On this 22-acre island, you can see many beautiful beaches, renowned running trails, etc. If you are a picnic lover, you must come here and visit the location. In addition, there is a beautiful spot, the old fort, that you must explore for free while visiting here. However, it is busy on the weekends during the summer, and multiple school groups come here to explore the fort during the spring.

5. Visit Harvard:

It is the oldest university in America. You can learn history, architecture, programs, and myths from here. Besides, the city lets you enjoy multiple good street musicians here.

6. Explore the Black Heritage Trail:

Fourteen sites around Beacon Hill are more than enough to make your walking tour special. It can cover essential parts of African-American history. While taking a tour, you learned about Massachusetts, which state first declared slavery illegal (in 1783). Besides, it lets you know about the history of slavery and the African-American experience. If you are willing to do a self-guided tour, go for it using the free maps available at the Abiel Smith School. However, a few companies are there which can help you to arrange guided tours.

7. Go Stargazing:

Stargazing is one of the best free things to do in Boston. You can enjoy stargazing offered by the Coit Observatory with telescopes and binoculars every Wednesday evening if the weather permits. As you need to do it outside, ensure that you have dressed for the weather. Limited space is there, for which you have to reserve your spot in advance.

8. Visit a Free Museum or Art Gallery:

There are multiple famous museums and galleries where multiple ones offer free entry. We have given here names of a few galleries and museums, allowing you to enter for free on certain days.

Institute of Contemporary Art: This contemporary art gallery is free on Thursdays from 5 pm-9 pm.

Commonwealth Museum: You can experience the history of Massachusetts here, and the place is free every day.

Harvard Museum of Natural History: Here, people can see exhibitions displaying dinosaurs, animals, and minerals. If you are a Massachusetts resident, you can visit here every Sunday morning from 9 am-12 pm (year-round) and Wednesdays from 3 pm-5 pm (September through May).

9. Take a Free Walking Tour:

If you are looking for wine tours and historical tours, you have to invest money. As a tourist, you can enjoy walking tours around the town for Free Tours by Foot and Strawberry Tours. 10. Go Hiking in the Blue Hills:

Whenever you come to this city, ensure that you visit the place if you carry a vehicle or have access. It is a 7,000-acre park home to more than 100 miles of trails. Besides, the panoramic view of the park can offer different viewpoints while feeling like stretching your legs and going for a hike. Along with these activities, several activities are there you can do to keep yourself entertained. For instance, you can enjoy boating, fishing, skiing, and rock climbing. However, you should climb rocks based on the season you are facing. Whether you are looking to visit on the weekends in the summer, go early to get fewer crowds.

11. Browse for Books at Brattle Book Shop:

It is a family-run used bookstore, home to more than 250,000 items, including Books, postcards, maps, etc. You should know that this book store is one of the oldest ones available in the country, opened in 1825. The bookstore contains standard used books, first editions, and antique books. People who are book lovers must not miss the chance to visit this location.

12. Hit the Beach:

If you have planned to visit during the warm summer months, enjoying a beach is an excellent option for you. Winthrop and Revere Beach welcome tourists all year round. Each beach is famous in the area during the summer, and Revere Beach expands more than 3-miles long. In addition, you can see here many exciting beachfront places.


Are you planning to visit the place for the history, food, sports, or something else? Whatever it is, there are multiple free things to do in Boston. Enjoy your holidays here with your family and friends.

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