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Monday, July 27, 2020

Cycling Vacations: A Cruise on Two Wheels

Cycling Vacations
If you’re an ace cyclist or a recreational rider, then you must explore a new place on a bike. Cycling is green, cycling is healthy, and cycling is good. During the vacations why not decide to spend your holiday somewhere on two wheels, instead of touring the city on foot. Cycling Vacations trips allow you to go at your own pace and stay far from the tourist trail. You can explore new regions along with exercise, travel, and culture. Chance to cruise on two wheels along the coast is a chance for people to escape from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives, and feel free.

With tourism being on a rise day by day, destinations being the most beautiful places on earth are finally opening up to cyclists where it was more difficult to get the support for a cycling holiday previously. Cycling holidays are specialized now.

Best International Cycling Vacations places for 2020 

Here are some of the best places to go on a Cycling Vacations in 2020 internationally.

  • Death Valley weekend Tour: 

Explore the wonder of Death Valley National Park having thick volcanoes craters, multi-colored sandstone, and sand dunes. The road is empty, at the most there will be only eight or nine cars moving on the quiet smooth paved roads. Plan your visit during spring where you’ll likely see a large super-bloom of wildflowers spread across the valley.

  • Cycling Vacations along Costa Verde Spain: 

Costa Verde Spain referred as the green coast in the Asturias region of northern Spain offers a different landscape with green-hued views and deserted beaches backed by limestone cliffs. Cycling in this part of the country is very different.

  • Mountain bike the Himalayas in Nepal:

Cycling is the best way to explore the beauty of Himalayan territory in South Asia. Traveling across the stunning scenery while cycling together with the friendliness of the local people makes this trip an unforgettable experience.
  • Burma:

Riding on your two-wheeled cycles around Myanmar is a memorable experience. The beauty of cycling in Myanmar is the pace and the right speed where you can interact with people. Myanmar is the perfect place to cycle.
  • The Welsh Wilderness:

Wales caters to every cyclist looking to enjoy the country that will take you through the coast, mountains, slate mines, wool mills, estuaries, forests, waterfalls, and Lush River valleys.

  • Girona Spain: 

Girona Spain has a wonderful climate, good roads along with beautiful mountain scenery. Girona is a hidden treasure being so close to Barcelona yet so far away with an added advantage of diverse cuisine, rich history and culture. Girona is cycling heaven. Cycling along the unique terrain provides an ideal combination of long, flat lanes that will test your biking skills. Some famous cycling trails in Girona are Rococorba climb, Els Angels, Mare de Deu Del Mont, and the coast road.

  • Cycling Vacations in Patagonia Chile: 

Patagonia Chile boasts some of the most beautiful scenery in the world from glacier to luscious green fjords. This is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream location. The seven lakes are known for outstanding beauty where one must cycle along this route. It is tough to cycle in Patagonia but very rewarding.

  • Cycling Vacations in Denmark: 

Denmark is a bike-friendly location with vast cycle routes, safe cycling lanes in cities and largely flat terrain. A Cyclist can spend weeks cycling around North Zealand known as the Danish Riviera, beaches, and coastal villages. Also visit the Kronborg castle, Roskilde’s cathedral, and Viking ship Museum while cycling.

Cycling Vacations in India: 

If you are passionate about cycling, India is always a paradise for people like you. India is known as the best tourists destinations. Many tourists come here to spend quality time and explore different places. Many tourist travel by air or rail but people who would like to explore places at a slower pace, then cycling is a good option. It helps to keep you fit both mentally and physically. The country has an extensive network of roads that reaches even the most distant places. India has serene landscapes along with mesmerizing climate in any region to enjoy the sport. In short, India is the land of adventure and excitement.

Cycling Vacations Along the Indians Valleys and Hills

Below are some places and routes that have been popular for Cycling Vacations in India.

  • Kerala is known as “God Own Country” where swaying palm tree and the fragrant smell of spices have beckoned travelers for centuries. Cycling Vacations around the backwaters, rivers, and dams, valley and hill a real experience. Along the way visit some village serving unique local dishes served on a banana leaf.
  • Manali to Leh is an incredible cycling tour over the globe. While touring on this route you will be crossing the four high mountain passes, expansive plains, a series of hairpin bends and various streams. The bad condition of the roads makes this journey challenging. To explore the beautiful mountains of Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir. A Cycling Vacations are the best thing you can do.
  • Cycling along Coorg to Munnar is mind-blowing along with the aromatized plantations of Nilgiris. While cycling, you will come across twisting roads, forest, hills, and stunning landscape.
  • At Ladakh, the cycling ride is really beautiful as you pedal through the cold high altitude desert, freezing winds, glaciers, and dunes. You can stop and pay a visit to the beautiful monasteries displayed with unique art and antique pieces across its landscape.

Cycling Vacations Along the Indian Desert

  • Rajasthan is a desert state. There is so much of sightseeing from Ornate Mughal Palaces to pink and blue cities and ancient sandstone forts that rise from the dunes. Rajasthan is colorful with different festivals taking place. Many people visit this state as a cultural tour to see India’s famous Golden Triangle. So cycling is the best mode of transport where you can stop anywhere you like.
  • Uttan to Manori cycling path is picturesque. Along this route, you will pass through greenery and some tourist hotspots.
Cycling is a brilliant way to travel. So pick your favorite cycling route, get your gear ready and head for a Cycling Vacations and explore India on two wheels.

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