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Monday, September 10, 2018

The Secret Beach Destination Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone is an African nation with pristine nature and fantastic views. Though the country is less known among the top African tourist destinations, it is a place with fascinating islands, high peaks, beautiful beaches, extraordinary wildlife, vibrant culture, historical monuments and warm climate. All these make it a perfect winter escape destination. For the travellers Sierra Leone is still West Africa secret beach destination.

Explore the best places in Sierra Leone:

Wild life sanctuary: Some of the world’s rarest wildlife lives here. Tiwai island wildlife sanctuary in the Moa River is a home to around 80 rare and elusive pygmy hippos. Walking trails take you deep into the forest where chimpanzees, red colours and Diana Monkeys cavort in the canopy.

Lakka is a coastal town situated 15 miles to the west of Freetown. The Lakka beach is the most romantic Atlantic coastline. It is easily accessible, yet it is away from the hustle and bustle of the Sierra Leone city. If you are looking for a unique and relaxing vacation experience then this stunning beach is just perfect for you.

Turtle islands are situated off the southwest peninsula. Turtle islands are a group of eight isles, which are habited by the community of fishermen. It takes 3 hrs to reach these remote islands by speed boats. Fishing and swimming in the fresh and clean water makes a trip to this island a truly fascinating experience.

Tokeh Beach is a white sandy beach which was the favourite destination for the French supermodels in 1980s and now it is a popular tourist attraction today. Cheerful surroundings, pleasant weather conditions, peaceful environment, clear waters, and lush vegetation in the backdrop all attract the tourist.

Mount Bintumani is also known as Loma Mansa, the breathy King of the mountains. It is the second highest peak in West Africa after Mt Cameroon. It is not easy to reach the summit of the mountain. There are lots of hurdles on your way. You will need to hike across high grass plains, cross rickety rope bridges, gorges and cliffs.

Sierra Leone is famous for its National parks. One of them is the Outamba –Kilimi National park.The Park is a home to several species of wildlife including many different primates, elephants, buffaloes, and lion’s.Bird watchers will also be amazed to see at least 260 different species that inhabit the area. Traveller’s can take a tour of the park; embark on exciting safaris or even stay overnight in one of the many lodges.

The scenic islands in the Atlantic are the most fascinating islands .It includes Banana islands, Bunce islands which can be toured on boat rides. Banana Island is famous for diving and snorkelling adventures besides the old dwarf town of Dublin.

Weather is good all through the year. November to April is the hot dry season which occasionally rainstorm. The rainy seasons is during the months of May to November, In December and January the dry dusty Harmattan wind blows from the Sahara, the coastal region are quiet cooler compared to the northern parts of the country.

Nightlife in Sierra Leone: the best entertainment occurs in Freetown were there are pubs, bars nightlife and casinos. Aberdeen also offers some great night out at Aces, O’Casey and paddy’s bars. Some beach side clubs also organise concerts by local pop band.

Tourism could play a big role in boosting this warm hearted country’s prosperity. No wonder that is why there are so many reasons travellers are visiting Sierra Leone.

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