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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Vintage Rides- Motorcycle Tours in the Himalayas You Shouldn't Miss

Motorcycle Tours in the Himalayas
Most of the people love to explore the world their motorcycle. If you are the one who always strives to travel with your motorcycle, then you shouldn't miss these motorcycle tours in Himalaya. The Himalayas is the best place to experience the real you. Although you may think this as funny aspect but I bet its the fact. Lots of people do travel a lot to the Himalayas on their motorcycle just to self-discover them.

I'm saying this because I am one of them who has explored the real me in the motorcycle tours in the Himalayas. The long-lasting and never ending roads in the Himalayas are just the perfect thing for any nature lovers.

You'll love them, and in fact, it will unleash the adventurous aspects in you. Now, you are traveling to the Himalayas means you shouldn't miss these " Motorcycle tours in Himalayas."

1. Vintage Motorcycle tour in Ladakh: 

If you love doing motorcycle tours means you'll definitely enjoy this tour in Ladakh. The Ladakh is India's most adventurous spot, and in fact, it is also called as the bike enthusiasts spot. You can find lots of vintage bikers around the Leh touring on motorcycles and enjoying the experience. You shouldn't miss this rock mountains tour & lovely bike riding experience if you visit the Himalayas.

2. Vintage Motor Rides in Spiti: 

The other vintage motorcycle you shouldn't miss in the Himalayas is the tour of Spiti. This Spiti valley is filled with the scenic beauties throughout the motorcycle tour. You will definitely get amazed while traveling through this gorgeous Spiti valley. There are lots of places to see in between such as hatu temple, sarahan, Sangla valley, Kah loops, etc.

3. Motorcycle Tour in Bhutan: 

If you want to experience the heights in your vintage bikes. Then the Bhutan valley is the best place for you. It is filled with the heights of adrenaline and surrounded by the high mountains and challenging routes. You can even find the dense forests routes on this special trip.

4. Vintage  Motorcycle Tour to the Rara lake, Nepal: 

Do you want to experience the ride of the earth to the stars and moon then the motorcycle tour to the Rara lake is the best trip for you? In this trip, you can explore the real beauty of the Rara Lake along with that dangerous roads. Although there are some hazardous roads, it will give a beautiful bike riding, but you have to be careful while riding.

5. Motorcycle Tour to the Mustang: 

The motorcycle tour to the Mustang is another classic bike adventure you have to explore in the Himalayas tour. The roads in this place are dangerous, and it will definitely give the goosebumps to the riders who ride on these roads. So, if you are a vintage bike rider, you shouldn't miss this experience.
These are the best motorcycle tours you have to experience in the Himalayas. With these tours, you can experience the breathtaking visuals and scenic beauties.

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