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Saturday, September 1, 2018

Andorra, a Duty Free Country

Andorra is tiny country between Spain and France nestled high in the eastern Pyrenees Mountains. 10% of the Andorra has been declared World heritage sites by the UNESCO. The Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley is outstanding for its beauty and has pastures, meadows and extensive forest areas. Andorra is a good destination for those interested in outdoor activities. It offers jaw dropping scenery, high quality hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter. The hospitality is very warm in this country. Andorra’s low tax and duty free prices makes it one of the favourite tourist hot spots in Europe.

Caldea Thermal Spa: Andorra not only boast great skiing, is a large natural spring complex with various indoor and outdoor swimming pools, Jacuzzis and hydrotherapy sections that are conducted on the 18 floors ,the highest building in Andorra and it is also the largest thermal spa complex in Europe.

Winter sports: Ski resorts and snow are one of the main points of interest for most winter visitors and in the evening by the fireplace. You can take the ski raquettes, a dog sledge and snowboard or simply ski. Because of its elevation it has become a popular destination for those eager to learn sports.

La Cortinada: This sleepy town is just 20 minutes drive away from the capital surrounded by meadows and rugged mountains. It is a home to the lovely 12th century Sant Marti de la Cortinada Church which is famous for the stunning frescoes.

Vallnord is a ski and snow board resort located in the Pyrenees Mountains close to the border with Spain at Tor and Pallars. The Vallnord combines 3 different ski resorts: Arinsal Pal and ordino- Arcalis which together offer skiers an exceptional variety of quality skiing and snowboarding. Arinsal and Pal are linked by a 50 person cable car, with Ordino-Arcalis being a bus journey taking approximately 40 min to travel.

You can sample the finest meat of the Pyrenees: Only the farmers of the Principality know the secret to providing you with the best veal and Andorran horse meat. A long tradition, its quality and its unique flavour are without doubt.

Explore its Romanesque churches: Andorra is dotted with many stone Romabesque churches, filled with stunning pieces of artwork and intricate altarpieces. Some of the most Picturesque churches are the church of Santa Coloma, the church of Sant Esteve and the church of Sant Joan de Caselles.

You can ride the longest slides in the world: In Naturlandia you’ll find one of the most fun attractions in the country Tobotronuc. This slide is surrounded by nature involves a ride of more than 3 miles through the forest of La Rabassa.

Grab a Bite: Borda Patxeta serves Andorran Cuisine, specialised in Capaccios, baked snails, grilled meats and more.

Borda Del Tremat: a cosy restaurant specializes in grilled meat.

Shopping is a favourite pastime for visitors in Andorra particularly because it enjoys a tax free status. The shops are packed with luxury and designer brands as well as shops selling perfumes, tobacco and alcohol. Some of the best place to shop is the Centro Commercial Pyrenees and the streets of Andorra La Vella.

Whether you want to spend days reconnecting with nature or just enjoy a family picnic with an unforgettable backdrop. Andorra has the perfect place for you. Top picks includes Coma Pedrosa community National park and Naturlandia Nature Park.

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