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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Phillip Island, a Holiday Haven

Phillip Island
Melbourne is one of the busiest cities. People feel like taking a break and prefer to move away from their busy life. In that case, Phillip Island is a popular tourist destination. There are many coastlines, villages, wildlife, sports, and family attraction on Phillip Island. Phillip Island is best for a romantic weekend.

Outdoor Activities on Philip Island: 

The Nobbies Center takes you to the world’s most extreme continent Antarctica. Get engrossed and enjoy the cold in the Antarctica Chill Zone, and also select a seafood dish during your dinner. Stand on an ice floor and pat a penguin, stroke a seal or marvel at a whale.

Watching the sun setting over the Nobbies is a wonderful moment. You can relax and switch off from the busy schedule and embrace the moment. Take a look at the stunning views of the rugged coastline.

Twilight Cruise on Phillip Island: experience the magic of Phillip Island at twilight onboard during this one and a half hour catamaran cruise. Opt for a scenic cruise around the Western Port Bay passing through the French Island and Stony Point. Enjoy viewing the playful dolphins, short-tailed shearwaters, and Australian fur seals as you cruise around the bay.

Fling yourself around the Phillip Island Grand Prix Racetrack by zooming away on your own. It is a dream of every little boy to be a Grand Prix Racing Driver. They allow you to take their car into the tracks and drive four hell-raising laps around the world-class racing circuits. The Phillip Island Racing Grand Prix holds many motor events.

Explore the spectacular coastline and attraction of Victoria’s Philip Island on a helicopter tour. From the top, you can get stunning views of Surfers Point, Cape Woolamai and township of Newhaven, and Cowes. This tour will fly you directly to a winery where you can enjoy wine tasting.

Best time to Visit the Island

Winter is the perfect time to enjoy on Phillip Island. There are plenty of things to see and do during winter on Philip Island.

Whale Watching: July is the best month to see these amazing creatures traveling past the coast on their way to Northern Queensland. The annual whale migration from Antarctica is during the winter months. The pyramid rock and cape woolamai are prime viewing spots. If you want to get a closer view of the whale then go on a Wildlife Coast Cruises around Phillip Island.

Phillip Island Penguin Parade 


Penguin Parade is Australia’s most popular attractions. Phillip Island Penguin Parade is the most famous of the Phillip Island things to do and an amazing experience. During sunset, you’ll be to see the little Penguins parading all in a line returning to the shore after a day’s fishing, and going back to their burrows for the night. Penguin parading is a popular pastime for visitors on Phillip Island. There are special viewing areas and elevated boardwalks allowing spectators to admire the penguin.

Meal for the Pelicans and Stingrays: the Phillip island bridge is an ideal place where you can feed pelicans and stingrays at the water’s edge. Visitors are allowed to feed the stingrays by throwing fish scrap, and even pat them.

Where to eat: Phillip Island is made up of farmland so there is plenty of local produce such as beef, lamb, and fresh seafood. One of the best places to eat is the Esplanade restaurant.

Cowes - A Town worth Exploring: 

Cowes is the main town and commercial hub of Phillip Island. In Cowes, you will come across many attractions. It offers tourists with restaurants, hotels, cafes, gift shops, and supermarkets. There are rare adventures and activists in Cowes for all ages. Cowes is a great place to relax and enjoy a night on the island. The night market is situated near the beach making it a perfect place to stroll after dinner and also the best place to watch the sunset. Animal lovers will be thrilled to be close with Koalas, kangaroos, and many other animals in their habitat. A short drive from Cowes is the Koala conservation center.

Explore The Beauty At Cape Woolamai: 

At Cape Woolamai the ancient pink granite is Phillip’s Island highest point rising out of the ocean with majestic beauty, and one of Victoria’s most popular surfing beaches. It is one of the island’s most picturesque spots. This is a perfect place for a beach walk at any time of the year. Enjoy the breathtaking views such as the Pinnacles, the Cape Woolamai light, and the old granite quarry. You can enjoy all of this and more the ancient pink granite surrounding. You will find a variety of food and shopping ventures at the entrances to Cape Woolamai.

Wildlife Coast Cruises takes you around Phillip Island for unique wildlife and stunning scenic cruises.

Tour Australians largest fur seal colony with a close view of thousands of seals in their habitat. Seasonal whale Cruise helps you to have a personal encounter with Humpback and Southern Right whales.

Beaches at Phillip Island: 

The stunning beaches offer surfing hotspots and family-friendly adventures to a coastal paradise.
There are choices as to which side of the beach you would like to visit. On the Northern side of Phillip Island, you will find sheltered bay beaches, while the South Coast is famous for wild surf beaches.

Southern surf beaches are: 

Woolamai Surf Beaches, smiths Beach, YCW Beach, Surf Beach, and Surfies Point, and summer land Beach

Northern Bay beaches are: 

Shelly Beach, Cat Bay Beach, Ventnor Beach, Anchorage Beach, Red Rock Beach, and Cowes Beach Whether you’re in adventure sports like surfing, sailing, swimming, diving or kayaking, Philip Island is an aquatic wonderland where you can experience many other things.

Autumn Feasting in Phillip Island: 

Discover local produce, handmade products and unique gift on Phillip Island.

Make your grazing platters with local cheese from bassine cheeses, handmade chochaler from Phillip Island, Chocolate factory and fresh strawberries from Mecca’s farm. For a bottle of wine visit Philip island Winery and Purple Hen Winery.

For unique gifts, apparel and books visit Cape Winds, Full Circle Surf, and Coast Furnishings.

Phillip Island promises visitors a lot of fun and relaxing activities. You can practice your surfing technique at one of the best beaches in the country or coolly sit back and relax with incredible views.

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