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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Affordable Honeymoon Hacks

Honeymoon Hacks
After a stressful wedding, the couple looks forward for their honeymoon. But that’s doesn’t mean you should go overboard. No one would like to start their marriage with a crippling debt incurred by your honeymoon, for that there are plenty of way to have an amazing affordable honeymoon without spending everything you have in the bank and everything you will ever earn.

Travelling in general can be extremely stressful and costly, but when you’re a newlywed it really doesn’t have to be. Airline and hotels love to make honeymoons more special to the couples. So make sure you take advantage of them in every way possible, whether it is asking for a free or discounted upgrade, making smart purchases, or creating an itinerary that revolves around extra perks.

Book through a Travel agent: with all that wedding planning you had to do, let someone else do the work for the honeymoon. Travel agents’ commissions are usually free for the couple; they take their cut from the airlines and therefore find the best deals around. They are well versed with the different events and festivities taking place in different travel destinations to help liven up your trip.

Book early: Once you’ve decided on the place book everything the hotels, the flights, the tours and the shows. Book everything as soon as you’ve finalised your wedding date, which generally could be months in advance unless you are a runaway bride or a groom, in which case you’d be spending a little more than usual.

Keep the weather in mind when you choose your destination. Always check when the rainy season, typhoon season and hurricanes seasons is.

Travel during shoulder season: all the experts recommend travelling during this period in order to get the best deals. For example, Maldives becomes more affordable after the high season ends, yet the weather is still good. Actually more room availability equals a greater chance for getting upgrade, but don’t wait until check in to ask.

Jet lag: some couples chose a destination that is too far away. Since weddings can be exhausting, be cautions against a long flight or connecting flights too soon after the wedding. Jet lag is a consideration since it can take at least several days to adjust to another time zone.

Talk to the airport clerk during check-in: tell the airport clerk that it’s your honeymoon when you check in at the front desk. Then ask if there’s any way he or she can upgrade you to first class. Even if it’s not an entirely free upgrade you’re likely to get a hefty discount.

Talk to your restaurant server: tell every restaurant server you have during your honeymoon that you are a newlywed, then they will treat you for a free dessert and some champagne, plus you’ll probably receive overall better service.

Go on a cruise: when you really think about it, cruises are an awesome deal, their total price includes not only the travel cost, but the room, food and entertainment and the opportunity to visit multiple ports without having to repack.

Buy a local piece of art or decor for your new home. Instead of souvenirs from souvenirs shops, bring home a really special memento. It can be a painting by a local artist, a piece of pottery or even a handmade rug something really unique to your honeymoon destination that can be a part of your home together. It will be a reminder of the incredible adventure you shared as newlyweds.

Be sure to arrive at home at least one full day before having to go to work. This is true for all trips but especially for couples after their honeymoon. Always give yourself a full day to recover at home before you go back to work. Remember your fridge will be empty, your suitcase will be full of dirty clothes that need laundering and you’ll have a lot of life to catch up on, instead of running around at the last minute.

These are the ways to save money and still have the time of your life.

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